Sunday, 16 May 2010

wha d'you know..

this weekend's started off pretty damn gooooood! ee (':
figured a few things out too actually.. it's been rather fun to be frank:

1) skates are dangerous when you're not wearing them. 2) being drunk helps you make friends. 3) people in hinckley are miserable. 4) i bruise like a peach. 5) going down a hill when you don't know how to stop is a bad idea. 6) watching friends with a jackass makes everything better. 7) i miss the loser.

last night was so good! i had a preminition that i would be standing on my own staring at a wall and being saved occasionally by charles screaming at me for rose. instead i was social. i was SOCIAL. it was so good (':
i think all the alcohol went to my ass. it went numb after the 5th drink. walking was definately an issue.. i'm glad my mother doesn't own facebook otherwise she'd be mortified! she did moan at me for smelling like an alchy. 
my favourite photo of the night: 

it looks so wrong, but so funny (':
ohhh deary me, this morning i didn't have a hangover but i did have a furry tongue. anndd then i sliced my finger open with rollerblades, then bladed into town with dais. 
people in costa know me too well.

and i got mr bump plasters (L).

they're ridiculously cute and cheery. i loveee them!

and now i'm tired and ranting. i'm boring myself actually.

"you're called Wallace!!"
"i know..."
- urm yeah. i wasn't a tad plastered (':



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