Tuesday, 30 March 2010

ginga addiction

Today i braved British weather once more and leapt cheerfully into the dump that is Hinckley. I had a fairly big incentive though, that in the form of a delicious gingabread latte from costa with the larvely Nicholasss. History geeks, ftw. Maybe make a living by writing down the ridiculous conversations we have? 
Sounds like a plan Stalin.
Me and mom bought a door stop thing in the shape of a dog. Damn cute.

I wanted to call it Hitler but mom objected.

We called it Stalin instead (':

OH! My wonderful mom also bought me a plastic duck thing for my 17th. I never had a rubber duck as a child. Because my brother was 3 years older than me, i always had creepy monster things and toys that was elastic as a slag's minge.
They were scary when i was 5. You'd be scared too if you saw the horrific things we owned.

The duck mom get me is a pervy duck though. They eyes always look at you. Especially if your sitting starkers in the bath, it just looks at you. Leering. It's a little leering pervy duck (;

Aren't rubber ducks sexehhh? (;

Charles is going to LONDON!! Tomorrow anyway. First time for her, bless her. She's a virgin to London (': 
Hope you have fun retarrrddd!

My brother decided to walk in on my getting dressed this morning and stood talking to me when i was in bra and knickers for 20 minutes. Thanksss pal. My brother's weird. Thank the lord he's still at uni when i escape this town!

When i'm bored i scare myself. Lets just leave it at that eh? (;

Na'niiight sweet cheeks (: 

Monday, 29 March 2010

hi, i'm joey.

Seventeeeeeenn now! 

Why people ask if i feel any older i will never know, until i get to 30 or something? I still feel like a teenager, but it's another step closer to leaving this town (': Such a good thought! :'D 
Having said that, today didn't start well. Everyone left me without saying bye or anything.. I felt just a tad lonely :/ but then i got some lovely texts through, so thank you everyone (: Odd that i was talking to Dais and she said she felt kinda down on her 17th as well. Damn we're cool (;

Went into town with that tarrrddd though. Didn't get a cupcake from costa, but they are a tad too sweet first thing, still amazing! But so damn sweet. Good stuff (':

I love Daisy. And i love Charles (': man she made my day. She gave me my first and so far tastiest present (':

Bless herr (': thank you homiee!!

In town me and Dais got kinda bored so ambled round phone shops and stuff pressing things. I got a tad distracted by solitare (; damn i'm cool. Right? 
Am i not cool?


Found some rather hawt shoes in new look. And dorothy perkins actually. But the ones in the latter were huge heels and far more expensive.. by about 20 squid (': but they looked fit. Got the gorgeous, lush green ones from new look though. Fiver.. what a fookin' bargain! Especially considering i thought they were still 12 quid. Made me smiiiile :'D

I love this photo (: it's one of the few where my legs look nice (; ahaaa.

AND me and Dais shoved a candle in a mini mufff and called it my birfdaii' cake (': and i'm a photo hoe. I know this (':

Love love LOVE much?
I thought it was cute (': if A levels fail, I'm so going into photography/editing/prostitution. :'D

"My name's Joey and i'm a food addict. Steal my food and i steal your face."
Not actually a quote. I made it up from the wit of my mind (;

I fackin' love you guys (:

Sunday, 28 March 2010

too short

For once i'm not referring to the fact that i'm far below the average height for my age and women. In England, being 5ft 3" means i'm looked down on alot. Sometimes intentionally i suppose, sometimes, it's the only way people can see me (':
Being small can be cute, it can make me feel insignificant against a huge world. It's nice. Frankly i'd rather be smaller than bigger (: well, skinnier as well as podgier. Damn i need to get rid of my cake shelves! Having said that, being in bed and ill since yesterday afternoon might help me a tad.

But yeah, i was more going along the lines that life is too damn short. You don't think about stuff as a kid, life's a game, then as a teenager you hate so much, confined in education.. Then being an adult you want to be a teenager again. ARGH! As my mum said yesterday when she bought a new kettle: "life's too short to descale." I love that woman. (':

17 tomorrow. Eeeeeek! (:

Nothing arranged for it yet though. Meant to do it yesterday or friday but just felt utterly rotten! Booness eh? Last day of being 16 and i've spelt it all in bed (':

"i've got a backbone stronger than yours." sorry Charles, i stole your idea of putting quotes/lyrics on every post. I promise to buy you costa as a way of an apology? Having said that, if it's in Leicester then it has to be a Starbucks.

Cameron was texting me for most of today, it cheered me up bless hiiim (:

I feel rather summery shall we say (: I'm looking forward to escaping this place for summer! Go places, London's high on my list (; so's a road trip to the coast. Actually can't wait to see the sea again!

Spent all day in bed (: Feel so much better than yesterday :'D

I'm looking forward to messages tomorrow (': that's a huge hint if ever there was one. Still need to decide what i want tomorrow! I'm rather a last minute girl (:

Tattybye sweet sixteen (':

Friday, 26 March 2010

rose. really?

My form tutor fails, i've been in his form for almost a year and he still can't remember my three letter name. Got my report today, my word it was full of shite. Minus for biology.. the fact that i show no effort is just about accurate. But critical thinking: excellent approach to subject. Are you kidding?! Mate, i fall asleep in your class. 


Today wasn't bad.. chemistry wasn't fab but when in the world is it ever much fun with Smith? Unless she isn't there of course (; biology meant another test 'cause everyone failed the other one. I don't think Bromz gets that we really don't give a damn, maybe we should tell her? History was surprisingly okay, i'd been dreading it since last night since i was preoccupied with finishing a daft commentary for english coursework and i had no idea what the hell i was writing. I gave up at 10pm (': but yeah. Got some questions i was half confident on. Score. English was good.. Water's was doing something useless :'D. Walked to asda in the rain to get some mini doughnuts because i love my history class that much. Then bribed Stefaniak with them last lesson (': bless her. 

My history class love me now (':

Met Daisy for costa: LOVE. Fully caffeinated and so on.. 
Such larks (;

We'll be sitting in costa drinking gingabread lattes when we're 80.

My house smells like new windows, plastic and hairspray. Poop.
30 Seconds to Mars rock my world (:

"i feel her slipping through my fingers, now she's gone."
Sweet dreams Helen (L). 

T'raa (:

Thursday, 25 March 2010

i'm over you

That previous post i'm rather ashamed of now. Fairly soon after i wrote and posted that, i had an argument with him on facebook. Boy, social networking is a catalyst for these things (; he was going on about having a fuck buddy and that maybe i should loosen up and "have some fun."
Seriously mate, bite me. Oh yeah, and get over yourself you arrogant prick. 

Whoooosaaaa (':

After i spent a while making that darn photo it was wasted on that jerk. Ah well, still looks rather pretty methinks (': it was enlightening last night, i liked it. Well, i disliked the fact that i was irritable and so on but y'know. It's the way life goes sometimes.

I'm a bit of a black and white girl (':

Odd day today. Not the best but not the worst i've ever had. I'm loving my new hair, okay so it's very scene-like but i love it. I like looking a tad messy (:

"where do i belong forever, in whose arms, the time and place"
Avril Lavigne ftw.

Night babes (:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

five days

It's not that i'm actually overly excited about my birthday, frankly i'm not too bothered about it. Maybe it's just that it was a tad of a blow out last year? Not really sure. Charles's post made me think about this, sort'a. I do rather larv' her, in fact, the content of the post is no way at all related to this. But my mind switched to it, i couldn't help it!

I don't like it when things change, especially when it's a change that makes things bad or worse or just.. not happy :/

Simply.. i miss him. Just hate the fact that i still like him and it makes me feel kinda pathetic because i reckon he rather plays me on it. Well, not really like that. But as in he knows i still like him and can't help it! Argh!

Bring me something nice for 17 (:

Ah dear. If A levels fail, i'm turning to photography. At least i enjoy doing this kinda thing, whereas with chemistry i struggle through it and inhale fumes that will probably kill me soon.

Something made me lol earlier though.. "death by caffeine" apparently by the time i consume 260g of coffee, i'm pushing up daisys. Hoorah?!

Ciao babess

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

like a pig with plaits

For that was me at the age of.. well. Until the tender age of about 12 when I started finding exercise fun in the form of football. I always was a violent child y'see (;

Ahaaa, my head hurts. Alot. I'm less like a bear with a sore head, more like a hoe with syphillis. Don'tcha just larv' my wonderful wit and humour..? Not today actually. It was alright apart from having critical thinking first thing which isn't suicidal, it's just dull. Managed to get some work done in my free, which my biology teacher has since decided that we don't have to get it done until Friday. Thanks Bromz. I just spent an hour trying to hunt for hydrolysis :| neicht impressed. OH! Biology with her and english lit almost killed me. Was just so utterly bored!
Lorna wasn't in biology 'cause she was on a driving day thing, meaning I didn't get a cosy chat and a distraction from enzymes or apes or whatever the fuck the teacher was dribbling on about. English lit holds nothing of excitement. Ever since I found out that Murmuring Judges has a complete anti climax of an ending, i.e. the woman grasses on the bloke.. it's not really holding me. I started nodding off, then half way through a yawn my brain decided it was time for me to act like a spastic. I'm not kidding. My brain really went funny. It was horrible actually, my brain was nattering away to itself and the teacher decides to ask me something. Bad idea. Bad result.

Woops. My bad! Damn she's gonna hate me.

Ever since I got home, all I've done is sit and watch crap and try and calm my head. It hasn't really got me anywhere. I'm still worried about chemistry and need to stop being infactuated with guys. And being stroppy to Charles :/ sorry about that one babes )':
Howeverr, I was watching the old school original Italian Job, my word I love that film. It's just typically British :'D not that Britain's much cop, but still.. It's almost patriotic (; it started my love for minis. I'll say that much (': Sooo, I was inspired! And did this little beasty..

Liiike? I'm a little obsessed.. WHOAHOO. It's part of a song.. Boo.
It doesn't actually look that good anymore :/ poop. Ah well, you win some, you lose some (: I'm thinking that if I feel this grotty tomorrow I'm going to come home if I go in at all. Just feel crappyyyyyy. Urgh. Sorry for whinging :/

I also decided to do something with some photos of me.. I get bored alriiight? And they were sitting there doing nothing and taunting me because my hair refuses to cooperate this week. I'm rather liking scene hair atm? But not sure if I could pull it off. Hmm, something to think about I guess (:

Damnn, I need to go and do some chemistry. *sigh* I'm worried about that old thing my darling dickens. I don't know what, in the name of fuck itself half equations are or how to balance the stupid buggers. It just seems to make absoulte no sense to me. Not helpful considering I really can't drop it next year. The only subject I'm really enjoying or doing much good at atm is history and that's pretty much the most difficult!
Ohh these things are obscure. GO AWAY A LEVELS! Can't wait for this week to end! Two weeks off after friday :'D and it's 6 days 'till I'm 17 (':

Ahh, bliss!

Larv' you Charles, chin up you ragamuffin (;

Monday, 22 March 2010

the tap dribbled.

Ahaaaaa, see, last night when I was brushing my teeth like a good girl with my vibrating toothbrush.. The hot tap just dribbled. It was funny. I choked on toothpaste though :/ that wasn't so good. Funny I s'pose.. but not the most pleasant thing I've ever done in my life (;

I was really rather looking forward to today, the prospect of being able to go into the hell hole of JC for a measly two hours, then get to go home! Well, originally the idea was that me and Lorna would go to costa for 3rd period, but she was a bit of an ill bee apparently so that failed. I was half relieved though. This cold polava is rather horrible, got worse over today. Now my head just throbs and aches and stuffff. My sneezes are hilarious (': I was sitting next to Jake in history second and I did a real man sneeze. Then ten minutes later I did another one (;
Bless the poor ginga, he didn't half jump (':

Sadly english 9th hour with Dewhurst, i.e. one of the stroppiest and most shiny faced women in the world, was the first lesson I had.. It was alright until 10 minutes in when I finished Murmuring Judges which came to a complete anti climax of an ending.. bit like my experiences with guys really (; anyway.. Yeah. I managed to spend 15 minutes trying to get the JC network to love me on my ipod to see if anyone wanted to email me, the school's so ridiculous over what you can go on on the internet, that I can't get on this at school :/ sucks really. I'm in 6th form. What do you think I'm going to do in my frees? Look at porn?! No. For two reasons. 1. I'm a girl. 2. I'm seriously not that pathetic.

Thenn, history. I love history lessons because we're so easily distracted (': that goes for all 6 of us. And Addison was back! Finally. Not seen the poor dear for about a fortnight seeing as she's been ill/on courses (i.e. skiving)/PLP. She's one of the better history teachers, Stefaniak's amazing but scary, and Addison's nice but at least teaches well unlike Townsend who has formed a venemous hatred for David which is unexplained. Ahh well. Got two history tests this week which is a tradgedy.. Ahh crap, got a load of chem and biology to do for tomorrow. Least I'll have something to do in my free tomorrow eh? (:

Ouchhh my head.

Hahaaaa, I got home at like, 11:45 and since then, all I've done is edited photos. Spent ages trying to figure out how to get the photo as the banner to fit in. I reckon I spent about 2 hours in total on it? Yes I'm that sad (': I'm a tad of a perfectionist though.. I kinda like it that way (': OH! But I have done something academic! Yess, the creative coursework that I have to do for english required my attention. I wrote one up before but frankly it sucked. It wasn't appalling, but it didn't really go anywhere or hold any interest. Plus it was rather cliche. Sooo, I've done another thing about a woman in a taxi. I think it's okay :'D well, I hope it's okay.

Hmm, got bored earlier after too much coffee and my head spinning, so I did this.. It's not great, but I sort'a like it (:

Just fancied trying that thing out (': I'm starting to fall in love with Photoscape (;

Ahaa, I was reading some old posts back to myself yesterday. They made me want to shoot myself at how I sound. Urgh! I'm going to have to start just being content with a philosophical quote or lyric or something, and a niiice photo. My posts seem to drag on atm. This post has kinda sucked :/ Meh.

"Just a quarter of you, would be better than this empty wrapper."


Sunday, 21 March 2010

how do you get a boyfriend?

"B-b-b-b-blow jobs I've heard"

That's according to the Vicar of Dibley however, might not be so accurate in reality sadly enough (; Not that I'd choose to get a boyfriend by offering blow jobs of course.. I'm honestly not that cheap. Nor desperate. And anyway, if I did things like that, I'd require payment and I'd get too attracted to the money aspect, so I'd end up working as a hoe..

Not exactly the ideal career path I want. 

Bleh, moving on. Damn all those people who are happily coupled up, your all making me feel jealous )': it's not nice! It's only eight days until I'm old and can potentially be a danger to the roads of Britain. It seems I'm going to be entering the tender age of 17 with a cold? Or something equally as tedious and mean. Perhaps I should consider eating a decent diet.. I'm not sure nutella and doritos are any good anymore. Tasty, si. Healthy? Hell no. Shame really..

Ohh boy dont'cha just larv' Charlie's Angels? I'm thinking I should start my own form of them.. Only instead of pretending to be able to fight crime and dickweeds, we should write witty literature? I'm beginning to think that's a damn good plan (; who wants to join?

Oh wow, all "badasses" drink coke out of a straw, wear pink tinted "shades," smoke, and dance like a constipated prat to crappy music. Amazing in'it? Pile of jerks...

Ahh, today has been a very good day, mum abandoned me at like 5 yesterday, I was under the pretence that she'd come back fairly late, but return on the same day. Such lies! Bless her, she was rather cynical about going to the meal thing, but I reckon she had a good time (': I did get kinda freaked out at the fact I could hear a load of guys and dogs at about 1am down the field, but bleh. 
Dragged my backside out of bed ridiculously early for my homeboy Chaaarles for a costa and a chat after my bout of depression and emotional junk last night.. *whooosaa.* I love that girl, she makes me smiiile. Only after abusing me, almost making me spill delicious coffee and laughing at my filthy mind.. But anywayy, I was up at quarter to 9 for no reason, considering I was awake at 2am and was feeling terribly nostalgic :/ looking at old photos was a bad idea. Booo.

Spent most of the morning before I had to leave making sure the dogs were alive and fiddling with more photos, I'm getting rather addicted to all this photo editing. Sadly I'm thinking it's becoming a mite monotonous the kinda style I'm doing? But I rather like it :'D. Wanna looksee?

This is basically all the things that remind me of summer (': sweet huh? I like random stuff like this, I only realised when I put it on facebook that the centre photo is of me and Sebastian. Not that that really counts for anything I suppose.. Kinda does to me. I'm a complex lady (':

There always has to be something involving coffee with me (; if you haven't learnt that yet then frankly you're dense.


The musician in me likes this (':

I also did one for Daisy with loads of Barcelona on it, but it's not as good as these, and it's rather crowded. Still good, but just.. not a personal favourite (;

But yesss, today was good. Charless makes me larff. Although some poor sod of a 7 year old twatty male child called her a man. That was mean. Only I'm allowed to say that. What a git! Seriously, I swear the generations get worse. Bleh. I still love her. She puts up with my insanity (': anyone that can do that is a fucking miracle worker (':
Went to the mead and chilled for a bit.. Got a feeling I'm the tiniest bit pink from being in the sun. It could be my cold? I've been sneezing alot today, I sneeze like a man. I cannot do small sweet sneezes!

Since I got home I've just chilled (': I like it that way. I think I've drivvled on enough anyway, sooo, I'm going to love you and leave you (:
"Who wants to be ordinary, in a crazy and mixed up world?" I rather love that lyric :'D

Larvv' to yo homies.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

oh noes..

Damn you N-Dubz! Granted it's not the kinda stuff I usuallu listen to actually, it's more.. it was on the Top 40 and I just download the whole list and can't be arsed to get rid of songs I don't want to download because it's too much in the way of a polava. Butt anyway. I need you just came on my itunes, Helen had Number 1 played at her funeral and it's the kinda thing she loves.. "I need you, I've been searching all over facebook and I can't seem to find you, I really need to find you." Blame these stupid people for putting me in a reminiscing mood and I relatively mopey one.

I just miss her. Alot :/ It's not as though there's much reason for me suddenly thinking about it really, but it'll be 5 months on April 4th. It's not as though I miss seeing her around, since main school ended and she went to college I hardly saw her. It's more that I keep expecting and wanting her to pop up on msn to tell me about some stupid story about getting preggers. I'm confident that if she was still here now she would probably be up the duff (; that's a joke. She wasn't that stupid. ARGH! Just miss her so much! Maybe I should take this song off repeat now.. Had a dream about her last night :S that there was a car as a tribute to her (don't ask..) and that I was going to it but my mum was getting pissed off that I was still upset about her?!
Having said that, mums sympathy seemed to run out fairly speedily.. *sigh* neicht gut. Feel like having a major cry. How pathetic am I?! Please say this phase passes? Graziee. 

Got an idea to do a tribute for Helen though, finally found a programme to edit photos that's pretty damn decent for my laptop and where you can merge photos together to make it into a kinda montage? I've always wanted an application or whatever to do it! But considering I no longer have an itunes account 'cause my brother stole his back.. bloody HOE. Then it's been an impossibility.

Whooosaaaaa. Better.

But yeah, was playing round with it today, I seem to have contracted some horrible germ in the form of a cold? Not really helped by the fact I'm eating total crap at the minute. I'm thinking after tomorrow a serious diet is needed! Bleh, my slight fascination/obsession/lust for London inspired me to do thiiiiss.. (it could be better, but for a first attempt I didn't think it was bad?)

I did fiddle round with it a tad.. but i think this one's a tad more rough round the edges, I like imperfections (':

ARGH! Britney Spears :| since when did you invade my music library? GET OFF. Ah.. The Stone Roses, now this is bliss (': and so very sweet :'D.

I do love the whole photo editing fandango (: I mean I wouldn't mind the actualy photography side of things but I seem to fail a tad on that side of things. Perhaps I need a better camera? The chunky thangs hold a certain appeal for me (': However.. Being 17 in 9 days means that although I have a certain amount of leverage to work with, I doubt my mom would be happy to spend extortionate amounts on a camera that I might neglect. Plus I rather need a decent phone. My darling Sony Ericsson, currently discarded on the floor since it bounced off the bed.. has served me ridiculously well, proper brick that one. But I really fancy a snazzy nokia. 30 squid a month for 2 years? :/ Hmm.. maybe I should be nice to mom for a little while longer (;

Today's been good, minus the germs, thoughts of Helen, I do love and miss her, but tears aren't a good look on me. I saw my babaaaa DAIIISSSSYYYY :'D she's one of the few people that I can just be me, act and look like a tit but that's how we freakin' role. And yes, Chaaaarles is one of those few (': in fact there's only about 2 people I can do that with, and Charles abuses me. Faaaantastic! Not that I'm complaining, I'd rather be able to count a few absolutely amazing friends on one hand, than have to use both hands, my toes and several other people's limbs to count a load of people who are fairly shitty friends. (:

I like my philosophy :D

Ahh dear, my mouth hurts :| I'm being weird. I think I've pretty much run out of steam which might not be a bad thing.. I'm thinking early night :D. Oh dear, pirate english on facebook is hilarious (; Charles, you're now known as my "spawn" gott'a love the oddness that crosses the mind of bored social networking editors (;

Na'niiight babesss

Friday, 19 March 2010

okay, that's IT.

Buying that nutella on wednesday or whenever the heck it was, was an utter mistake. I'm freakin' addicted to it. Again. AGAIN. Booo. I'm thinking obesity is the way forward? (; I'm most of the way there anyway.. I should just let nature do it's thaaang.


Ahem, I just knocked my coffee and was scared it was going to fall over and stain the cream blanket waste all the beautiful coffee. I love coffee. So so so much, it's not something I can help, nor am particuarly willing to change either. It's the sweet, caffeinated, hot nectar that keeps me half chirpy and awake through the long hours of being an A level student. (': Ahh costa coffee is cockingly good :'D. My language, for some reason, has wandered into the beautiful relms of saying cock alot. In fact, witness the most amusing facebook status known for a long time. In fact there's been more added since yesterday, but it's just Sean being a bit of a twat. So nevermind about that little belch.

And this is why people think me and Daisy are everso slightly odd.. But if you read it through, it really is amusing shit (': Kinda cheered me up actually yesterday, sorry for being fairly miserable then. Wasn't the best post I've ever written at all. But heyy, you win some, you lose some. In fact Sean's about to get hurt very soon if he keeps putting crap on the status.

Urgh, some men!

Today's actually been pretty good, got 1st period off in chem, 'cause darling Newbold was doing some stuff with year 9s. I could have volunteered my body, but frankly I fancied revising for biology for once (: Sooo, sat with Cameron, Emily and Zoe half doing biology, half doing chem, and half just doing jack all. Cameron should be a teacher.. I actually understand stuff when he shows me :'D. 
Critical thinking wasn't much. Spent 15 minutes of my first free copying up a text I had to reply to, it was too long to remember everything that was in it.. But you see, I was determined to reply with an even longer text.. Beat the shit out of their 8 pages with my 11.. BOOYA! (;
Then got a single sentance reply. That just killed it! Did a discussion thing in critical.. not that anyone cares. It's just fab how the best retaliation was "cause you're gay." Loveee it.


Should have had a free 3rd cause my history teacher was off again, but no. Instead Stefaniak punished us with giving us some ridiculous work and making us sit in the room 'till the end of the lesson. Boo! Ah well, Jake makes me larff. And we managed to turn Stefaniak into a raging bull in heat (; it was a fucking funny image :'D.
Biology test: bleh. Wasn't crap, but it had alot of lonnggg winded and long answers were required which kinda drove me insane. I didn't half feel brain dead by the end of today. Didn't get to dribble excessively over the 6th former at lunch.. Boo. Saw him before form though (;

English Lit just sucks. It always sucks with Waters! She's so dull.. And the poetry's practically suicidal. Sylvia Plath. Need I say more?

"Oh lets talk about death." fucking fantastic (':

Hmm, I think I should shush now, stop eating nutella and cold sticky toffee pudding. OH MY GOD. Sticky toffee pudding.. Tastes so damn good! And it's the stuff without the raisens or anything invading the lush sponge and sauce. It's like a days worth of calories, fat and everything else, but bloody hell it's worth it.

I need a job!!

Right, I'll leave you with the salivation over coffee. Can't wait to see my darling niggar Daisy tomorrow, CostaCostaCosta. It's so utterly beautiful!

Love you babesss (':

Thursday, 18 March 2010

time to trade i think.

Ah the beauty of my school being marginally retarded and having a parents evening type thing in the day meaning I got the day off effectively :'D I was planning on revising biology or getting coffee, or both in fact. So far I managed the coffee part.. biology revision has yet to surface :/

See, I thought today was going to be pretty darn good, wake up late, amble up to school to have an awkward conversation with Mr E for 10 minutes, hand in my resit form and either go to costa then home, orr just home for more sleep. Somehow managed to wake up early? And had one dream about having a new puppy.. kinda like Fergus only small and fluffy, and less smelling of poop. Then I had another dream where I was in some changing room/loo (god only knows what goes on in my head..) and i was trying something on, and this weird Thai woman just started peeing with her trousers on and stuff. It was weird. And reminded me of wandering round Barcelona at some point at night and some strange lady peeing in a doorway.. Oddness?

So yeah, odd dreams and woke up early. That wasn't wasted though! Got to watch The Hangover again (': and copied most of the Avril Lavigne albums onto my ipod :'D. Finally got out the house to walk to JC, saw a vacancy sign outside the petrol station up the road, then dithered around in front of it for a minute before throwing devil to the hindemost and going in. At which point the bloke said he wanted to sit down and talk about it, I half ran out 'cause I was gonna be late for the appointment with darling form tutor.

Wow.. my laptop screen's bloody dusty..

Ben Goodall text me before soo was going to meet him for Costa at 1. Basically swapped Friday for today, a date for a catch up, Mike for Ben, and a film for a coffee (': I'm thinking I made the right choice. I also exchanged brain cells for a big ear.. Then finally got back from that, Ben seems to get very into the old boooks (: not a bad thing at all, but I think I need to read the book he was on about to properly understand it.. 
Got the the petrol station up the road, bloke talked to me for 10 minutes, felt I should have asked more questions really, but what can you ask about petrol pumps? ;D

OH! And my plp thing, the report lied! Especially in critical thinking, "she's a wonderful, pleasant student and is a pleasure to have in class. She contributes good opinions in class.. etc." for god's sake man, I fall asleep in your lessons and create arguments for not doing the sodding subject. :| Guess he missed that bit?

Bleh, resit form in! Not really looking forward to the 8th of June or whenever it is, got 3 exams on that day now :/ booonesss.

Got home and mom had asked me to go talk to my dad when he got back from the hospital, sooo I did. I think he appreciates me making an effort.. But just got talked to about university and jobs etc. I don't mind it, but it was fairly cynical. I don't really have any realistic plans after university.. Maybe I should make some? Dumdideeeee, oh dear lord, if I had a friend like Ross I think I'd go insane! Kinda cute.. but so unbelievably daft y'know!

Anndd now I'm wasting time! Really should go for the biology revision... clearly I'm not. Friends ftw (':
Haaa, Mike's irritated the crap out of me, in fact, most of today's managed that since I walked out the house :/ sorry for being annoying. But yeah, just couldn't be bothered with him going along the lines of "gonna go to yours." No lovey. You're not. Grr.
And now someone else has got their knickers in a twist. BLEH! Just cba with it tonight. And Ben ate most my bloody cupcake! Which wasn't cheap I might add.. Just nabbed all the icing )': ah well. Got a huuuge gingabread latte though :'D.

Hmm, gonna go think for a bit (: and possibly learn some biology. Hahahaaaaaa, that's a joke. I can never understand biology!! 


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

i shouldn't love you, but i want to.

TODAY! Was a wednesday and my word is my spelling atrocious tonight. I really just can't get my bits to work well today. GRAAHHHH.

Yes, today. WOW. What happened today?

Urm, chem. Chemistry... Urm. OH YES! Cameron's birthday today (: 17 on the 17th, what a cooool babe (': didn't have to do much of hard work 1st anyway. Kiiinda looked forward to 2nd period for PDP 'cause my favourite reject's in it. Chaaaaarles Peniston (': what a babe she is. I'd actually planned to do biology revision second due to my impending doom of the test 3rd. But no. My wonderful institute of torture education, decides that despite the fact that we're seventeen years of age, well, almost there; that we still have to "design an easter bonnet with a difference" :|. Why don't you just go ahead and give me a dummy? Bite me cretin. Bleh.

However, despite the fact that I was adament to revise, I ended up joining in. Our forms idea of winning the "bonnet" competition? Well, stick a load of boxes together, one for each person in the form, cover them in pretty coloured paper, write crap on it vaguely linked to some pointless subject and attempt to walk down utterly evil stairs to 6th form. OH! Then walk UP the stairs to the top of 6th form. They were all connected by string y'see.. And Jess whacked yoda on the top of hers (; "yoda knows all" I agree! Yoda's a babe and a half. 
We didn't half get laughed at by anyone and everyone that saw the travesty that was our form donning boxes and walking like a bunch of retards round JC. We did however win the competitionnn (; yesss mateee! We're seriously that effing cool.

Thenn, biology was an epic fail, as always (':

Critical thinking.. Now what did I do in that? Minus wondering if I could make a run for it.. Actually I got abused by Samuel, pulled the chair out when I was about to sit on it. Fucking biaaatch. Thenn, drew stick people jumping saying "I'm not faaaat!!" and fruit all over a sheet of paper. It was funn. Then Jaaames and Sam decided to show what actually goes into a McDonalds. It really was fairly disgusting, but then it gives me reason to definately not eat anything that comes from that hell hole. It was vile. But funny watching Jenny go green at it, seeing as she larves Maccy D'sss.

Is it bad that I spent all of my lunch stealing looks at a 6th former? :/ I couldn't help it.. He is rather nice on the eyes. All the things I like, tall, dark, rugby player, musician, green..ish eyed. NOM. I'm not sad. I just.. Urgh, I like my thoughts. I have no hope!
Well.. I can always hope, probably never happen but y'know. Mahaaa, I'll shush now.

English was.. fun? BAILEY'S UP THE DUFF!! Me, Beki, Emma and Becky knew this before it actually came out (': intuition and all (; Kirby got sent out.. again. Seriously, it takes an hour, if that to knock up a 1500 word essay, we had from before christmas until feb half term to do it. She hasn't even written a fucking paragraph. For fuck's sake! Then she wonders why Miss Bailey gets pissed easily at her? Ahh dear. Ended up being forced to read Barry's bits for half the lesson. Thing is, I was so bored by that point I kept forgetting to read at the same pace as the rest of the class (': t'was interesting..

Saw Luke again on the way home (': we must stop meeting like this, people will talk (;

Went to the shoppp, made the mistake of getting Nutella. Boy I'm turning into a porker with the amount of crap I eat. However, the amount I have to walk to school and back, and into town or whatever with a 15 stone folder it kinda levels out.

I was doing a good job of avioding Mike earlier too, then he realised I was on facebook and I failed. Wooops. BUT he cancelled friday!! :'D apparently because he was skint.. Frankly I don't care for his reason, I was just relieved that I didn't have to think of an excuse. My brain's overworked as it is (; Kinda just... blocked him on Facebook? I don't like pushy guys. Especially not cretins like him. FUN! Ah dear. I'm not mean, I just can't stand it when guys are dicks and just want something physical.. I HAVE A BRAIN SHERLOCK.

Now.. I'm uber tired and my fingers are shattered. Please don't be dirty.. In fact it's amusing that I just said it and thought of the disgusting side of things straight away. Such a child!
I may just depart from this darling thing now. Haaa, I just remembered my late morning yesterday when I got rudely turfed out of bed early because some bearded bloke was coming to measure my windows.. Rudeness!

Might get a new phone for my birthday y'knoww (:

Anyway, Charles Peniston is awaiting my face. Raving tart. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee coffeeeeeee!! Damn I make a good cupp'a (;

T'raaa darlingsss

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


For some reason I feel I should be dressed up in a pink fairy costume, waving a wand and feeling like a prat. I'm doing none of the latter.. which is possibly a good thing? Bleh.

And so tonight I was "blessed" with the burden of trying to teach myself a module or something of biology, seeing as I get absolutely nothing in class. I blame that on Lorna Gay 'causee she distracts me with pointless stories :'D. I did about an hour of it? Then got a tad distracted by facebook, Charles, facebook, a film, and a bit more facebook? It's terrible really, I should have a much more focused work ethic, but frankly I like procrastinating. 

I'm a teenager. Let me have my fun.

Urgh, I had to thrust myself through the strange, demented rabble of main schoolers after school today, becausee I forgot to get Camerons and Jakes cards yesterday when I pootled to Asda at lunch. Effort! I had a tad of insentive to brave Hinckley town though, Costa's there.. Y'know what that means for coffee addicts nationwide (; Got both the cards.. Just don't know which I should give to who. Decisions, decisions! 
It was kinda a bad idea to get a costa though, my folder weighed just about as much as me, so although I got to build arm muscles, it wasn't the easiest manouvre to try and drink the sweet nectar that is a gingabread latter (':
Saw Luke on the way home again, blesss him. He is just a bit hot (; Miss him at Asda, he brightened up my evening with sarcasm and wit :'D My mother's wit and somewhat diminished after having children and being bombareded with grief from them. 

Bleh (:

Well, had another History test 3rd with darling Stefaniak, she's started to make me nervous every time I have a lesson with her. Not sure why, I used to enjoy the fear. Now I just feel mildly ill. Managed to get 50% on the test we did on friday! I thought I'd epicly failed, and no, 50% isn't great but it's better than David or Nick (': hells YES!
I'm disliking the obsession with tests from teachers right now.. We get it, we have AS exams in two months, but seriously babes, CHILL. Please?

Ahh Lorna reminded me of when I had conjunctivitous in year 9, my mother being evil and utterly unsympathetic sent me into school. Bloody evil I tell you! I came out of assemble and couldn't open my fucking eye. I looked like a right freakin' cretin. Then mum got peed when I got sent home after assembly.. Her fault for sending me in the first bloody place!

Chaaaarles has let me read her blog (': Charles Peniston, i love you! Lotss (':

Oohhh, I was talking to Sebastian today :'D poor baby has german measels.. I couldn't resist but tell him to pass on a message to Hitler to shave the moustache, it looks bloody ridiculous. I'm utterly childish! I do larv' talking to Seb tbh. Boooness that he lives so far away )':
HA! In critical thinking last, we were forced to do a test thing, it's like making arguments and shit, I feel obliged to point out I've been able to argue successfully since I was 6. But at the end I wrote a paragraph of an insulting argument pointing out why we don't need to do the fucking subject. BLERH.

OH! Need to get the resit form and money in for thursday. EEEEEK. 
Hmm, I might just leave it there for tonight, I'm feeling uber tired now, and my hands can't be arsed to type anymore.

Niiight babessss

last night...

Y'see, last night my internet failed me.. Again. But I found hilarity in my sleepy state at midnight.. again :'D and tapped this up. Sorry if it's a tad shite and all, but I was tired and so on.. Enjoy!  Oh, I'll try and write another post later as well, but I seem to have aquired revision for a bloody biology test later. Grr. LARV'!


Ah yes, this is the lovely, typical process of mine for going to bed when one has a free period the next day:
Sign out of facebook, close facebook. Sign out of msn, turn off laptop. Go brush teeth, choke on toothpaste and swallow most of it and so forth. Get back into bed, whack on the ipod, Avril Lavigne (': and turn laptop back on due to sudden hilarious inspiration..

 Y'see babesss, this date thing on Friday is starting to irritate me. Well the fact a guy finds me attractive really isn't, in fact it's a pleasant change. The fact that the guy is turning out to be a tad of a tosser.. is. I'm pretty sure he has about enough brains to cover a small water biscuit. BLAH! Doesn't seem to understand the concept of a complex girl who is aware of more than just being the owner of a vagina, I'm well aware of that small hindrance thanks, but I'm also the proud owner of a cactus. Urghhh, you lack wit and understanding dear fellow. I'm fully enjoying the fact that my friends have already judged him and have colcluded with that of status, "utter knob." Gracias palsss. You guys make my life worth living and I'm really not kidding (':

I did get a tad despairing and frustrated earlier in the midst of biology homework which I'd completely forgotten about. It was all to do with AIDS/HIV, TB and Malaria. After a while those three seem to mould into one and become increasingly tedious. The teacher, coincidentally the head of my 6ht form, is going to hate me when she reads the answers. I got so fed up I morphed into peed off, tired, sarcastic yet brilliantly witty student and began answering with such things as: "they don't know how condoms work so we have to make diagrams." OH and a personal favourite of mine, Q: "How can the malaria cycle be interrupted?" A: "Someone got peed off with all the mosquitoes and decided to massacre them all with a lighter. Then the bloke got attacked by pissed mosquitoes, but then they all died because he gave them AIDS. Sucks to be him.."

Yes, I'm brilliant (':

I'm afraid my patience has run out with biology. I don't care for it and since achieving a U for the first module, I don't feel particuarly inclined to start caring. Wrong attitude but who's about to notice?
Ah dear, roll on uni!!

I'm going to depart to bedfordshire to make hot, passionate, sweet, flourishing love with history to plant the seeds of knowledge deep within my loins.