Wednesday, 12 December 2012

harder than graphite

Since I'm going on the assumption my audience has depleted, I feel that it's fine to write this.

True, I'm never going to be feeling excellent at 5am. On my second allnighter of the week only instead of being able to go home and nap once the work's done, I get to go and present a project for my degree that's been a constant struggle.
Doesn't help however when mapping itself is unfairly stressful. University's so overrated it's unbelievable. First year's excellent, get wrecked 3/4 times a week, do ridiculous things because you have the opportunity and the freedom. Being poor's a perk of kinds.
After that, it's shite. Rent and bills are too expensive to be able to afford luxuries of going out regularly, a consistent job's necessary to not be permanently in your overdraft, and not having the thought of a stupendously expensive flight hanging over your every purchase is preferable.

Bazinga. I'm insecure. Just like the rest of the human race. It's just much more complex when your other is 12,000 miles away, 13 hours ahead and you have no idea what might be going on. Irrelevant is the amount of times they try and reassure you. As a girl its shit. I mean SHIT.

What with this essay due in in 5 hours, it still needs tweaking.
Only got a another project to shoot, edit, print and ensure it isn't total pigswill to do before  tomorrow.

I'm also ill, delirious and aching. 
Right now, something good, comforting, loving and kind would be excellent.
So fed up of feeling so alone.
I need to go home.

2nd year student.
University of Roehampton.

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