Thursday, 25 March 2010

i'm over you

That previous post i'm rather ashamed of now. Fairly soon after i wrote and posted that, i had an argument with him on facebook. Boy, social networking is a catalyst for these things (; he was going on about having a fuck buddy and that maybe i should loosen up and "have some fun."
Seriously mate, bite me. Oh yeah, and get over yourself you arrogant prick. 

Whoooosaaaa (':

After i spent a while making that darn photo it was wasted on that jerk. Ah well, still looks rather pretty methinks (': it was enlightening last night, i liked it. Well, i disliked the fact that i was irritable and so on but y'know. It's the way life goes sometimes.

I'm a bit of a black and white girl (':

Odd day today. Not the best but not the worst i've ever had. I'm loving my new hair, okay so it's very scene-like but i love it. I like looking a tad messy (:

"where do i belong forever, in whose arms, the time and place"
Avril Lavigne ftw.

Night babes (:

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  1. proud of you :) - i shall make up for my lack of a post later tonight love youu x


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