Tuesday, 23 March 2010

like a pig with plaits

For that was me at the age of.. well. Until the tender age of about 12 when I started finding exercise fun in the form of football. I always was a violent child y'see (;

Ahaaa, my head hurts. Alot. I'm less like a bear with a sore head, more like a hoe with syphillis. Don'tcha just larv' my wonderful wit and humour..? Not today actually. It was alright apart from having critical thinking first thing which isn't suicidal, it's just dull. Managed to get some work done in my free, which my biology teacher has since decided that we don't have to get it done until Friday. Thanks Bromz. I just spent an hour trying to hunt for hydrolysis :| neicht impressed. OH! Biology with her and english lit almost killed me. Was just so utterly bored!
Lorna wasn't in biology 'cause she was on a driving day thing, meaning I didn't get a cosy chat and a distraction from enzymes or apes or whatever the fuck the teacher was dribbling on about. English lit holds nothing of excitement. Ever since I found out that Murmuring Judges has a complete anti climax of an ending, i.e. the woman grasses on the bloke.. it's not really holding me. I started nodding off, then half way through a yawn my brain decided it was time for me to act like a spastic. I'm not kidding. My brain really went funny. It was horrible actually, my brain was nattering away to itself and the teacher decides to ask me something. Bad idea. Bad result.

Woops. My bad! Damn she's gonna hate me.

Ever since I got home, all I've done is sit and watch crap and try and calm my head. It hasn't really got me anywhere. I'm still worried about chemistry and need to stop being infactuated with guys. And being stroppy to Charles :/ sorry about that one babes )':
Howeverr, I was watching the old school original Italian Job, my word I love that film. It's just typically British :'D not that Britain's much cop, but still.. It's almost patriotic (; it started my love for minis. I'll say that much (': Sooo, I was inspired! And did this little beasty..

Liiike? I'm a little obsessed.. WHOAHOO. It's part of a song.. Boo.
It doesn't actually look that good anymore :/ poop. Ah well, you win some, you lose some (: I'm thinking that if I feel this grotty tomorrow I'm going to come home if I go in at all. Just feel crappyyyyyy. Urgh. Sorry for whinging :/

I also decided to do something with some photos of me.. I get bored alriiight? And they were sitting there doing nothing and taunting me because my hair refuses to cooperate this week. I'm rather liking scene hair atm? But not sure if I could pull it off. Hmm, something to think about I guess (:

Damnn, I need to go and do some chemistry. *sigh* I'm worried about that old thing my darling dickens. I don't know what, in the name of fuck itself half equations are or how to balance the stupid buggers. It just seems to make absoulte no sense to me. Not helpful considering I really can't drop it next year. The only subject I'm really enjoying or doing much good at atm is history and that's pretty much the most difficult!
Ohh these things are obscure. GO AWAY A LEVELS! Can't wait for this week to end! Two weeks off after friday :'D and it's 6 days 'till I'm 17 (':

Ahh, bliss!

Larv' you Charles, chin up you ragamuffin (;


  1. Lol @ infatuated with guys!
    The pictures are nice :)


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