Thursday, 22 October 2009

i'm backk and i'm tiiiiiiiiired.

In fact, my bottom graced British soil yesterday at half 5 when we landed. I had an urge to fall to my knees on the aspalt and kiss the tarmac. Yes.... I was happy to be back in England (:
I get ENGLISH tv, ENGLISH food, ENGLISH speaking people and my own effing bed !! Oh I could have cried with happiness, I rather missed my messy little room and my furry freaks, and scrubs, and friends, and BEANS. 
Barcelona was bien, but not as spectacular as we anticipated to be fraaank. Either way, was fuunnnn (: Daisy was an unadulterated retard as expected, and we managed to find fun with a bottle of vino and some cheesy snacks.. observe.

Yarp, we are seriously that cool ^_^ but cheesy wotsit thing up your nose is disgusting. Arch did find an immenseway to eject them though, I about choked on alcohol. Effin' tart. 

Urgh, ever since Thursday evening I've been on a total MEH thang. I mean I was happy to get home, 'specially as I've discovered I don't particuarly love flying :/ but I dunno. Might be because Ian's being really weird with me and I don't know why. I'm fed up of being confused when it comes to boykind !! I really would like a man to have on a leash and call my own still. Bad times !! Anndddd Joshunaaaa says I've changed :/ I'm worried ?

Ohhh ppooooooop. I have however, managed to tidy my room up and unpack withing a day of getting home ^_^ that's a miracle and a record for me. Usually the suitcase stays full for at least a month after I get home. Pure laziness (:

Anywayyy, I really fancy a starbucks.. ZOMG ! There was Starbucks in Barcelona xD FOOOOOKIN loved it :D annddd because I love it that much, that and the fact that I think I look kinda pretty in this photo, I'm going to bung it on here for one and all to see it ^_^ enjoy ?

It made me happy okay ?! Ahhhhh, that caramel macchiato tasted so darn good seeing as I was in dire need of Starbucks and caffine.. The cookie was disappointingly small though.. The ones you get in England are MAHUUUUUSIVE and well worth the 2 quid or whatever they are (':
Right, I'm going to poke Ian and see if he is actually going to respond to texts or whatever, if not I'm either spending tomorrow in Leicester on my todd or doing effin' work. Grrrrr.

Tataaaaaaaa loviesss

Saturday, 17 October 2009


ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG !!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I'm rather happy about it, you might have noticed.. 
I love love, LOVEEEEE Daisy/Archibold/DYKEISHLESBIANMUFFFFFFFFFF. Cause y'see, we're gonna storm Spain ^_^ and steal all the available/taken hot straight Spaniards and keep them in a box and use them for shits and giggles :D
Unfortunately I still sound like an old man who's happily lived as a chain smoker and has contracted bonchitis.. but hey !! I'M GOING TO BARCELONAAAAA.

Did you get it the first timeee ?

It means that I can't see Iannn until Thursday and my mummy's broke as a church mouse whose wife ran off with a bitch of a rat and took all the cheese, but meh. And it means I've finally got a decent camera ;D
Today is a good day methinks, becauseeee, not only have I got a camera and going to Barcelona and STUFFFFFFFFFFF. I'm just happy ^_^

YES !!!


Hyper hyper hyper ^_^ I still want a MAN. But I can live without it until Thursday :D

Ahhh, I must go and drink coffeeeee and try and decide what to take and and and, just, will my body to get better UBER FAST.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


My head effin' hurts :| woke up late this morning, starting to get to be a habit that actually :/ and felt like utter shit. Thennn had to mission it to school in the raaaiiinnnnn, didn't have time to do ANYTHING to my hair so I probably looked slightly trampy. Urgh.
Bad day much ?

Stuck it out for the first three periods, then saw absolutely no point in staying for a free period, lunch, and then a crappy Biology lesson with Duerdin. So went home at 12ish, felt like collapsing half way home my body feels that wubbish :| basically been lying on the sofa curled under a blanket and watching E4 ever since I got back. I just acheee all effing overrrr. 
Bleh. Shush Reg. Things could be worse.

Ian has swiiiine flu and all. I reckon it was him that lurgified me up :/ arghhhhhhhh, I wish my brain would stop thinking things as well, cause I've made myself UBER confused. Not only confused, I was amazingly depressed last night because of my stupid brain babbling to itself. It's just stupid !!

Hmmmmmm. I'll stop moaning now, haven't written a post for ages and don't particuarly wanna start off moaning again. 

Howeverrrrrr, the legend of the film that is Hocus Pocus has been keeping me company alot lately, it's so good !! I mean so old and so stupidly tacky, but it's simply amazing. In fact me and Daisy are planning on traipsing into Leicester on Halloween dressed as the Sanderson sisters (': anyone care to joinn ? 

Seriously, I'm so stupidly, horribly tired and fed up of thinking of doing work every night then getting up evily early and having to mooch to school. So next week has to be good !! I hope get to see Ian for movie nightssss (': and Dais and everyone else of courseee :D But Ian's my pink cheeked cockrel guy thang ;D

Hmmm, my body hurts and I feel poopy, sooooo, back laterrr possibly (: Got homework to do if I'm venturing into school tomorrow..
Byesssssss (':

Saturday, 10 October 2009

haroo - hurumph ?

Today has been a tad obscure, last few days of school was just dire. Really hated last week, especially chem 'cause it completely depressed me when I realised I was failing. Near enough. Well. Yeah, I'm failing and badly )':
A levels and myself are having major marital differences...

Today started off really rather craply to be frank, just couldn't wake up and was supposed to meet Phillip at half 12, ended up meeting him at 1 because I didn't have the effort to get up and ready for the half 11 train. Really was a waste of time as well.
I was utterly bored to death :| I really don't want to have to think about financial stuff until I reach uni or something. So not only was it boring, it was bloody depressing. BOO.

But thennnnnnnnnn Ian (Slap Face) saved me ^_^ well actually I just lied to Phillip and said I had to go home.. LIES !! xD
And yeah, had a good few hours with Ian, Rory, Kelly, Molly and Anna (: good times (': but really missed Archibold ): cause the silly tart had too much work to do to see me on Friday ): bad times. Annddd yeah. I tripped up the stairs in River Island making a complete TIT of myself. Good one Reg. Then ended up giggling manically about Ian and guys clothes... T'was good. AND I finally managed to get the trousers I wanted from H&M ^_^ it means I'm not broke, but I haven't saved up as much as I hoped towards a Blackberry ): poop.

Got home fairly late and just went on facebook to find something that made me feel crappy. Stupid stupid STUPID. Annnddd then I realised how I don't really fit in anywhere and that made me feel worse. Not only that but my phone is pissing me off big time :/ I'm a tad gah right now ): sorry. Today was really good between seeing Phillip and getting home :/

Hmm, nightnight

Monday, 5 October 2009

chemistry has miraculously disappeared !

That is of course, a total lie. Basically I can't be bothered with it at all tonight, and it doesn't actually have to be in until Wednesday, annndddd so I've rammed it into my folder and am pretending it no longer exists :D
Happy Rozz.

Well, relatively (':

"Revenge is sweeter than you ever were"
I absolutely love those lyrics. Yeah, I think (and hope) the feelings that I was hoarding for Sebastian have disintegrated somewhat. I hope ! It's all kinda happened since I rang him on Saturday or Sunday or Friday or whenever the eff it was. I just realised how much of a twat he really was, I knew he was probably cheating on me when we were going out.. Proves love is bloody stupid. That's if it WAS love.. The mystery feeling that mimics love.. and no it's not lust you hormonal people.

Well yeah. 

Anyway, on Sunday my darling Grandpops brought with him a DVD in addition to my usual 5 squid as to enlighten me on how it was to be a laaaady in the 19th century in Britain. Hmm. Interesting ? The Duchess.. Really good film actually, very.. thought inspiring. Basically women were treated like shit, husbands had open affairs, yet if they did likewise they weren't seen as very good wives. AHEM what about the twats of husbands ?! Society was so twisted and unbelievable stupid :|
I just really hope I get a decent guy.. And I mean a really decent one. I've had my fair share of liars, cheats, idiots and utter arsehole's. Methinks 'tis time for a change of direction my darling Archibold. Onward and upward should we aim (':

This has turned out kinda short, but y'know (': I'm aiming on an early night which I really need tbh :/ andddd I saw the tasty 6th former again today (': made going in seem worth it. I'm actually not obsessed, it's just he's the only nice looking thing there :\ bad times if that's the case but hey (:

Must leave you to stretch happily in my BEEDDDDD ;D
Good times Mein fruit cakes (':


Saturday, 3 October 2009

wanna wake up and start againnnn

Rooster lyrics (': I do love them. I do love a heck of alot of music actually, it either makes me smile, makes me cry or makes me want to at least. Makes me go hyper and dance like a caffinated pillock that should take residence in a mental asylum, andd yeah. My trail of thought has danced off and now I have images if twirling and leaping gaily in a mental home with all the occupants dribbling and trying to claw me :|

Ahh, the joys of a very image prone imagination.. Dumdidumm, 'tis Saturday morning, well, half 11 ;D anddd I decided to tap out a post for you loverrrly people, because I simply love you all so much and think that you want to read this wubbish ^_^ 
Pahaaaa, Stephen's decided to let me know that I should be going into town laterrr by commenting on my post thing for FarmVille on Facebook (': good times. I'm on level 22 now xD how sad am I for effs sake ? :|


Sleepy (': I blame Rhodri, I ended up texting him until about 1am last night, fell asleep texting him as well ;D woke up this morning to several texts saying 
"have you gone to sleep bab ?" 
"ROZZZZZZZZZZZ wake up )':" 
"you suck Roz. )':

So yeah, fun times (': I think.. Blah blah blahhhh. Wanna go majorly happy and act like a full on retard. I think that might happen anyway if I'm venturing into Leicester with Stephen, Daisy, the Futch, Scott and possibly Amelia (': good times. 

I loveeeee music mon (':

Talked to Bills yesterday actually, t'was fun. Thennn I went to Asda. What FUN !!! OOOOO AND I got all my GCSE art junk back yesterday ^_^ so happy to see my final exam piece and exam book !!!! It's the only part of art I really enjoyed.. But carrying it home was an absolute MISSION :| usually takes me half an hour to walk the mile and a half home, but yesterday it almost took me an hour, I cannot believe it was so effing heavy :| on top of the art, I had a folder with 3 heavy text books. Faaaantastic. I couldn't use my arms/hands for ages after I got home. It was horrible ):

Least with some of my better art pieces, my room can start to look beeaaauuttiiiiiiful :D 
Hopefully ;D

Bugger bugger bugger.. Later I have to do sodding 6th form work )': bumbumbum POOOP. That's what I think of it. That and the JC art department actually. Y'see all the GCSE work had been shoved into this poxy little cupboard and my stuff wasn't with the rest of my classes. So I spent ages, all of lunch in fact, looking for my bloody folder, then Hannah Taylor found it (: But I went to ask if the art dept. could help me. They were about as helpful as a chocolate teapot, telling me to eff off. I was pissed. Anwayy (':

This is my exam piece and one of my favourite pieces of GCSE art (': what d'you think.. ?



Thursday, 1 October 2009

the best is yet to come..

Put your heart out there, 
don't be scared who might get hurt, 
'cause it's all worth it in the end..

I'm not so sure I believe those lyrics anymore, courtesy of Hinder. Sorry for being as depressing as a stupid amount of rather evil biology homework, but it's the way I feel and it's MY blog, so bleh. Your reading so I'm asuming your partially interested.. Today's been another day which I started out dreading, mainly because I stayed up late last night to do two measly pieces of homework, neither of which was actually asked for today. Pissed was I.
So yeah, biology is especially crap, I have no care for embryonic stem cell research to be FRANK. Gah. At least the english had a bit of art history lobbed in it which is always fun, took me back to the days of GCSE art.. Those carefree times (':

Anywayy, yeah. Not the happiest of bunnies last night. Specially cause I was waiting for Sebastian to talk to me. Shouldn't have effing bothered, hence the previous post.. Well, one of the reasons behind it in any case. 
But today didn't turn out too catastrophic thank God. Chem was especially pleasant, I've discovered I can pretty much ace titration :D got the results within 0.05 of eachother and it only had to be within 0.1 of eachother ^_^ get me.. Chem nerd (':
Howeverrr, english is best not mentioned, the room I have that irritation of a woman in is uber opressive, actually gives me a headache :| can't wait for last lesson tomorrow when I have it again.. 

History was blah, then a free which turned into me frantically researching osmosis for fear I would epicly fail the practical I had to do in my lunch. HEAMOLYSED !! Annndddd crenated, not cremated ;) I felt like a biology geek for that practical and all ;D
Biology practical went fairly well actually, was worried before I went in, but wasn't too terrifying really. Only problem was, Alicia who ACTUALLY hates me to hell and back, just happened to be doing it as well. Had to giggle when she stood at the other end of the corridor before we went in. Freakin' tard. But yeah, stirring horses blood.. Yum ? I got bored waiting for the 15 minutes to be up so I could prod the test tube, so ended up fiddling with the blood and syringes (': those windows might be stained for a while..

Thennn, I walked into S5 in the middle of registration by accident, cause I finished when it had run into registration, I thought period 5 had started. I was wrong. In any case, the twit that is one of 3 biology teachers that I have, wasn't there so it involved a fun traipse over to 6th form. Thenn we didn't get the work till about half 2, at which point we decided fuck it. Wrote the work down the went home. Fun walk with Sarah.. We're too cool (':

Howeverrr, since I got home things have just been poop. Really need to stop eating. Annnddddd Sebastian did finally talk to me, made me feel UBER SHITE. Grr D: not happy )': and the song "love long distance" should be played constantly in his ear for 5 years before he gets that I can't help effing loving the poxy prat. Yes, I don't like it. 


And Hannah's really irritating the fuck out of me right now. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read this, but she really effing is. GRRR !! I could happily spend a week seeing new people and old tards that make me smile. I dislike school right now, well, more the excessive homework, crap teachers and lessons that make me want to put my head on my arms and sleep for the rest of my life. Bleh, need to lighten up. And buy more nurofen. Getting alot of headaches lately, and this cold still hasn't gone away ! Uneffingbelievable.

Oh, Sylvia Plath is officially one of the most disturbed, annoying and frankly WUBBISH poets known to man. That woman was never happy :| she dreamed of death and shagging her father. Ewwww. At least I have a tendancy to be happy when my feelings aren't being screwed with, don't particuarly want to die. Not realisticly anyway. Annnddd I would rather chew off my own arm than consider sleeping with someone who may be a "father" to me. Urgh.

Anyway, off to listen to music and deliberate over feelings :/ Coffee ? I think so (':