Saturday, 22 May 2010

sunshiiiiine (':

today has been utterly gorgeous. the weather was so un-british like it was amazing! 
usually i hate hot weather, i overheat, sweat ridiculously unlady-likely and burn like bacon under a very hot grill. but i've come to understand that the health of my many tiny skin cells is much more important than some brown tan. 
and the amount i burn seriously doesn't constitute the amount of tan i get. 

for once i was sensible and wore suncream all day (': it was goooood. well kinda shiny, but it means that i'm not red and in pain! score :'D

spent most of today with my favourite jackass. i woke up deaf in my left ear and i'm still effing deaf in it D: i'm not impressed at all. in fact i hate it. like. alot. but yeahhh. ambled round town with tardyboy. i really want this dress in newlook which is utterly gorgeous! it makes me look all girly and boho and chic and so on. i love it basically (:
ambled round the parksssss and stuff. played in the sand on the golf course at hollycroft and some friendly maintenance guy starting chatting (': so rare to find someone pleasant in hinckley! 

"with my hair, your skinniness, my boobs, your brain and some of my ass.. we could really make something happen!"
- yeah, we're happily odd (:

i love photography (: it makes me happy. what makes me happy as well as that, is getting through rough patches with my loser.
i'm a typical stroppy teenage giiiiirl so please expect me to be a retard sometimes (:

the arch's pretty :'D

i'm supposed to be doing volunteering tomorrow, but seeing as my biology retake's on tuesday and i still need to revise alot, i think it'd be wise to bail (:
they won't miss me anyway, the last few times i've gone i've spent my time doing homework or essays or revision.. ergo. what's the point? plus the museum's freezing! i don't mind it but the time just goes so slowly.. i've done about 12 hours there already so missing one day wouldn't do much harm.

eeee this makes me happy (:

loveeeeeeeeeeee (:


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