Wednesday, 17 March 2010

i shouldn't love you, but i want to.

TODAY! Was a wednesday and my word is my spelling atrocious tonight. I really just can't get my bits to work well today. GRAAHHHH.

Yes, today. WOW. What happened today?

Urm, chem. Chemistry... Urm. OH YES! Cameron's birthday today (: 17 on the 17th, what a cooool babe (': didn't have to do much of hard work 1st anyway. Kiiinda looked forward to 2nd period for PDP 'cause my favourite reject's in it. Chaaaaarles Peniston (': what a babe she is. I'd actually planned to do biology revision second due to my impending doom of the test 3rd. But no. My wonderful institute of torture education, decides that despite the fact that we're seventeen years of age, well, almost there; that we still have to "design an easter bonnet with a difference" :|. Why don't you just go ahead and give me a dummy? Bite me cretin. Bleh.

However, despite the fact that I was adament to revise, I ended up joining in. Our forms idea of winning the "bonnet" competition? Well, stick a load of boxes together, one for each person in the form, cover them in pretty coloured paper, write crap on it vaguely linked to some pointless subject and attempt to walk down utterly evil stairs to 6th form. OH! Then walk UP the stairs to the top of 6th form. They were all connected by string y'see.. And Jess whacked yoda on the top of hers (; "yoda knows all" I agree! Yoda's a babe and a half. 
We didn't half get laughed at by anyone and everyone that saw the travesty that was our form donning boxes and walking like a bunch of retards round JC. We did however win the competitionnn (; yesss mateee! We're seriously that effing cool.

Thenn, biology was an epic fail, as always (':

Critical thinking.. Now what did I do in that? Minus wondering if I could make a run for it.. Actually I got abused by Samuel, pulled the chair out when I was about to sit on it. Fucking biaaatch. Thenn, drew stick people jumping saying "I'm not faaaat!!" and fruit all over a sheet of paper. It was funn. Then Jaaames and Sam decided to show what actually goes into a McDonalds. It really was fairly disgusting, but then it gives me reason to definately not eat anything that comes from that hell hole. It was vile. But funny watching Jenny go green at it, seeing as she larves Maccy D'sss.

Is it bad that I spent all of my lunch stealing looks at a 6th former? :/ I couldn't help it.. He is rather nice on the eyes. All the things I like, tall, dark, rugby player, musician, green..ish eyed. NOM. I'm not sad. I just.. Urgh, I like my thoughts. I have no hope!
Well.. I can always hope, probably never happen but y'know. Mahaaa, I'll shush now.

English was.. fun? BAILEY'S UP THE DUFF!! Me, Beki, Emma and Becky knew this before it actually came out (': intuition and all (; Kirby got sent out.. again. Seriously, it takes an hour, if that to knock up a 1500 word essay, we had from before christmas until feb half term to do it. She hasn't even written a fucking paragraph. For fuck's sake! Then she wonders why Miss Bailey gets pissed easily at her? Ahh dear. Ended up being forced to read Barry's bits for half the lesson. Thing is, I was so bored by that point I kept forgetting to read at the same pace as the rest of the class (': t'was interesting..

Saw Luke again on the way home (': we must stop meeting like this, people will talk (;

Went to the shoppp, made the mistake of getting Nutella. Boy I'm turning into a porker with the amount of crap I eat. However, the amount I have to walk to school and back, and into town or whatever with a 15 stone folder it kinda levels out.

I was doing a good job of avioding Mike earlier too, then he realised I was on facebook and I failed. Wooops. BUT he cancelled friday!! :'D apparently because he was skint.. Frankly I don't care for his reason, I was just relieved that I didn't have to think of an excuse. My brain's overworked as it is (; Kinda just... blocked him on Facebook? I don't like pushy guys. Especially not cretins like him. FUN! Ah dear. I'm not mean, I just can't stand it when guys are dicks and just want something physical.. I HAVE A BRAIN SHERLOCK.

Now.. I'm uber tired and my fingers are shattered. Please don't be dirty.. In fact it's amusing that I just said it and thought of the disgusting side of things straight away. Such a child!
I may just depart from this darling thing now. Haaa, I just remembered my late morning yesterday when I got rudely turfed out of bed early because some bearded bloke was coming to measure my windows.. Rudeness!

Might get a new phone for my birthday y'knoww (:

Anyway, Charles Peniston is awaiting my face. Raving tart. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee coffeeeeeee!! Damn I make a good cupp'a (;

T'raaa darlingsss


  1. 'and my fingers are shattered. Please dont be dirty' Your asking for it lover ;) ahaha x

  2. only you would notice though, mainly because you're a dirty minded hoebag (; i love you (': x


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