Sunday, 20 December 2009


"Sitting cross legged on her bed, her head hanging down with her hair falling over her closed eyes and her shoulders rising slowly in a deep sigh"

Literature perhaps?

Bleh, I'm really feeling a tad down atmm. For a really stupid reason as well. I deserve to be shot by every feminist in history :/ Before tonight happened things were going fine! ish.. I say ish because A levels are NEVER going to go right. It's simply a fact.

Last night was Zoeee's christmas party thing, was actually amazing, I (L) my retarded niggazzzzzzz. Kareoke when you know NONE of the words and have been consuming alcohol and have lost the will to care is ALWAYS the best. ;D Although mum did go a tad stressy seeing as I forgot to ring her to tell me when to pick me up so she came to Zoe's at half 1 in the morning.. Woops. Then this morning me and Zoeeee went to Leicester, got the dress I'm actually in love with and saw St Trinians 2. T'was rather good actually (': then got home.. Blaahhh. Then went to a surprise Christmas party thing. My god I wish I hadn't bothered.

It was in the pub and I thought it would be a load of people from my old school, boyyy was I wrong. I hardly knew anyone, well, I knew them by face and name, but don't make a habit of conversing with them. I'm too socially retarded! Then the 6th former I liked was there. Seems he has a girlfriend.. and she sits next to me in the odd lesson.. FAB!

Ended up walking home looking like an absolute TWAT in green tights, shorts and a horribly thin top. Really feel NEGATIVE. Grr. 

Now I've just been pondering a way to live the perfect writer/coffee addict's life. Help? Just fed UP. How the hell can a complete TWAT i.e. Sebastian manage to get a girlfriend, yet I can't manage to get a guy I ACTUALLY want to go out with?!


Enough ranting for now.. Comment me? Make me feel loved god damn it )':


  1. Comments always cheer blog writers up!
    Hmmm, I've had that party situation happen before. Alot. (N) Not good......
    The writer's life for me too! But I have no idea how to begin it. :/ Need some careers advice.... x

  2. erotic novelist perhaps? other than that's what I'm going to do.. x

  3. i commented :)
    I miss you on my blog!

  4. I LOVE YOU ROZ <3 <3 <3

    You would enjoy this random programme about a whale that exploded in the street. I can see you coming up with hilarious theories as to why a whale was in a streetin the first place ;)

  5. YAYY!! I'm haaappy :D
    I do love you guyssss (': <3

    I promiseee to show my love to you all :D but not in a disgusting way.. Blatess.

    a whale.. exploded. In a STREET?!?! WTF?
    Tell me more Rhian.. TELL ME MOREEEEEEEEEEEE!!


  6. Haven't been here in a while. It's nice to be back lol.

    I soooooooo know how you feel about the asshole getting the girl but you can't get a guy. My friend is such a filthy pervert yet he managed to get a girl that we both liked. I got over it quickly though after I realized what a whore she was. But still, he's an ass but he gets her. I'm amazing (not to sound cocky) and I cannot get anywhere. I finally figured that it was best to just sit back and let things work themselves out though. I suggest you do the same, and have some fun in the meantime. Good Luck.

  7. I noticed you hadn't..

    Haa. I kinda figured a LONG time ago that I should just let things flow. Most things blow up in my face anyway, better to do it passivly than allow myself to blow the fuse first.


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