Wednesday, 16 December 2009

brain antics?

Y'see today I had a rather pleasant day, it involved flicking coins furiously at Jess Webster, poor girl, wearing a santa hat and giggling insanely at how to say 'love' in chinese..

Annddd went to the doctors for some fandango, which meant I endured 5 useless minutes of biology before I could skip happily off and forced my darling mammy to take me to costa and thereby killing time before I had to go and be bored shitless in critical "thinking". Urgh, when I eventually had to turn up to that lesson, I walked in, sat down, took my boots off cause my feet were wet and attempted to sleep. Fun? Hells yes ;)

But then my brain was nattering away to itself as usual on the way home and it came up with some interesting conclusions.. The subject being as to why I liked Sebastian.

Brain: "so why DID you actually like him"

Self: "he had nice hair.."

Brain: "what else?"

Self: "urmm.. he was nice and tall so I felt kinda cute, but at the same time uber titchy.."

Brain: "are you seriously saying that's all you liked him for?"

Self: "well.. yeeaaahhh, but he was fairly good at turning me on as well (':"

Brain: "you sicken me girl."

Self: "my god I know."

Brain: "why are you still talking to me?"

Self: "veerrryyy good question. Na'night."

Intriguing perhapsss? Or just plain weird :/ I'm thinking the latter but BLEH. I'm failing at AS levels, the guy I like doesn't know I exist, my internet's cocking up, my laptop's breaking, and I just screwed up my nail paint. BOO.

Buutttt I ACTUALLY have a social life this weekend! WIN!
Baaasicaly I haveee Zoe's christmas party fandango on Saturday, then me, her, Jess and possibly Hannah and Charlotte fancy mincing into Leicester and watching St Trinians 2 (L). BIEN SI! And as well as that on Sunday I have some other party to go to where I've been forced to dress up as an elf/holly leaf. Should be FUN ;D
Got most my christmas shopping done as well, although fear I may have to steal my mothers credit card to get Daisy's junk. Blah. Tiiiime for a BAAAATH. And sleep, and possibly history homework seeing as I'm failing at everything :/

OHHH, if my internet will work, because it LARVS me, then you can see the better of the two photos Charlotte took of me in form wearing a santa hat (':

FINALLY! Suck my dick tiscalii. Grr.

Yeahhh, completely crap camera but y'knoww (':
Laaaav' youuu, na'niight (:

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