Thursday, 27 May 2010


i didn't half giggle at that text. daisy makes my phone worth having (':
even though half the time she cba to text back. we've reached a point where we can't actually be bothered to reply yet we're best friends. go figure?

my ear's pretty much cleared by now, i realised yesterday that i was starting to hear things again, i jumped for joy and fell right off my bed (':

then today i spent it lolling in bed like a slob which i felt i had the right to do. i'm doing a levels and life's complicated. managed to bribe my brother into getting the big tripod from my father's abode (': had a nice little shoooot down the field.

it doesn't look ever so good on here. in fact there's a story line in the right order and all on here: reginald tribianni
enjoy (:

urgh, my internet's being a total twat tonight. in fact, of one more person sends me an invite to join a group on facebook i will throttle them. i'll join a group if i so wish without you telling me to! bloody cretin.

they're both on deviantart but i rather love them. the stable one's alot better on there though i must say.
oh, i got a featured one! i felt like a proud parent tbh (:

i think i'm just going to aspire to be a photographer. frankly i have nothing good going for me apart from the fact i can take the odd pretty photo. just hope this works out. fed up of feeling lost and not knowing where i am..

fed up! grah.

sometimes i don't want to be alone.


  1. Oh I just LOVE your pictures!
    The grass seems SO pretty! You live in a really beautiful area don't you? :)

  2. if only i could be a photographer (':
    urm, my field is beatiful yes, the town i live in sucks a tad. but it has its pretty bits (:


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