Thursday, 20 May 2010

an hour and a half.

was my "critical thinking" exam and an hour and a half which i'm never gonna get back. have to say though, the time wasn't wasted! i got to watch the over enthusiastic invigilator who ran with glee everytime someone's arm twitched and pounded up and down the rows collecting papers.
not only did i get to scream "run boy, RUN!" in my head everytime he thundered around, i worked out how many bricks made up one wall of the gym (':

3,812 fyi (:

i've probably failed it buts lets face it.. who cares?! as long as i get an E i'll be happy. i just wanna pass it so i don't have to potentially retake it next year. i think it's a fair reason though. i've already spent many hours in the lessons staring out the door and playing the same game over and over and over again on my phone.

bugger me it was hot today! seriously not usef to the heat in england (; i honestly felt as though i should become a farmyard animal walking up to JC. having said that, i looked half purdy. i've finally started straightening my hair again and shoved it up. apparently i look alot younger with it up and considering i'm already a hobbit it doesn't help matters. 

okay pal. if you don't wanna text back then bloody fine. i won't bother again! it's effort and i appear to be wasting my unlimited texts on you. 
that's an oxymoron if ever i've seen one (;

i've always wanted to take a photo of that bit down the alley. cause i'm a cool kid and all (': it just looks fun! okay. i don't need to explain myself to you lot. (:

as an a level student hard at work..

yeah, bollocks am i! i'm watching friends!
i said to myself that this morning i'd revise biology before departing for my crappy exam. did i? did i fuck! (god my language is appalling.) but yeah. instead i educated myself with early friends (L) it's a good life.


neh. cba. did a great dive into the grass when i was skating (':
loveeeeee you loser. and not you loser. you're just a tard. i love other losers.


  1. Exams >.<
    Your hair is so pretty!

    Btw, a question!
    I read the whole of Pride and Prejudice and I couldn't find that part "You have bewitched me, body and soul. And I love you" ANYWHERE :s
    Does it even happen to be there?! Do you perhaps know? :)

  2. Hi you. :) I love your blog posts and I am TOTALLY with you about the whole texting thing!

  3. thank you very much! (: i rather love my hair now :'D.
    hmm, i'll have a flick through the book and i'll let you know if i discover it!

    Ahaaa it has been a while! and thank you (: the texting thing tends to lead to many arguments. it just bugs me! partially a reason why i'm not talking to him right now. 'tis baaad!


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