Monday, 30 August 2010

it's only been a month..

okay lets face it, i'm actually crap at writing to this anymore. seeing as it's summer i've had a social life, i've got my ass out my house and seen people (':
only downside to that, being that now when i'm stuck at home i feel opressed and slightly depressed. in fact i'm gradually getting more fidgety and less happy watching crap for half a day. 

as for those that started following me a while ago, i'm going on your pages like NOW. 'kay?

since i last tapped frantically, i've managed to get a boyfriend.. not sure how long it'll last but i'm taking it as it comes and i'm pretty damn happy (: poor guy eh?
OH! got my AS results; BBCCD. not too bad (: biology and english lit Bs, chem and history Cs and Critical thinking: D.
that's right, i PASSED critical shit ;)

this evening i went a tad crazy in the field taking photos. i've neglected that as well lately :/ and seeing as i'm doing a shoot tomorrow it might help..

and please, PLEASE check my deviant art; Reginald Tribianni
tahhh (:


Monday, 16 August 2010


thank you again to any new followers, i'm sorry i haven't had a chance to follow and so on but for once i have a social life (':

and i'm kinda lazy.. i apologise. but i will SOON!

this post might be a tad odd, just to warn. but it might kinda enforce something to myself if i just write it down?

because, i know things are gonna change, i know you're not going to have time anymore. uni, football, work, family, friends and obviously your girlfriend. 
because i'm not exactly easy to see
because you've treated me like crap i am fairly resentful of being treated like a doormat.

but eventually, i'll get over it.

frankly, your brothers kinda cuter than you, you've been having your cake and eating it effectively, i refuse to be treated like a cocking doormat. i want to be treated how i should and not a lightswitch. i think i deserve better friends than you, and i don't want to be treated as something hanging on a line, i deseve alot better. perhaps not the world, but alot better than you perhaps.

i really think i should be stronger.
i refuse to get upset over you anymore. (:
oh, and fyi. i know when you're lying. so don't bother, 'kay?

and lorna, thank you so much (: i love that you put up with my moaning about him and i love that you care enough to make me realise that neither of us should be treated like shit. 
i love you misses (:

Sunday, 8 August 2010


okay, yes. it's been a stupidly long time since i last posted anything again and granted the last post was an angry rant but hey, the world's not perfect and noone's always happy as larry. 'KAY?
i have a proper reason for not sitting down patiently and tapping out a wonderfully disjointed chunk'a crap. y'see, i've been travelling the UK. and by that i mean i went to Borth, then i went to Devon with one of the best friends and then i trundled off to the most exciting and most anticipated trip to London.

i'm a bit of a freak with the extent of my love of London. however if you'd been brought up in a crappy village in the midlands where the most exciting thing was some woman being mugged then you'd understand why i adore london. granted you have to love busy cities and the tube and weird people but still! god that came out in one long stream of thought.

yuss, woolacombe in devon was lovely, the beach really is so beautiful! yet me and dais managed to ruin it by traipsing across the sand in rollerblades. 
yes. rollerblades. on the sand. and yet no one cracked a smile or a snort or even a disgusted look.
what is wrong with those people?!

urgh. it was good. basically (: and i got funny tan lines (': how wonderful.

then i went to london from sunday to friday and it was possibly the best trip down so far (: finally ventured to covent garden which i've wanted to go to ever since i first went down to the city but never did. purchased a gorgeous david and goliath hoody and a cute top. urm, yeah.. national gallery was fun. basically i do not understand art enthusiasts.
went to rural essex on tuesday, not exactly my choice but hey. got some more colour on my ridiculously pale frame and a few photos which have potential. since i've got back i just can't cba. then got to Kensington on wednesday which was fabulous. i turned into a toff and renamed my mother Jeeves the chauffer. seriously, i'm destined to live there.
it's FATE!
i swear..
thursday was a fantastic day (: Hyde Park and pedalos. i loved it so thank you (:

i really love this photo (: among others of courseee.
then i came home friday. it blowed. seriously, i've always been bummed to leave London but for some reason it was worse this year. 
fingers crossed for uni in London! ahh (:

arriving in Hinckleh made me depressed. i had to go and sit on a swing in the rain for an hour and a half.

i aspire to live in Kensington (:
love i do