Friday, 19 March 2010

okay, that's IT.

Buying that nutella on wednesday or whenever the heck it was, was an utter mistake. I'm freakin' addicted to it. Again. AGAIN. Booo. I'm thinking obesity is the way forward? (; I'm most of the way there anyway.. I should just let nature do it's thaaang.


Ahem, I just knocked my coffee and was scared it was going to fall over and stain the cream blanket waste all the beautiful coffee. I love coffee. So so so much, it's not something I can help, nor am particuarly willing to change either. It's the sweet, caffeinated, hot nectar that keeps me half chirpy and awake through the long hours of being an A level student. (': Ahh costa coffee is cockingly good :'D. My language, for some reason, has wandered into the beautiful relms of saying cock alot. In fact, witness the most amusing facebook status known for a long time. In fact there's been more added since yesterday, but it's just Sean being a bit of a twat. So nevermind about that little belch.

And this is why people think me and Daisy are everso slightly odd.. But if you read it through, it really is amusing shit (': Kinda cheered me up actually yesterday, sorry for being fairly miserable then. Wasn't the best post I've ever written at all. But heyy, you win some, you lose some. In fact Sean's about to get hurt very soon if he keeps putting crap on the status.

Urgh, some men!

Today's actually been pretty good, got 1st period off in chem, 'cause darling Newbold was doing some stuff with year 9s. I could have volunteered my body, but frankly I fancied revising for biology for once (: Sooo, sat with Cameron, Emily and Zoe half doing biology, half doing chem, and half just doing jack all. Cameron should be a teacher.. I actually understand stuff when he shows me :'D. 
Critical thinking wasn't much. Spent 15 minutes of my first free copying up a text I had to reply to, it was too long to remember everything that was in it.. But you see, I was determined to reply with an even longer text.. Beat the shit out of their 8 pages with my 11.. BOOYA! (;
Then got a single sentance reply. That just killed it! Did a discussion thing in critical.. not that anyone cares. It's just fab how the best retaliation was "cause you're gay." Loveee it.


Should have had a free 3rd cause my history teacher was off again, but no. Instead Stefaniak punished us with giving us some ridiculous work and making us sit in the room 'till the end of the lesson. Boo! Ah well, Jake makes me larff. And we managed to turn Stefaniak into a raging bull in heat (; it was a fucking funny image :'D.
Biology test: bleh. Wasn't crap, but it had alot of lonnggg winded and long answers were required which kinda drove me insane. I didn't half feel brain dead by the end of today. Didn't get to dribble excessively over the 6th former at lunch.. Boo. Saw him before form though (;

English Lit just sucks. It always sucks with Waters! She's so dull.. And the poetry's practically suicidal. Sylvia Plath. Need I say more?

"Oh lets talk about death." fucking fantastic (':

Hmm, I think I should shush now, stop eating nutella and cold sticky toffee pudding. OH MY GOD. Sticky toffee pudding.. Tastes so damn good! And it's the stuff without the raisens or anything invading the lush sponge and sauce. It's like a days worth of calories, fat and everything else, but bloody hell it's worth it.

I need a job!!

Right, I'll leave you with the salivation over coffee. Can't wait to see my darling niggar Daisy tomorrow, CostaCostaCosta. It's so utterly beautiful!

Love you babesss (':


  1. The coffee IS utterly beautiful!

    Go visit my bloggg. :D

  2. nutella i swear will be the death of me!! nice read :) x

  3. coffee is the answer to every problem known to man (':
    nutella's so good! so creamy.. i should stop thinking about it. i've already eaten too much today (: x


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