Thursday, 31 December 2009

t'raaaa two thousand and 9!

Not only is this the last blog of 2009, it's also my 100th post! It's an emotional moment I tell you (': and I fear this may be a tad of a long'n, but meh, I larvee writing so much (':

So, 2009.. Dear lord. It brought 3 disasterous relationships, well, they were all enjoyable at the time in the form of Nic, Sebastian and Cameron. Seb won hands down, but I can't help how I felt! No regrets though, t'was good (:

I finally bought something from Ann Summers ;) and got dumped the day before my birthday... (lol.) I changed my fringe from being on the left to the right.. a momentous occassion evidentally. I finally quit football and finished GCSEs. Good times, I miss the easiness of GCSEs actually, I didn't have to work very hard ;D
I got to go to London, once with Daisy and Scott, that started the whole Archibold/Reginald fandango (': 

Then I got to go to Borth with my mum and London again with my mum, both amazing holidays actually and I've got the hang of the underground so 'tis all good :D

Then got to the point where I had to be forced kicking and screaming back to school, but 6th form at JC's been pretty damn good actually, minus the fact that I've had to read Jane Eyre and endure crap poetry by queen of depression, Sylvia Plath.. like the horns?

Jane Eyre which I've only just finished reading actually but bleh. Then in October half term I went on a jaunt to Barcelona with my darling Daisy/Archibold, which was frankly hilarious! Looksee ;)

One of many after being left in the hotel with a large bottle of vino and cheesey snacks ;D

 Toilet phone ;)

Was an amazing holiday actually :D definately a highlight of 2009!!

Unfortunately mixed with all the amazing times, there was one huge heartbreak. Daisy may be my best friend, but I never forget my other friends and those who I used to be closest to. Helen Wright I've known since stupidly small and I'm still finding it hard to believe that she's gone, an amazing person and an inspiration for everyone. A lover of life she'll be forever missed and NEVER forgotten. Passed away on the 4th of November in a car crash. She was only 16. Rest in peace Helen babe (L).

 Na'night babe, sweet dreams x

So many good memories made this year, and so many to hang onto. And so we reach the end of the year, new friends and old ones missed dearly. Also met an amazing person this year and have a fantastic friendship :D
Anyway, this post has gone on a tad, must go and actually do some work.. DAMN YOU A LEVELS. And so I leave you to get rat arsed and wasted (':
Happy new year!

Lav' to all

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

tres amusant (':

As I was searching through the deep, slightly furry and mildly mouldy depths of google today, I found something that made me giggle. Not only did it make me giggle, I thought it would actually be rather useful and essential in certain situations. I.e. if you had to be submitted to any length of time in a hospital..

ET VOILA! I give you the Starbucks iv. I love it LOTSSSSSS and feel that it should be compulsary for all coffee addicts when subjected to the mental strains of hospital. 

I'm boreddddd. Alot.

I want to write some of my navel, but I'm hungry and I don't know where to start and I don't want to eat much for fear I'll grow in my chunkehhhness. GAH! Today hasn't been as bad as yesterday though! Although it has been incredibly damp. 
I know what you're thinking you filthy minded freaks. I mean it was raining. ALOT.
Lots more than I thought it was before I actually walked out the door. For once I was being a larvely friend to my fluff balls and took them for a walk round the block. It's now a rare thing because once Fergus bit me and it hurt and left a really retarded scar. Ew.

But yeah, went for a walk with the dogsss, was fun until the mixture of wind and rain got incredibly painful but blah. Never shalt thou bother taking the dogs for a walk when its raining and will have to dry them off when you get home...

Anyway, off to write some crap and consider some biology revision. If I can be bothered.


I can't be bothered y'know.


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

bugger it once more -.-

How in the name of Daisy's oversized granny pants, is it possible to have an amazing friend and everythings all lovely and wonderful etc, and then I go and put my stupid fat bloody foot in it, go and say something stupid and fuck it all up :|

For fucks SAKE.

And the bloody "u" seems unwilling to work with me right now. I want to cry.

Not only have I been one of the worlds biggest pillocks after last night, Sebastian has managed to get a girlfriend. Again. Just why. Why and how?! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I would punch something but frankly I'm too bloody lazy, that and the fact that I'm feeling relatively sick and by punching something it would involuntarily make me hurl.

Bad times my friend, bad TIMES.

And it's only two weeks until my first respectable exam, (critical thinking doesn't count because it's the biggest piss take ever seen in higher education.) I've done nothing but wander aimlessly about, spending money and letting my creative genius shine. Granted all that I got was actually needed and the creativeness was necessary for a late and kinda trashy home made birthday present for my favourite nigga.

I'm a crap friend atm. Gaaahhhhh, roll on 2010, waaaaay here in 3 days. Can'nae wait! Well, I can't wait for the alcohol I'm going to be induced with, willingly of course! Whatever else..

Must dash, have an urge to rant more :/

Monday, 28 December 2009

oh blesss (':

Chicken Run is just the best. First time I saw it at the ripe age of about.. 7? God knows. Either way I thought it sucked. Alot. But now, it's like a pleasant blast from the past, but even then they were so colour-ist! GINGA. How mean.. Why not CARROT for feck's saaaake. Mon.

Bleh, headache.

Want a new phoneeeee! In fact what I really would like, is for my darling mother to hand over the cash she promised me for christmas ;D I really do feel the need for a trip to Costa actually, desperate for some decent caffine. Clearly opposed to the usual coffee grains which I live on. 

ARGH I NEED TO STOP EATING. And talking crap for that matter. And my feet are cold. No, my toes are cold. Shut up now. 
I need to write a book so I can stop having to worry about getting decent A levels and then having to work and find a respectable job and blah blah BLAH. Help?

I think I'm iiiiilll!! Not that I'm uber idle, OF CORSE NOT TWIT. Nah, I think I'm ill because I succeeded in doing some decent revision today, had a minor heart attack when I looked through the Biology specimen paper and discovered that I knew NOTHING, and that it is in fact for the next module after the exam.. Bloody idiot. Anywayyy, got a load of chem revision done :D I feeeeel gooooooooood I'm a geeeeeek (':

Hmm, off to attempt to write a navel.
Na'niiight niggzzzzz.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

chav language?

C'est TRES amusant I tell theee. Very, VERY funny. 

Sitting alone on my bed, bored and watching.. Chicken Run perhaps? And *POP* how inventive Facebook are with they're chat, anyway, it was some random guy that's on my Facebook and he turned out to be a chav. Such fun. He was from Manchester apparently, bad start already, couldn't understand much of what I said, partially because it was half interlectual and required a reasonable understanding of the English language, and partly due to the fact it was heavily sarcastic. Granted it's difficult to tell sarcasm on IM but still! 

Bleh, t'was all, "lukin dam fyn in ur pics bbe ;)"
Get, FUCKED. Having said that, bored as I was I decided to have some fun and enjoyed giggling pathetically to myself over the lack of good grammar, spelling, and general English. That and the fact he didn't understand that I WASN'T desperate. At no point in life, I hope anyway, will I be subjected to the immense desperation that would involve me lowering myself to the standard of said chavs. Never. Urghhh.

I hope to God not anyway..
We'll see perhaps?

Kinda gah riight now actually, feel a tad jealous over something even though it's incredibly stupid and relatively unnecessary. It's the hormones I tell you. Blame EVERYTHING on them! It's what they're there for.. Right? If not, they still come in handy in some cases (':

Ahhh Bridget Jones, the legend that is. I hope one day that all men will realise wobbly bits are laaaarvely and not opt for stick insects that have, on a daily basis injections of collagen and any fat syringed out.. I'm not bitter about being a tad "large". Shut up Rozz. 

"I'm gonna live in a black and white world"
Cause I'm that cool (': what do we think of it, ehh? Wow, I'm being hypnotised by this timer thing with bubbles of pink crap going down a green slide. Don't even ask? It's like a modern and frankly, weird, sand timer fandango (:
Anyway, must dash, have an urgent appointment with a bath tub and larvely hot water. And shampoo.. and. Yeah. Hush.


for fucksss saaaaakkke.

L:"But what can I do, I want to say something but I can't"

R:"Well I don't know.."

L:"But I want to know"

R:"Then say something discretely?"

L:"Can't you say something, you know I can't..."

R:"Okay then"

L:"What are you going to say?"

R:"What do you think about it all? KthnxBAI."


R:"Why no?"

L:"Because that's stupid"

R:"It's better than your idea.."

L:"But it's still stupid"



R:"Then say something.."

L:"I CAN'T!!"

R:"Then fuck off and stop driving me round the blithering bend!"



I must point out that this wasn't a real conversation, at least it didn't end that way. People are trying to kill me slowly y'know. If your planning on it, then jog on while you can niggazzzzzzzzzzzzzz. And I'm not being offensive when I say it, it just sounds FUN.
Usually I am a tad more tollerant and all, but today I just cba. Really can't actually.. I feel I should be violent towards someone that annoys me on a regular basis, but then I get the issue of not having the effort to MOVE. Gah, rant over (': babyeee.


Na'night babesss


Today marks a marvelous development in my small world, the development being.. I FINISHED FOOOKIN' JANE EYRE! The book that sent me to sleep and only really gets interesting if you make up sub plots such as insinuating that St John is in fact GAY, and that Janeee is a butch lesbian nun. I really do hate it so effing much. 

But it's done! All that's left to do now is write a decent essay on it, finish the partner text and I'm finished with it and I can burn it! BURN IT! Should really have read it about 5 months ago but bleh, who actually cares. Such fun. Ish.

Urghh, now I'm feeling a tad fed up actually, waited for ages to speak to someone, and now I really wish I hadn't. Actually, I mean two people an idiot and a twat. Uber fail there (':

I'm getting into a habit of writing really short posts. Not sure if I'm keen on it tbh. Anyway, POTC calls..



I changed the URL of this darling baby of mine 'causeee I felt that I've moved away from the times of GCSE history, but weirdly I feel better for changing it. God knows why. Perhaps it was the wine I had earlier?

I might do if I wasn't so cold. Which granted, is partly my own fault actually. I have the most gorgeous and warm and cosy slippers which makes my toes toasty, but I make the rest of my body suffer wearing jammies that would be more suited to summer. I'm a twit and I love it. Bummmmbumm, rattling through my ipod.. Should really get some sleep actually :/ 

Well I should probably think of revising a tad more rather than sleeping seeing as I've done a great deal of sod all and it's only 2 weeks until exams. Buggeration.

Revision tomorrow. It's a PLAN Boris ;D


Just to let you know, may change this blog to so please follow if you wish to keep reading (: thanksssss babessssss


Saturday, 26 December 2009

boxing day means violence..?

I should bloody hope so actually, men are confusing as shiiitee! Well, the odd few majority are. Including one of my exs who started talking to me again and I'm uber confusedddd, and it's WEIRD. And I really have no idea at ALL where the eff I'm going with this..

Lets move on shall we?


Yesterdayyy, being christmas, obviously, Joshua decided to get me some stuff which was uber lovely of him and I larrvvv' him lots for it, but as all men, the wrapping was pretty comical, I found it so amusing I took a photo.. Looksee ;D

It turned out to be a gorgeous pashmina btw (': and yes, I look terrible because I'd pretty much just woken up after having something in my eye for an hour before I went to sleep. Bad times! Good God that photo uploaded quickly. BY JOVE BORIS! Other than that my day was pretty much uneventful.. Other than over eating and wishing I had a damn good metabolism. As it stands, mine fails. EPICLY. 
Today pretty much failed actually, wanted to go for a walk to Costa so I could have a decent coffee, got there and was waiting for aaaages, only to be told they had no EFFING take out cups. I was not a happy chappy. Bleh. And I tripped over my laptop cable on the way downstairs and my laptop came flying off my bed onto the floor. Woops..

AND just to make this post look fun, when I was in town with Daaaais on Christmas Eve, we were walking back, full of GINGAbread latte, when we saw this.. ADOLF CAT!!


We found it fun.. and fitting with the conversation on GCSE history times (L). Good times (': SCH FUN!

Anyway, must dash, sleep beckons (:
Na'niiiight sweets

Friday, 25 December 2009

merry chriiiistmas

Merry Christmas one and all (':

Meant to do a post before today actually, mainly 'cause my darling niggaaaaaaaa Daisy had her birthday fandango on Tuesday and I spent the night round hers ;) yes.. It sounds sick and wrong and it WAS sick and wrong ;D
I fail at being a decent friend actually.. I didn't manage to get her a decent present, all I did actually get was a pair of Bridget Jones style knickers, and even thought she's already evily skinny, and therefore doesn't need them until she's 32 and fat, we MADE them FUN. We really did.. Well, she did anyway. Wearing them as a body suit/straight jacket opposed to actually sucking fat in. Not that she has any.. SHE SHOULD GET FAT ONE DAY :D I do love her remember.

I (L) her lotsss :D
Annnddd she wasn't the only one that acted and achieved looking like an utter retard actually, seeing as I felt the need to discover what it would be like to own a decent pair of boobs.. WITH THE USE OF A SCARF. Contrary to public belief, I do not lust over huge boobs, would just like to go up a cup size.. not the extremes that were shown at Daisy's rendez-vous (':


Cause I'm cool.. in'it?

Anyway babesssss, I'm gonna go and sleep or something, eaten too much already ): howeverrr, MERRY CHRISTMASSS (': chat laterrr (':

Lavvv' youuu


Sunday, 20 December 2009


"Sitting cross legged on her bed, her head hanging down with her hair falling over her closed eyes and her shoulders rising slowly in a deep sigh"

Literature perhaps?

Bleh, I'm really feeling a tad down atmm. For a really stupid reason as well. I deserve to be shot by every feminist in history :/ Before tonight happened things were going fine! ish.. I say ish because A levels are NEVER going to go right. It's simply a fact.

Last night was Zoeee's christmas party thing, was actually amazing, I (L) my retarded niggazzzzzzz. Kareoke when you know NONE of the words and have been consuming alcohol and have lost the will to care is ALWAYS the best. ;D Although mum did go a tad stressy seeing as I forgot to ring her to tell me when to pick me up so she came to Zoe's at half 1 in the morning.. Woops. Then this morning me and Zoeeee went to Leicester, got the dress I'm actually in love with and saw St Trinians 2. T'was rather good actually (': then got home.. Blaahhh. Then went to a surprise Christmas party thing. My god I wish I hadn't bothered.

It was in the pub and I thought it would be a load of people from my old school, boyyy was I wrong. I hardly knew anyone, well, I knew them by face and name, but don't make a habit of conversing with them. I'm too socially retarded! Then the 6th former I liked was there. Seems he has a girlfriend.. and she sits next to me in the odd lesson.. FAB!

Ended up walking home looking like an absolute TWAT in green tights, shorts and a horribly thin top. Really feel NEGATIVE. Grr. 

Now I've just been pondering a way to live the perfect writer/coffee addict's life. Help? Just fed UP. How the hell can a complete TWAT i.e. Sebastian manage to get a girlfriend, yet I can't manage to get a guy I ACTUALLY want to go out with?!


Enough ranting for now.. Comment me? Make me feel loved god damn it )':

Thursday, 17 December 2009


"Life goes along, and then suddenly, one day, just.. Pooof"

Hmm, that sounds much more dramatic than it actually is. Well actually it doesn't sound dramatic, it just sounds like someone squeezed a bottle of talcum powder really hard and the powder shoots out the end and it looks like a mini snow storm.. Well, maybe. My childhood was slightly odd :/
Anyway, the point of the POOF. Today was rather pleasant actually, had a relaxing chem lesson where Camerzzzz and Ian were back (': BIEN. And then english lit blaaaaaahhhh. Then history where I was bollocked for not doing some work but BLEH who caress. It's only some old beardybloke called Gladstone or some such WUBBISH. Then had a beautiful free period 4th (L) and met up with Haannaahhhhhh Flipper.. And went to Costa (L). It's amazing what a vanilla latte and good company in the form of Sam, Ben and Hannah can do to people :D. Okay, well. Me.

Conversations of coffeeeee and scrubs FTW.

Bleh, biology failed even though I was relatively high all the way through it because it SNOWED!! It was SNOWING on the way back from costa, was actually HEAVEN ;D mmm..

Then got home and stupid, good for nothing, lazy GIT of a prat and a buggering poop.. uncle thing was coming. BOO. Kill my mood much?
So yeah, he came, I opened the door, grunted and went back upstairs. ARGH, and now I can say NOTHING right to my mother. The balance of the universe is restored. *sigh*

Oh for the day when I go to uni (L).

Laterss babesssss

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

brain antics?

Y'see today I had a rather pleasant day, it involved flicking coins furiously at Jess Webster, poor girl, wearing a santa hat and giggling insanely at how to say 'love' in chinese..

Annddd went to the doctors for some fandango, which meant I endured 5 useless minutes of biology before I could skip happily off and forced my darling mammy to take me to costa and thereby killing time before I had to go and be bored shitless in critical "thinking". Urgh, when I eventually had to turn up to that lesson, I walked in, sat down, took my boots off cause my feet were wet and attempted to sleep. Fun? Hells yes ;)

But then my brain was nattering away to itself as usual on the way home and it came up with some interesting conclusions.. The subject being as to why I liked Sebastian.

Brain: "so why DID you actually like him"

Self: "he had nice hair.."

Brain: "what else?"

Self: "urmm.. he was nice and tall so I felt kinda cute, but at the same time uber titchy.."

Brain: "are you seriously saying that's all you liked him for?"

Self: "well.. yeeaaahhh, but he was fairly good at turning me on as well (':"

Brain: "you sicken me girl."

Self: "my god I know."

Brain: "why are you still talking to me?"

Self: "veerrryyy good question. Na'night."

Intriguing perhapsss? Or just plain weird :/ I'm thinking the latter but BLEH. I'm failing at AS levels, the guy I like doesn't know I exist, my internet's cocking up, my laptop's breaking, and I just screwed up my nail paint. BOO.

Buutttt I ACTUALLY have a social life this weekend! WIN!
Baaasicaly I haveee Zoe's christmas party fandango on Saturday, then me, her, Jess and possibly Hannah and Charlotte fancy mincing into Leicester and watching St Trinians 2 (L). BIEN SI! And as well as that on Sunday I have some other party to go to where I've been forced to dress up as an elf/holly leaf. Should be FUN ;D
Got most my christmas shopping done as well, although fear I may have to steal my mothers credit card to get Daisy's junk. Blah. Tiiiime for a BAAAATH. And sleep, and possibly history homework seeing as I'm failing at everything :/

OHHH, if my internet will work, because it LARVS me, then you can see the better of the two photos Charlotte took of me in form wearing a santa hat (':

FINALLY! Suck my dick tiscalii. Grr.

Yeahhh, completely crap camera but y'knoww (':
Laaaav' youuu, na'niight (:

Saturday, 12 December 2009

how did this happen?!

Gah, stupid internet's returning to it's spasticated characteristics and my laptop still insists that it's packing up. BRILLIANT! ;D Bleh. AnywayanywayANYWAYY I said..

I think I'm starting to grow attached to Costa. I mean I still retain the fact that it's NOT Starbucks and therefore, not as good, but because I can walk to it and curl up on the cosy sofas and giggle childishly at certain things, my alliegence to Starbucks is slightly dwindling :/
Not intentionally.. But I have to go all the way to Leicester for Starbucks, Costa's a half hour walk or sooo.
Saw Archi today and completely failed at christmas shopping. If some guy came up to me and offered me a million quid to sleep with him or something, I'd probably accept. Providing he wasn't completely disgusting looking and didn't have some horrific disease..
But yeah, really need moneyysss. Spent an hour in Costa with Daaaaaisy however, good times (': gingerbread lattes FTW!

First time I've had a large portioned drink fandango thing from there, and my god I love the mugs. ACTUALLY LOVE them. They're like bowls for soup. And they have handles..

And you can fit your head in them (':


Oh yes, witness the retardedness fitness ;)
But even hotter.. A mon avis anyway, so I could be wrong but it's a tad more normal ME.

I rather like (':

Na'night babesssss

Friday, 11 December 2009

definately the bessttt..

Tastiest and most nutritious meal I have ever encountered, coco rocks + milk and coffee.. Just thought I'd share that thought with you (':

Caffine's having a positive affect on me tonight ;D I liiiiikee. Sadly my internet's truly faking up and I think my hard drive's dying again )': I say again.. I don't think it ever stopped, I just 86d the message thing 'cause it was driving me to distraction. Buggeration :/ 

Neicht GUT. 

*sigh* fml on the technology siide of things.

Candlessss (L). and Leicester Sound. Yes, I know I'm unbelievably UBER cool, I don't need people to notify me (': 
I loveeeeeeee the failthful followers that read my drivvle.. Not that many of you do. Or whatever. GAH.

Might change my blog name and URL and similar fandango to something associated with coffee.. Maybe. Don't be surprised if I do ;D.

Na'niiiight noww (:

pahaaaaaaaa.. ha ?

Dumdidummmmm, dullish day, least I actually got a grade on the stupid chemistry mock, then got a tad pissed when the teacher decided to give people who hadn't got their target grade or above freakin' homework and told us that we had to do more work for it. Considering I dedicated a long time to revision and tried pretty hard, yeah. I was a tad annoyed. Me and Zoe kinda told her that in a more.. articulate manner (':
And Camerzz, Rozaa and Camerzzzzz in chemistry. SUCH fun ;D

Blehh, biology was craaaaap. As usual :/ annddd then first history lesson with Stefaniak was relatively dull, apart from the fact she's a complete technological noob and couldn't work out how to turn the monitor on xD. Jeeeez it was funny. Got an unexpected free 4th as well :D cause Ms Waters had thankfully gone somewhere and the student teacher person was busy being ill somewhere so got the work done, talked crap for a biiit, then predictably went to Costa (':

Costa's both a good thing and a bad thing to be frankkk. I mean I love the fact that I can escape the confindes of JC and actually get a decent coffee, but it means that I spend all my money in there.. :/ boo. 

And Daisy's ill which sucks. Cause I didn't get to see her tonight and chill in costa with the majorly cosy sofa and discussing our navel.. Costa tomorrow though (': even though I STILL have to go christmas shopping. Grr. 

ANYWAY. Stefaniak's last, and god only knows why, but I was fairly high on the vanilla latte but usually I'm fine. Blaahhhh. T'was amusent ;D Nick and me are planning to go to Costa at some point in the christmas holidays to revise history and completely caffine myself up (': and escape from my home. Actually dreading next week when my stupid uncle comes round. I really do hate him, the feeling's actually mutual though ! Gah, I'll live. With a mixture of coffee, revision, living round friends houses and knocking myself out on a regular basis..

Hmm, weird...

Yeahh, it looked pretty (': and I can't find a photo of the orgasmically cosy sofa's or the simple immenseness that is the inside of Hinckley's costa.


Thursday, 10 December 2009

damn you !

My teachers are so darn POSITIVE about my future :| 
I was in history with Townsend, literally the most useless teacher I have ever encountered, apart from perhaps Mr Banks.. Or Mrs Duerdin. Blah, anyway. YEAHH. I have no idea about the Foreign Policy ;D butttt I told her my plan to become an acclaimed novelist/navelist/erotic navelist.. And she crushed my dream. 


Apparently there are no jobs for writers.. Like I care ?! There's always room for more books, especially when my wit and humour are in question (': that and my erotic experiences. It's where Archi lacks. 

Gingerbread latter FTW (':
++ Costa tomorrow with Daiiisss thank GOD. Had a disasterous day today. Chem cramming evidentally failed epicly, I'm failing more than I was before I revised :S fml. And now the bloody "F" key decides not to work until I punch it.

Hmm, weird.. added a 6th former on facebook, granted the one that is fairly nice looking but bleh, started talking to me on facebook chat. Started off well.. I jumped a foot because of the bloody "POP" argh. Who am I trying to kid ?! He doesn't know I exist :/

Bleh, time for baaaaaath. And thoughts, and perhaps creativity and MAYBE sleep. Sorry, sleep as a priority (L)
Na'niiiiiiight (':

Monday, 7 December 2009

woww, I'm rather proud actually

Y'see, today I finished at 20 to 1 cause I had a biology test and finished it relatively early and Bromerzzzzz let us go early. I had a free last anyway so I could escape the confindes of JC at lunch, and planned to run away as soon as humanly possible.. So instead of getting home about quarter to 2, I got home at 20 past 1, god only knows why you may care, but I thought you may like to know the details (': 

But yeah, I finished all my biology homework, the majority of it probably wrong but I no longer CARE. Annnndddd got wet on the way home. Bloody rain. Had too many text books to carry and too far to walk 'cause my school's evily GAY and locks the bottom gates after quarter to 9. Effing ridiculous to be frankkk. But anyway, yeah, got home, was wet, tired and really rather peckish..

I got fooooood :D

And then I was rather artistic and drew myself from a photo, which actually looks rather good, but horribly creeply when I take a photo of it. Either way I'm happy 'cause I haven't drawn anything properly for ages..

Anyway, I'm off for a biiiit (':

Sunday, 6 December 2009

I'm just in that kinda mood..

A rather retarded mood actually, in the sense that I just watched Rhian's video blog at the same time as watching Harry Potter get eaten alive and then raped forcefully by the Goblet of Fire, and now I'm watching Daniel Ratcliff's frankly crap acting and listening to my ipod at the same time. Daughtry love (L). Yes, I'm feeling rather.. RANDOM DAMN IT !

As usual, I blame this completely and utterly on ArchimuffaROOOOOOO. She tried to get me drunk last night she did. She ployed me with alcohol, starting with cherry Lambrini at an embarressingly low percentage, then branching out to my rose stuff at 11 percentttt. Loved it. I felt kinda weird after my 7th glass of whatever junk I was drinking by that time, but still. Apparently I stank of wine and stuff though... neicht gut. Especially because it was my mother that was picking me up and I'd already said I was donating the rose to Archi's parents for the middle aged perverts, I lied. EVERYONE lies apparently, thats according to Joshua. And therefore he lies as well, but I've really just come not to care. I've lost the will to care. GAH.

OHHH and on Friday, Arch and moi took an evening mosey to costa for a book natter. YES ! or more, OUI ! We are in fact intent on writing a lengthy navel on our lived, completely callibrated together so I fear we may end up hating each other because of it but still.. it's the potential of becoming famous and rich etc that feuls the urge !
Arwwwww, Her-me-one has a boyfwiend ;) well she hasn't because it's not the 7th film and WonWon hasn't dribbled over her yet. It is in fact a pumpkin head. In the form of VIKTOR KWUM ! I really have no idea just why I'm typing this, my fingers are in the mood for typing and I can do it quickly and it's like WOW.

Bleh, yes. Friday. Right. Mmm, Costa has the most gorgeous sofa's, so squishy and cosy and orgasmic MMMMM. I've just realised as well that I haven't uploaded any lovely photos on my blog for a while, neither have I written to it for a fair while but bleh. Oh, and Daisy drew all over my face in costa because she is a CHILD and a MAN and will one day become a TRUE LESBIAN. Gosh I love her (':

I'm in the mood for typiing utter poop but not for revising biology, doing biology homework of trying to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing for my history homework polava type thing. Frankly I'm not too sure how I made it through last week, it really was utterly shit. Not happy. Although I did finally sort out my homemade year book for Hastings on Friday night. Of course that meant that I forgot to eat, and drink, and move very much. And I went all light headed from glue fumes and candles with no windows open and my laptop on as well it was a tad warm in my small abode. Haven't spoken to Joshua for fuck knows how long either, not got any texts or anything so BLAH. 

Mmm, better get coffee then do some proper work rather than sorting my wardrobe out at long last and tidying my room a bit. Boo to you AS level. MEAN ):