Monday, 30 August 2010

it's only been a month..

okay lets face it, i'm actually crap at writing to this anymore. seeing as it's summer i've had a social life, i've got my ass out my house and seen people (':
only downside to that, being that now when i'm stuck at home i feel opressed and slightly depressed. in fact i'm gradually getting more fidgety and less happy watching crap for half a day. 

as for those that started following me a while ago, i'm going on your pages like NOW. 'kay?

since i last tapped frantically, i've managed to get a boyfriend.. not sure how long it'll last but i'm taking it as it comes and i'm pretty damn happy (: poor guy eh?
OH! got my AS results; BBCCD. not too bad (: biology and english lit Bs, chem and history Cs and Critical thinking: D.
that's right, i PASSED critical shit ;)

this evening i went a tad crazy in the field taking photos. i've neglected that as well lately :/ and seeing as i'm doing a shoot tomorrow it might help..

and please, PLEASE check my deviant art; Reginald Tribianni
tahhh (:



  1. Loving the shots and congrats with the results!
    Will check out your deviant art now ♥

  2. I love your blog:) It's really good!
    I hope that you will check mine:

  3. Hey! Your blog is really cool! :) did you change it?


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