Sunday, 7 March 2010

early night ja?

The words "early" and "night" have never been so appropriate. However I seem to be becoming allergic to them :/

Oh this weekend has made me lol. I've got into a fun habit of dancing round my room in my underwear in the morning or whenever boredom shines it's cheery head, somehow managed to diminish the skin on three of my finger tips, drank far too much and had a bath when I was a tad too tipsy to really even attempt it. Finally met up with Sam for the first time in months! Today was a gooooood day (:
I was actually productive academically today! Sorted my folder out effing finally, I'd got into the habit of losing pieces of homework withing its depths (': I did homework :|

HOMEWORK! This is progress my friends, I did history before I went to meet Sam, and chemistry when I came home (': have to say though. Kerboodle is the crappest and most pointless bloody website known to man. Half the stuff on it's completely wrong! Retards..

Anywayy, this weekend's been gooooood! 
I do love my wonderful friends, Friday was plain epic, Saturday with Daisy.. Well. It was bearable (; y'know how you just have to put up with some people.. Then today was good (: Odd to see it sunny in Britain but my word I'm not complaining! Larvely walk down Burbage woods and ambling about Queen's Park. Good times! I bought bananas (':


Oooo, today an ex of mine was tecting me again, and Phillip (some other guy) was texting last night when I was trying to teach myself guitar :D yeppp, that's my new aspiration in life! To teach myself and tune the guitar that my brother let me keep. It's a beautiful acoustic but it's a bugger to tune. I spent most of last night trying to do it, but then I downed a bottle of cider and things went too fuzzy to try to attempt such a feat.

Seeing as I have a free last tomorrow I might attempt it again.. Or wait for one of my musical friends to help me :D

Not looking too forward to this week from Wednesday onwards though.. Got a chem test on wednesday, results for Jan exams on Thursday so I might not live to Friday, but if I do I have a biology and a history test. Painful week! Then I'm helping out on the Hope Against Cancer stall thing on Saturday. FUN TIMES!

Ahh I'm actually optomistic though (: it may be the alcohol, it may be the thought of driving in Easter and hopefully getting a little old red mini to rattle around in :D Ahh my dreams are strong and clear.. and my word I have my heart set on it!

Dear word, people make absolutely no sense. You're about as useful as a chocolate teapot deary! I'm not sure if I wrote a post last night.. I get the feeling that having a bath was such a struggle when I was out of it that I gave up on anything else.. Either way I found this photo from friday and although I look incredibly psychotic, I actually think it's naaiiccce (':

Argh, internet's being stupid so I can't upload the effing thing )': maybe tomorrow?
I'm getting a tad peed with being dictated about what I can and can't write on this thing. URGH. Nevermiiiiind eh? I always have my ipod (':
That makes no sense. I'm tired.

SCHOOOOOOOLL tomorrow. Oh I can't wait for easter! Three weeks kids and that's it! and 22 days before this retard can be let loose behind the wheel :D EEEEEEEEEE!!
Bring the pedals to me Boris, I'm too short to reach the bloody things. Well.. unless I get a mini in which case it's perfect (;

Oh things are just going effing wrong tonight now. I give up! URGHHH. Booness. Tomorrow (': untill tomorrow sweet cheeks.


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