Monday, 22 March 2010

the tap dribbled.

Ahaaaaa, see, last night when I was brushing my teeth like a good girl with my vibrating toothbrush.. The hot tap just dribbled. It was funny. I choked on toothpaste though :/ that wasn't so good. Funny I s'pose.. but not the most pleasant thing I've ever done in my life (;

I was really rather looking forward to today, the prospect of being able to go into the hell hole of JC for a measly two hours, then get to go home! Well, originally the idea was that me and Lorna would go to costa for 3rd period, but she was a bit of an ill bee apparently so that failed. I was half relieved though. This cold polava is rather horrible, got worse over today. Now my head just throbs and aches and stuffff. My sneezes are hilarious (': I was sitting next to Jake in history second and I did a real man sneeze. Then ten minutes later I did another one (;
Bless the poor ginga, he didn't half jump (':

Sadly english 9th hour with Dewhurst, i.e. one of the stroppiest and most shiny faced women in the world, was the first lesson I had.. It was alright until 10 minutes in when I finished Murmuring Judges which came to a complete anti climax of an ending.. bit like my experiences with guys really (; anyway.. Yeah. I managed to spend 15 minutes trying to get the JC network to love me on my ipod to see if anyone wanted to email me, the school's so ridiculous over what you can go on on the internet, that I can't get on this at school :/ sucks really. I'm in 6th form. What do you think I'm going to do in my frees? Look at porn?! No. For two reasons. 1. I'm a girl. 2. I'm seriously not that pathetic.

Thenn, history. I love history lessons because we're so easily distracted (': that goes for all 6 of us. And Addison was back! Finally. Not seen the poor dear for about a fortnight seeing as she's been ill/on courses (i.e. skiving)/PLP. She's one of the better history teachers, Stefaniak's amazing but scary, and Addison's nice but at least teaches well unlike Townsend who has formed a venemous hatred for David which is unexplained. Ahh well. Got two history tests this week which is a tradgedy.. Ahh crap, got a load of chem and biology to do for tomorrow. Least I'll have something to do in my free tomorrow eh? (:

Ouchhh my head.

Hahaaaa, I got home at like, 11:45 and since then, all I've done is edited photos. Spent ages trying to figure out how to get the photo as the banner to fit in. I reckon I spent about 2 hours in total on it? Yes I'm that sad (': I'm a tad of a perfectionist though.. I kinda like it that way (': OH! But I have done something academic! Yess, the creative coursework that I have to do for english required my attention. I wrote one up before but frankly it sucked. It wasn't appalling, but it didn't really go anywhere or hold any interest. Plus it was rather cliche. Sooo, I've done another thing about a woman in a taxi. I think it's okay :'D well, I hope it's okay.

Hmm, got bored earlier after too much coffee and my head spinning, so I did this.. It's not great, but I sort'a like it (:

Just fancied trying that thing out (': I'm starting to fall in love with Photoscape (;

Ahaa, I was reading some old posts back to myself yesterday. They made me want to shoot myself at how I sound. Urgh! I'm going to have to start just being content with a philosophical quote or lyric or something, and a niiice photo. My posts seem to drag on atm. This post has kinda sucked :/ Meh.

"Just a quarter of you, would be better than this empty wrapper."


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