Monday, 31 May 2010

if i could have one wish..

i'd ask for 10 more 'cause i'm greedy like that (;

had the weirdest dream just before i woke up this morning. it's like a week away from my chem exam and frankly i've done next to no revision since i went on exam leave. mainly because i had to re-learn module one of biology so i was a tad preoccupied. anyway. this dream..
i woke up five minutes before i had to be in my chem exam, and for some reason it was at 10:07? anyway. i realised i'd done absolutely no revision and decided that the exam would have to wait for me to get dressed. when i finally rolled up to school, the girls toilets had turned into the gym in 6th form and barack obama was an invigilator. when i was waiting to go in, i realised i had no clue what in the name of arse nucleophilic substitution was. i was panicking then realised if i came out the exam thinking i'd done terribly i might have actually passed. (reverse psychology and all.) and then in the exam, there were 3 different exams going on, and i was dying for a drink and barack obama poured me a glass of water and offered to help me with nucleophilic substitution. 


i feel today might be spent frantically revising for chem. may be wise (:

oh my dogs are so darn cute sometimes (:

SO! on saturday i went to a partyyy, which was actually pretty good. but next time i'm keeping charles away from alcohol and her ex. poor thing! she should stop being so dependant on alcohol (;

pimp'd i think (':

my mommaa got me a beautiful throw for my bed :'D it's uber gorgeous. so soft and warm and nom. i think i spent far too much on saturday. lovely new dress though (: but now i kinda want this lovely long one which makes me look purdy and almost elegant! obviously it's only aesthetic, i'm the clumsiest kid i know.

i'll be your lady if you rock my socks? (':
y'know, you're not too bad actually. you love carte noir and that's what matters (;

laterssss (:


  1. Firt of all, revision? out of the window.
    Secondly, you have the most beautiful dogs!
    Thirdly, Barack Obama!?
    Fourthly, you just post a post about your new dress =]
    Fifthly, byeeah!

  2. the revision's sitting cheerfully next to me so i can look like i'm doing it when my momma sticks her head round the door (':
    my dogs are utterly insane but they are kinda adorable (:
    barack obama.. god only knows!
    ahh, but i'm talking about ANOTHER dress (; i'm not going completely senile.. yet.
    now i feel dizzy!



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