Monday, 31 May 2010

if i could have one wish..

i'd ask for 10 more 'cause i'm greedy like that (;

had the weirdest dream just before i woke up this morning. it's like a week away from my chem exam and frankly i've done next to no revision since i went on exam leave. mainly because i had to re-learn module one of biology so i was a tad preoccupied. anyway. this dream..
i woke up five minutes before i had to be in my chem exam, and for some reason it was at 10:07? anyway. i realised i'd done absolutely no revision and decided that the exam would have to wait for me to get dressed. when i finally rolled up to school, the girls toilets had turned into the gym in 6th form and barack obama was an invigilator. when i was waiting to go in, i realised i had no clue what in the name of arse nucleophilic substitution was. i was panicking then realised if i came out the exam thinking i'd done terribly i might have actually passed. (reverse psychology and all.) and then in the exam, there were 3 different exams going on, and i was dying for a drink and barack obama poured me a glass of water and offered to help me with nucleophilic substitution. 


i feel today might be spent frantically revising for chem. may be wise (:

oh my dogs are so darn cute sometimes (:

SO! on saturday i went to a partyyy, which was actually pretty good. but next time i'm keeping charles away from alcohol and her ex. poor thing! she should stop being so dependant on alcohol (;

pimp'd i think (':

my mommaa got me a beautiful throw for my bed :'D it's uber gorgeous. so soft and warm and nom. i think i spent far too much on saturday. lovely new dress though (: but now i kinda want this lovely long one which makes me look purdy and almost elegant! obviously it's only aesthetic, i'm the clumsiest kid i know.

i'll be your lady if you rock my socks? (':
y'know, you're not too bad actually. you love carte noir and that's what matters (;

laterssss (:

Friday, 28 May 2010

well that's new

i've discovered it's possible to get bruises anywhere. literally. i mean, i honestly thought it was impossible for a bruise to plant itself ungracefully on my backside but no! there it is. on my butt cheek.
 green and blue. and with a huge scratch across it thanks to my ever so slightly cartoon-like tumble yesterday. going down a steep slope and counting on a lampost to save you from the death pit of a main road is quite frightening. doesn't help that me and dais are gradually digging it up. swinging round it is liberating until you realise that there's not much chance of staying upright and the ground rises up to hug your face.

well, in my case my backside.

and today i managed to sprout more bruises from my skates. my arms, hips, ribs, thighs, backside and knees will hate me in later life i'm sure.

i love my bracelets. haven't seen many of them for some time (': but the bead one with chinese symbolls on it was made for me by Helen in year 7. miss her so much! ah we were mad friends (':

my skates are fuck ugly but i love them. they make me go fast and look taller (':
odd how yesterday i got weird looks for wearing them by people from JC. i like skating okay?! yes i'm slightly obsessed right now, but if you don't like it then tough! i don't live to please you. 
AND! skating's one of the best forms of exercise (;

my photography (: i thought it was good for half 9 in the morning.
check my deviantart for more?

when it comes to it, i'm not gonna wait round for you. i'm just wasting my time and it sucks. i want to talk to you but you're not there.. i know you're busy but still.

"so if i'm wrong again, i apologise. it's getting old by the fifteenth time."
- how true. two door cinema club - i'm not stubborn

you can't live life being second best, i'm a little addicted to two door cinema club right now actually. it's odd but they seem so different to everything else i've listened to! anyway, my bruises are aching and i have to get up early: grah.


Thursday, 27 May 2010


i didn't half giggle at that text. daisy makes my phone worth having (':
even though half the time she cba to text back. we've reached a point where we can't actually be bothered to reply yet we're best friends. go figure?

my ear's pretty much cleared by now, i realised yesterday that i was starting to hear things again, i jumped for joy and fell right off my bed (':

then today i spent it lolling in bed like a slob which i felt i had the right to do. i'm doing a levels and life's complicated. managed to bribe my brother into getting the big tripod from my father's abode (': had a nice little shoooot down the field.

it doesn't look ever so good on here. in fact there's a story line in the right order and all on here: reginald tribianni
enjoy (:

urgh, my internet's being a total twat tonight. in fact, of one more person sends me an invite to join a group on facebook i will throttle them. i'll join a group if i so wish without you telling me to! bloody cretin.

they're both on deviantart but i rather love them. the stable one's alot better on there though i must say.
oh, i got a featured one! i felt like a proud parent tbh (:

i think i'm just going to aspire to be a photographer. frankly i have nothing good going for me apart from the fact i can take the odd pretty photo. just hope this works out. fed up of feeling lost and not knowing where i am..

fed up! grah.

sometimes i don't want to be alone.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

come back..

i miss you for god's sake.

and my competetive streak wants to come out. it's being surpressed. it doesn't like repression.. hmm.

who's got the key? i think i left a tap running.

just one of those days. 
- technically night but neh.

hurry with the key.

i see sunshine through pouring rain

had my biology retake today: pretty much an ultimate fail. again. boooo.
to tell the truth it wasn't too appalling, but wasn't fantastic either. it didn't help that we were packed into the 6th form lecture theatre and i had to physically fall out of my chair to get out when we finished. that was graceful (;

spent a good few hours letting off steam to my cat lady. i love the daft bat (: crazy kids and impossible adolescents (;
we're cool.

i've found a new band to love thanks to charles. two door cinema club. actually amazing! eee (:

i like this idea (:

i've joined deviantart! it's a beautiful distraction from the world (: have a peek and stalk me if i'm any good.
reginald tribianni  

i'm not too sure what to believe anymore. this horrific plague on women has made me feel the ugliest thing on the planet. well. a combination of things has anyway. i'm sure i'll live! (:

"lets make this happen now, we're gonna show the world that something good can work"
- i'm already in love with this band it's insane. 

love from coffee cup.

Monday, 24 May 2010


despite the fact i have my biology retake tomorrow, i'm completely unprepared and i'm probably going to fail. my ear's been blocked for 3 days running and i look like a complete tramp.

things are finally starting to look up (: after a good weekend with the only slight hitch with being half deaf and trying to revise biology reluctantly; things are going well (:
i also decapitated an ant by accident yesterday.. i was sitting cheerily on the bench in my garden and there was an ant crawling up my leg. so i tried to flick it off and i discovered i'd only managed to flick it's head off.
seems i do take after my mother after all. she beheads lady birds and i behead ants. (obviously not intentionally, but lady birds can freak me out sometimes.)

urgh, i've spent most of today lolling in bed and prodding my ear to see if it wants to let me hear at some point. it does when i kinda whack it, but only for a few seconds D: grah. 
haaaa, one of my stalker's text me the other day asking if i liked him. right, pal. you're a prat. you think you're hilarious when you try and pee me off, then claim you're half in love with me. for gods sake man: get a grip! i don't like him as a friend or anything remotely near to that, let alone like him for rumpy.

i decided not to care that my mother was judging me for taking photos of insignificant junk down the garden and snapped alot yesterday with the sunn (':

is it just me or does that hole look like a heart at the top? i thought it was kinda cool (:

i felt artistic. don't dry my juices. otherwise i'll stop being a happyhappyhappy photo hoe and start being a stroppy bitch instead (;

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! just crazy.. and crazy happy right now :'D

"you might be hot. but you're still a bitch!" 
- ah i love my friends (': to me, a bitch is a compliment. well. if it comes from the right people. otherwise it's a giant insult and i'll hurt you for saying it (:

i like you toooooo (:

Saturday, 22 May 2010

sunshiiiiine (':

today has been utterly gorgeous. the weather was so un-british like it was amazing! 
usually i hate hot weather, i overheat, sweat ridiculously unlady-likely and burn like bacon under a very hot grill. but i've come to understand that the health of my many tiny skin cells is much more important than some brown tan. 
and the amount i burn seriously doesn't constitute the amount of tan i get. 

for once i was sensible and wore suncream all day (': it was goooood. well kinda shiny, but it means that i'm not red and in pain! score :'D

spent most of today with my favourite jackass. i woke up deaf in my left ear and i'm still effing deaf in it D: i'm not impressed at all. in fact i hate it. like. alot. but yeahhh. ambled round town with tardyboy. i really want this dress in newlook which is utterly gorgeous! it makes me look all girly and boho and chic and so on. i love it basically (:
ambled round the parksssss and stuff. played in the sand on the golf course at hollycroft and some friendly maintenance guy starting chatting (': so rare to find someone pleasant in hinckley! 

"with my hair, your skinniness, my boobs, your brain and some of my ass.. we could really make something happen!"
- yeah, we're happily odd (:

i love photography (: it makes me happy. what makes me happy as well as that, is getting through rough patches with my loser.
i'm a typical stroppy teenage giiiiirl so please expect me to be a retard sometimes (:

the arch's pretty :'D

i'm supposed to be doing volunteering tomorrow, but seeing as my biology retake's on tuesday and i still need to revise alot, i think it'd be wise to bail (:
they won't miss me anyway, the last few times i've gone i've spent my time doing homework or essays or revision.. ergo. what's the point? plus the museum's freezing! i don't mind it but the time just goes so slowly.. i've done about 12 hours there already so missing one day wouldn't do much harm.

eeee this makes me happy (:

loveeeeeeeeeeee (:

Thursday, 20 May 2010

an hour and a half.

was my "critical thinking" exam and an hour and a half which i'm never gonna get back. have to say though, the time wasn't wasted! i got to watch the over enthusiastic invigilator who ran with glee everytime someone's arm twitched and pounded up and down the rows collecting papers.
not only did i get to scream "run boy, RUN!" in my head everytime he thundered around, i worked out how many bricks made up one wall of the gym (':

3,812 fyi (:

i've probably failed it buts lets face it.. who cares?! as long as i get an E i'll be happy. i just wanna pass it so i don't have to potentially retake it next year. i think it's a fair reason though. i've already spent many hours in the lessons staring out the door and playing the same game over and over and over again on my phone.

bugger me it was hot today! seriously not usef to the heat in england (; i honestly felt as though i should become a farmyard animal walking up to JC. having said that, i looked half purdy. i've finally started straightening my hair again and shoved it up. apparently i look alot younger with it up and considering i'm already a hobbit it doesn't help matters. 

okay pal. if you don't wanna text back then bloody fine. i won't bother again! it's effort and i appear to be wasting my unlimited texts on you. 
that's an oxymoron if ever i've seen one (;

i've always wanted to take a photo of that bit down the alley. cause i'm a cool kid and all (': it just looks fun! okay. i don't need to explain myself to you lot. (:

as an a level student hard at work..

yeah, bollocks am i! i'm watching friends!
i said to myself that this morning i'd revise biology before departing for my crappy exam. did i? did i fuck! (god my language is appalling.) but yeah. instead i educated myself with early friends (L) it's a good life.


neh. cba. did a great dive into the grass when i was skating (':
loveeeeee you loser. and not you loser. you're just a tard. i love other losers.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

mother of fuck.

frankly, i just want this whole thing to be sorted and just to go away. i can't help how i feel. believe me pal, if i could i would. i'm pretty sure you know that anyway.

there's just things i don't understand. whether it's for convinience or some twisted reason that you have. then fair enough. but it still stands i find it odd. this circle is boring me. the content is much less than boring, but the fact that it's happening over and over and over again is! guess you know that one too..
personally i think i should just be pointed in the direction of a half decent but preferably blind guy who can just help me get over you! urgh. booness.
lets just hope it's gonna be okay eh? and you can't blame me for wanting to punch you in the head. if you think about that one you'll figure it out. yes i know it's not all your fault, but still. there are so many things i want to say, but if i say them i know you'll flip and i really don't think it's worth the extra arguing. i tire of the arguments and i know you do too.

we suck huh?

however, i pulled the skin off my finger so now there's a huge dip in my finger. but it's healing, it's HEALING! :'D

hrm.. was fiddling with red lipstick and eyeliner yesterday when i was avoiding doing a history essay..

neh, there was another one which i fiddled with on photoshop but it's being a reject. no loss tbh, it wasn't that good but still (:

oh god i have no idea where i'm going with everything. i know i'm not the only one but it just seems alot of people have plans, or safety nets.. or have the capability to do whatever they want. i'm clueless and i'm a little lost right now.

not to mention a bloody big mess inside..
"stop being a cute doormat."
- i wish. 

s'later maybe (:

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


infaction's a horrible, terrible thing. there's a reason why i'm starting to hate facebook too. in fact, technology in general is starting to drive me a little insane.

my earphones keep popping and giving me electric shocks, i went over my contract by about 80 quid last month so i'm poor for the next month and a half paying it back and my internet on here's being utterly ridiculous.
it took me at least 5 attempts to upload the photos from friday onto facebook. i was not impressed!

purdy blossom (:
my hand looks almost purple though.. the lighting was a tad off but what can y'do really?

sadly last night i came to a half depressing conclusion of my life. i realised it was fairly close to the one in bridget jones, only mine might become a reality which is a little sad really.
- soon, they'll all be cheery with their boyfriends and girlfriends, in jobs that they want or at least pay well. then i'll be sitting there, fat, ugly, single and alone, working in asda with a cake for company.

the saddest thing about that is the fact that i don't even like cake. 
how ironic :/ boooooo.

"take my hand, we'll hide 'till it's over"
- hurumph :/ i love that song toooooooooooo. urgh i need to cheer up.

and revise actually. considering i have an exam on thursday and my biology retake a week today. YAY!


Sunday, 16 May 2010

wha d'you know..

this weekend's started off pretty damn gooooood! ee (':
figured a few things out too actually.. it's been rather fun to be frank:

1) skates are dangerous when you're not wearing them. 2) being drunk helps you make friends. 3) people in hinckley are miserable. 4) i bruise like a peach. 5) going down a hill when you don't know how to stop is a bad idea. 6) watching friends with a jackass makes everything better. 7) i miss the loser.

last night was so good! i had a preminition that i would be standing on my own staring at a wall and being saved occasionally by charles screaming at me for rose. instead i was social. i was SOCIAL. it was so good (':
i think all the alcohol went to my ass. it went numb after the 5th drink. walking was definately an issue.. i'm glad my mother doesn't own facebook otherwise she'd be mortified! she did moan at me for smelling like an alchy. 
my favourite photo of the night: 

it looks so wrong, but so funny (':
ohhh deary me, this morning i didn't have a hangover but i did have a furry tongue. anndd then i sliced my finger open with rollerblades, then bladed into town with dais. 
people in costa know me too well.

and i got mr bump plasters (L).

they're ridiculously cute and cheery. i loveee them!

and now i'm tired and ranting. i'm boring myself actually.

"you're called Wallace!!"
"i know..."
- urm yeah. i wasn't a tad plastered (':


Friday, 14 May 2010


you know me too well loser (; damn you for it!
actually, don't.. i rather like it tbh. but you know me too well!

you're crazy and i'm insane. this works? ahaaa (:

just about finished a stupid history essay. i'll finish it tomorrow in critical thinking. sorted.
you think i look good when i look like shit.. are you blind?! ooo, after tomorrow i'm on study leave. i actually can't wait! :'D

i really love this photo!

god my internet's being ridiculously stupid. a mix of internet pmt, work and distractions are keeping me from this blog (': sorry!

"you be a cat lady and i'll be a coffee cup."
- i love lorna (': biology suddenly seems worth the hell.

charles's partay tomorrow night. wayhayyy (; bring it homieee..

love to loserrrrssss!

Monday, 10 May 2010

i'm not asleep, i'm not awake

i'm not sure i care all that much anymore.

i don't care if i fail biology. i don't care if i say something stupid and it all falls apart. i don't care if you think less of me. i don't care if you don't like me. i don't care if you think everything i do is wrong. i don't care if i fall into ignorance. i don't care if something goes wrong. i don't care that you think me stupid. i don't care what happens.
i don't care; yet somehow.

i do care if i fail. i do care if i say something stupid and it all falls apart. i do care if you think less of me. i do care if you don't like me. i do care if you think everything i do is wrong. i do care if i fall into ignorace. i do care if something goes wrong. i do care if you think i'm stupid. i do care what happens.

i feel like i'm living in a bubble detached from reality. i'm going round in a trance not quite seeing things. that everyone else is moving somewhere yet i'm standing stock still. i get annoyed over something stupid like dropping olives on the floor or not looking and walking across the road to be beeped by a car and feeling daft. i get annoyed if the internet doesn't work or there's no coffee left. i haven't got a grip on reality. i'm living in my head. i don't like me right now. 
i don't like this

i think my head's going to explode soon. i just needed to get it out. feel kinda alone.

i'm sorry.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

shoop, shoop, shoop..

we did it! me and dais finally bladed down my road and didn't do it too terribly! i have to say, it was a shock. rather a big shock that we didn't
a) die.
and b) die more.
this is because my road's a main road.. and we decided to hop across it to get to another road with a load of closes coming off it. thank god for the gas works churning up my road and there's traffic lights so there's a nice gap between cars swoooooshing down it. 
yeah. we hopped across the road with one skate on. we're cool people (; it was damn fun :'D and i did the most amazingly graceful fall on the last time down my road. my legs went a tad too wide and i ran across a grass verge then kinda... fell onto the grass. it was slightly hilarious (': 

i enjoyed it anyway :'D so did dais. she likes laughing at me like, alot.
actually we were uber knackered after it. i was pretty much asleep by half 9. ain't it sad how i'm 17 and i'm shattered ridiculously easily. 

sadly it lasted until someone said something at which point i was worried, scared and then unbelievably annoyed and angry. urgh, can't stand to talk to them right now.

i hate these bloody feelings! piss off and slap him round the head and face please. 
kthnxbai. yes, i think you're a twat right now.
do i have "arseholes accepted, welcome to fuck me around" tattooed on my forehead?
cause blow me it feels like it.

whooooosssaaaaaaa. (:

okay, today wasn't so good, but thanks to my breakfast/lunch combo of an iced gingabread latte i took photos of ice when i was at the crappy museum. the things i do for my bloody CV! anyway. least i got a history essay and biology revision homework done eh?

frankly i think they're rather beautiful (: 

"look at me up in the sky, watch the world just pass me by. and all my feelings give me away."
- i do love busted. especially this song. i like relating to things y'know? (:

only a week 'till study leave.. come on! i can do this! 5 more days until i can shoop, shoop, SHOOOOOOOP along my road some more (': and chill.. oh god i want it. i want it now.
and i have a pact with tom for when i'm 30 (': makes me feel better.

jackassss (:

Friday, 7 May 2010

fridays: a marvelous invention

never has "thank god it's friday" been so damn appropriate! frankly this week has sucked in terms of education. but today got gradually better! had to finish off my chem mock first and for some bizarre reason i thought it went okay. i figure that means an immenent failure however?
then i had some pointless biology test with the lovely broms. she's more of a stresshead than alcoholics going cold turkey. she gives us tests which i'm fairly certain she's aware no one cares about then moans when we do appallingly. 

yes, i got an amazing 9 out of 27 (; seriously. that was better than i expected!

bleh, history 3rd and ben sent me a text expecting me to be free. sadly i have no frees on fridays. ever. unless a teacher's pulling a sicky. they should do it more often!
english lit.. mehhmmmm neh.
then history last. in fact it wasn't bad! did work for about 20 minutes and ranted about revision, main school and politics for the rest of the hour (': i love my history class for distractions. we've perfected it to an art. (;

got my rollerblaaaaaddeessssssssss niggaaaaaazzzzzz!!! 
they're not the prettiest thing on the earth, but lets face it. they're blades. they're gorgeous! :'D. got a costa as well cause i dragged charlessss into town (:

getting everything home was hell on a stick. my folder weighs alot at the best of times but with that, a heavy bag and a big ass box with my 'blades in pretty much killed me. i never realised how far away i lived! oh! and the guy in vapour was pretty hawt tbh. compared to the other one anyway. when i got home i was shaking so much. my poor muscles!

there's still a hole in the middle of my drive.

neh, i'm kinda bored but not in the mood to talk. this is weird. *sigh* i think i'm mildly moody about volunteering tomorrow. frankly i cba! wow.. crappy museum for 3 hours. 
just no pal. think i'm gonna leave early and venture into leicester with daisypooooo. hopefully.

i liiiiiike this!

barth then bed perhaps? might stop off on msn to see if loser's on. (':
maybe anyway. i might get distracted dribbling over my skates.

"you're so full of it, i can't stand the way you act, i can't coprehend. i don't think you could handle it!"
- yeah. i don't think you could handle me actually? we'll seeeeeeee.

apparently by talking about peni it means they fancy me? 
i rather doubt that. like. alot.
anyway. i must go and breathe and dance like a twat. i loveeee that idea!

na'night (:

Thursday, 6 May 2010

in, out, write it out.

urgh revision. i hate it i hate it i hate it! it's a disease.. a DISEASE! oh dear me.
see, i had a chem mock last lesson today and it spreads over to tomorrow's lesson first period cause the exam's an hour and a half. such larks! ha.

i spent 3 hours. yes, three hours revising today seeing as i had second and third period free and lunch. i swear it hasn't paid off at all :| i tried my best and i still reckon i've failed. hence why i've been frantically scribbling on my hand in the last five minutes trying to figure out what i need to look up tonight. which i did.. and now i kiiiinda understand? i hope it'll be okay. or at least the actual exam'll turn out well! i rather need to pass it (:

unlike biology which is an immenent failure.

yeah, those would be a mere few of my revision post-its which are plastered round my house and on many occasion, my face. i tried drinking coffee with the things on my face and i dribbled everywhere like a complete retard.
yeah, i'm smooooth.

this week is horrible for tests. chem mock today and tomorrow, history today and potentially tomorrow, biology tomorrow, biology mock on monday and tuesday D: whywhywhy?! this is just cruel people.

Elliot Minor in July please? thank you muchleh (':

i love the giant pine cone i got years ago (: i think it's rather lovely.

rollerblades tomorrow! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! like alot. charles is coming with meeeee. my gawd i can't wait (: and costa after. so after a horrible week hopefully it'll end well. despite the fact i'm volunteering saturday and sunday D:
i don't know how i managed to con myself into that.

"i'm naked around you, and it feels so right"
- avril lavigne songs are so good to relate to! only you can see me for me.
complicated lady (;

love to losers.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

bad case of cba

seriously, i just don't have any motivation or any care atm. especially not for cocking biology. 
okay, so i failed the january exam with a big fat U. but by giving me 9 hours extra of revision "homework" that's not really motivating me pal. go figure please (:

long weekend.. gooood. monday night meant an odd kinda' threesome in the form of huddling for warmth. please don't ask me to explain further? it's terrible to try and explain and either way you're gonna think me a tard.

okay, so it's really not that good. but it seems everyone's into the whole panoramic photo fandango so i thought i'd dip my lense in the processing pool.
someone finally pointed out what the pink thing was.. i thought it was daisy's face, but it was actually my finger. who knew?! i think i'm going senile..? i love the fact that nokia does ovi applications! (:

6 months yesterday since Helen went.. miss that hoebag. rest in peace sweet cheeks (: don't be too much of a hoe now (':

i had a nice night last night (: goooood thoughts. ahaaa. 
and now i've realised i have lots'a revision to do. now that makes me slightly sad. booooooo :/ 

charles' partayy sooooon :'D coincidentally on the same day as study leave starts (': i love her timing frankly (L). i need to whoosa alot more. 

"mother fucker! where's my biology book?!"
- "it's under your bag jackass."
- completely my bad.

neh, i kinda like you a tad. (:

Sunday, 2 May 2010

miss you loser

oh my day's been beautifully eventful darlingsss. i finally met up with the tardy charles for the first time in ages! because frankly i've been a dick, so i make up for it in complete retardiness capiche?

costa on a sunday morn, what could be better?!

nothing. that's what (; i did rather forget to get my momma a raspberry thing but meh, i'll get her one next time i take a trip to town (: ended up lugging a barbeque and charcoal back with charles until she turned off down to her road. ah damn, it was a good morning!
then i had to go home and be sociable to my momma's favourites. was nice to see them actually, s'been a damn long while! so yeah, that was good (: i kinda feel out of place when they're here though? it's just that they talk about work and so on and i'm lying there pitying myself for having a sore bottom and taking a levels.. such a sad child am i. :'D

mommy ate a ladybird.

i don't know why i took those.. my ass looked nice? i tend to get bored when i'm trying to find things to do other than revision. 
my room's suddenly become very tidy (;

Daisy's rendition of how i fell over yesterday?
- "your legs went too fast for the rest of you.. they sort of splayed out and GAATHHUMMP...    you were on your arse!!"

i was crying with laughter for a solid 10 minutes. didn't help when she started going on about her oversized head being perfect for human bowling (;

she's my favourite. kinda.. (':

i do love this photo, i took it ages ago but never bothered putting it up :/ god knows why. stress maybe? i do seem to have inherited my mothers headaches. my gene puddle fails somewhat (': 

"pity my broken butt" 
- this made me laugh, and considering i said it that's rather sad (':

thank you for what you said (:

night losers

Saturday, 1 May 2010

rollerblading huh?

rollerblading hurts. well, only if you're an arse like me (': which to be frank i don't mind.
i love dais for the fact that she owns her own rollerblades and my feet are almost the same huge size as hers so i can practise on them while freakin' Vapour take their time on getting mine in.
i'm half annoyed about that but i wasn't particuarly surprised they didn't have any. in fact i made a twat of myself cause i thought the door was locked when in fact it was just a hoe to open. good one roz. uber smooth as usual (;

meh, they're being ordered in (: thats 55 quid spent on them but at least i'm getting them!
proactive riiight?

ah it was shits and giggles though seeing as neither of us have been on skates in years. arch walked like bambi in hollycroft (': when she get the hang of it it was like seeing my child take it's first steps. so emotional! (': 
surprisingly i was alright at it, the prospect of having a wobblebottom to land on half comfily helped i think. i can skate.. i just can't stop. 
it's fine if it's on a flat bit and there's a strategically placed bit of grass or something, but at one point i was going down a bit of a slope and i either went round the corner or face planted a tree. i took the corner. which was fine until i realised it was more of a slope, then i tried to aim for the bit of grass but couldn't quite make it and kinda went forward on my ass. 
my backside's been pushed up: botox for free (;

it was hilarious i'll say that much (': the fact that i hugged the ground afterwards was me just being appreciative.

yeahh, converse are cool. and my obsession's growing. leave me alone ):

made a twat of myself on friday too, i kiiinda left a funny bit in my history presentation, something about peter being sexy and everyone liking vodka for drinky poos. i had to keep my concentration somehow?!
urgh, i keep getting so many headaches lately ): not enjoying this. 
why do i have such feelings? they're wasted, and frankly they're inconvienient. 

i want to make the impossible, possible.
- boo.

laters (: