Friday, 28 May 2010

well that's new

i've discovered it's possible to get bruises anywhere. literally. i mean, i honestly thought it was impossible for a bruise to plant itself ungracefully on my backside but no! there it is. on my butt cheek.
 green and blue. and with a huge scratch across it thanks to my ever so slightly cartoon-like tumble yesterday. going down a steep slope and counting on a lampost to save you from the death pit of a main road is quite frightening. doesn't help that me and dais are gradually digging it up. swinging round it is liberating until you realise that there's not much chance of staying upright and the ground rises up to hug your face.

well, in my case my backside.

and today i managed to sprout more bruises from my skates. my arms, hips, ribs, thighs, backside and knees will hate me in later life i'm sure.

i love my bracelets. haven't seen many of them for some time (': but the bead one with chinese symbolls on it was made for me by Helen in year 7. miss her so much! ah we were mad friends (':

my skates are fuck ugly but i love them. they make me go fast and look taller (':
odd how yesterday i got weird looks for wearing them by people from JC. i like skating okay?! yes i'm slightly obsessed right now, but if you don't like it then tough! i don't live to please you. 
AND! skating's one of the best forms of exercise (;

my photography (: i thought it was good for half 9 in the morning.
check my deviantart for more?

when it comes to it, i'm not gonna wait round for you. i'm just wasting my time and it sucks. i want to talk to you but you're not there.. i know you're busy but still.

"so if i'm wrong again, i apologise. it's getting old by the fifteenth time."
- how true. two door cinema club - i'm not stubborn

you can't live life being second best, i'm a little addicted to two door cinema club right now actually. it's odd but they seem so different to everything else i've listened to! anyway, my bruises are aching and i have to get up early: grah.



  1. i tried skating once..fell..never again.

    And loving those bracelets - oh so colourful

  2. i seem to fall over at least once every time i go. it's almost a tradition (:
    and thank you, they mean lots to me now (:

  3. Those bracelets are a Super hot do!


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