Thursday, 29 April 2010

why why whyyyyyy...

damnnn people. i dislike staying up for a phone call and then it doesn't actually happen D: i get why and everything, but still! fact stands, i don'nae like it..
small mercy being that i managed to write two and a half sides for a history essay which for a 24 marker in an exam my lord would i never be able to write even half that much. i do resent exams sometimes, it's hardly fair that they expect you to be able to shove so much in an answer when you haven't got the time to write what they want! stupid exam boards.. the worst are history and english by far. not looking forward to june.

anywayy, i have to revise. frankly i can't be arsed. i think i stand for the majority of a level students when i say that, it's annoying! but rather nice when after four months of not getting chemistry, revision lessons pop along and suddenly i understand! it's a freakin' marvel i tell you (':

i rather like losers.

minus david cameron.. what a prick.

ah that time of the year.. general elections.. gimmie a vote sadists! if gordy comes back i might cry. if we get daaave then lets face it, even grass will be airbrushed.
so we'll go ahead and vote for cleggy! 

but wait.. oh yeah. i can't vote :/
bit of a fail there perhapsss? 

i've managed to get hold of photoshop as well! EEEEEEEEEE :'D and i found a shop to get rollerblades from.
i need help working photoshop so if anyone knows anything.. TALK! :'D

i just really want summer now.. the thought of rollerblading, my favourites, drinking, pizzaa.. lack of school. so calming!

"the only thing that looks good on me is you"
- (; feisty one me. or am i..? 

losers rule. simpleeee (':

Saturday, 24 April 2010

so apparently i burn.

burn baby burn, disco infernoo! oh what a blast from the past (': for some reason me and sarah were singing it in history yesterday. according to townsend i have an 'attitude problem' because i was opting for revision rather than some shitty video so didn't shut the curtains. god she's a pain in the ass! she should learn how to teach (;
i did actually skip last lesson yesterday. was supposed to have a history test but i felt fairly shitty and wouldn't have done well anyway. i think i'll just be a kiss ass and do the questions for stefaniak on tuesday (;. sorteddd.

friday night was goooood though, got things sorted, chilled.. pigged out. i seem to do that every weekend! it's baaaad mon. bad. VERY bad. i blame it all on daisy (; damn i love that freak. she attacked me in the park today.. if it was possible, we would have been thrown out. thank god for public places ehh? photography addiction! was rather beautiful weather too :'D niiiice walking and so on.

annnnddd i rediscovered a dress which i got ages ago! it's uber cute all polka-dot and sweet, but it's seriously short. meh, i have nothing much going for me (':

i'm a photo hoe. what more can i say? (':

i loved the fact that i was laughing deliriously on the way home again, just nice to chill and be a retard without giving a damn. having said that, i'm pretty sure anyone in hinckley that was in the mead and saw me and dais think we're lesbians now. she likes mounting my ass. what more can i say?!

chav impressions.. such fun (; try them sometime! but make sure the chav's oblivious.. otherwise you might get abused with poor intellect and the aroma of fag. not particuarly nice to say the least. ahh dear ME. good times. 

daisy licks things. shoes, branches, grass.. windows. everything! no joke.

catch up with saaaam tomorrow :'D holy mofo i'm tired already. 
sleeeep sooon (: oh, and i took a really good photo of converse + costa today..

"welcome to a new kind'a attention all across the idiot mission"
- good old greenday! retro much? loveee it.

na'niight losers

Thursday, 22 April 2010


well that pretty much sums up this evening. i was fairly chirpy before then having tried to make my muscles work in another work out.. i think they're helping? and just walking home in the sun was so nice! until about half an hour ago things were good.

as soon as you said you were going to give up, no joke pal.. something inside me died. and that is really not a nice feeling. i mean okay, obviously it means something bad's happened, but that's seriously one of the worst things that could have happened. my stupid mouth! that and my stupid brain and my stupid freakin' feelings! oh to be a pimp or something equally as crap and degrading. or not. i do still have some dignity :/.

not a good evening lets just say.

but it was a larvely day weatherwise.. sunsun gorgeous sun! so nice to walk home in despite the fact that my folder weight a tonne, but meh, my arm gets a work out (; and the jacket was a mistake. but it was an okay day thank god. hopefully things'll get sorted? (yn).

took some photos yesterday too, i was going to put them up but then i just turned my laptop off because i was having a panic attack. stupid cocking sensitive skin, it reacts with everything. urgh. anyway. looksee (':

yes, i'm a jackass but i love it (': i love having a field and stuff! so good for photos (':

i felt as though i was walking on air (;
go figure losers.

right, whoooosaaaa! please god, say things will be okay? i don't want to lose them )': i love them too much. freakin' teenage years D: yet they're probably what i'll want in 10 years? in 10 years i'll be 27 :| oh crap. i must be happy and carefree and openly retarded and.. wait. i already am openly retarded (': 
good times are those moments where i stop caring.

"take these words, and say them out loud, 'cause everyone's forgiven now" 
- i miss the googoo dolls. not really listened to them for yearssss. summer songs (':

say things are going to be okay..?
sorry loser.
latersss my babies.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

my bad.

this weekend was gooood, sunday was a bit weird actually.. i think i stayed up talking 'till about 4. i think that was saturday night.. either way i refused to wake up until 1pm. ahh, nine gorgeous hours of unconsciousness!

yesterday wasn't bad, my only free last period which lorna disapproved of me going home in 'cause there was a hope against cancer meeting after school. darling, i might love you but seriously, give me a break. urgh! it's not that i couldn't be arsed to stay, but what was i going to do for 2 hours?! this when i could go home, chill, dance in pjs like a tard and attempt a work out video. no competition sweet cheeks. i did actually take a photo or two but my creative side's dwindling a tad atm. i think it's the impending exams that are scaring the big jesus out of my brain causing brain failure. urgh.

anyway, things that you need for summer:

good food, good drinks, and good company. 
that's the trio that makes my summer anyway.. including London and rollerblades (;

on sunday my brain had a minor lapse of judgement. those three words are suicide sometimes. baaaaaaaad timing girl. ditto monday! actually.. no. on monday i just stabbed myself in the leg with a pin when i was making a skirt which.. buggeration. i was gonna take photos of today but i completely forgot about. ah well, i'll take some at some other point (: it's nothing special but it made me feel proud. capiche? dumdideeee. i hatehatehate feeling like this sometimes!

taaaardinesss. my arm's itching like billio.. damn sunburn!

just don't feel i fit in anywhere atm, doesn't really give me a reason to be a prat though. 
to all my losers.. and one in paarticular.. sorry for being a crappy friend lately. I will improve! pinky promise. and i know i put it up before but it can go up again seeing as it's puuuurdy.

i do love you loser and you knowww it.

do you ever have the urge to correct someone's spelling/grammar even though they really don't care? this guy's driving me mad. i'm such a freakin' nerd!
"in the race to get out of this place"
- too freakin' true love! ahh a song called geek love. "don't presume to know shit about me." that's the best piece of advise i could ever give. (:

tbh i wasn't sure which one looked better.. damn i have scratch marks on my arm. i can't remember scratching my arm though.. 
meh (:

"who knows what could happen, do what you do just keep on laughing" 

- i'll give it a whirl tomorrow. tonight i'm just gonna drink coffee and dance like a prat in jammies.

goodnight world (:

Saturday, 17 April 2010

iceice babyy

my god today has been utterly gorgeous. for once british weather's being summery! it's effin' sunny! perhaps the weather's ill? i love the fact that i can finally walk outside with my legs and arms exposed and not feel uber cold! granted i was slightly chilly, but damn.. i'm always chilly! good times, good times (':

met up with daisy tard, managed to nab a load of her pocket watches to photograph and be freakin' artistic with! creativeness doesn't come all that often to me actually, so when i get inspiration i kinda have to grab it by the nuts and swing it round my head until it screams a little bit and gives up on any hope of having children. 
holy mofo that's a nasty metaphor :| i surprise myself sometimes.

the resultss:

like muchh?

love photography damn ittt (L).

i had a fooood hangover this morning (': i never realised that was possible, but after the amount of pizza i scoffed last night i shouldn't be surprised. got an amazing sleep though, nine beautiful hours of snoooozing like a log. but when mom woke me up at quarter to 10 i was incredibly reluctant to get up, like when you're woken up from a super deep sleep you feel half paralytic. fun times! 

met dais and could'a killed the hoe for wearing wedges when i'm already a hobbit D: grabbed money from mom, bought gingabread lattes and sat in the mead. ended up burning like bacon but only on my left arm? thenn, got some chilli rice crackers, halfway through licking one she said it was goooood. five minutes later she erupted with "ERRGUGHHHGTHHAAHAH" and coughing. lots. it was fucking hilarious (; she told me not to lick the crackers.

my favourite (:

"build me a home from a cardboard box"
- damn joshua's radin a bit of a baaaaabe, a cardboard box would be larvely!

argh my stalker's back D:
= very bad times. urgh. i'm sure i can be meaannnn soon.

t'raaa (: 

they fall like dominoooss

well i've fallen because of dominos. damn i love daisy! and today. we thought that we could beat a large pizza each.. we like coupons (;

we failed epicly. one slice over half the effing pizza and we were completey effing stuffed. the pizza guy that delievered today wasn't bad looking actually. compared to the one the other saturday he was a hotty. but y'know. nomnom. he got a tip instead of me just letting him keep the 1p change (; i'm a larvely person.

just craved pizza and my jackass today. woke up with 5 minutes to get ready. yeah. just not gonna happen pal. i have to leave the house at 8/five to, and i woke up at 10 to. this is why i should throw caution to the wind and tell my friends to leave me alone after 11 o clock (': rolled into jc at quarter to nine. pahaaaaa. loved it. meant i missed assembly which is always a positive! then spent an hour of chem yawning and attempting to sleep on my notes, played hang man in critical crap then things improved from history 3rd. 
jake's a tad of a babe, "you're the mop to my bucket" i made it up and i spent half an hour laughing at it. am i sad..? every history lesson in H6 we have absolutely no motivation or concentration.. so we give up and talk about crap (': so much fun!
urm, biology was bromley throwing a hissy fit that we fail at biology exams, frankly it's because the questions are ridiculous and what they ask has nothing to do with the answer they want :|. ffs! when we were supposed to be marking the test, i started scribbling over the paper then completely gormed out and my arm with the pen went across the table and now there's a huge line over the desk (': i looked like a right tard. by the end of that i just wanted to roll home and finish coursework.

ahhh, good times. got rid of the buggering jane eyre essay finally and now i get to spend 2 whole days sleeping, drinking coffee and eating nothing seeing as i've forced as much pizza down my throat as possible.
funny stuff (:

got home and wasted an hour of my life leaping fruitlessly into the air trying to get the timing right for the camera to catch it. D: argh it took forever to get a few decent ones. i was inspired by my own brain for once! i like suddenly feeling artistic :'D.

jump jump baby (':

that one was a bit of an experiment and i'm still not sure about it.. i do love that one though (': 

ahaaa, i got complimented on my odd fashion sense! it was all sunny and summery and i haven't got my legs out for a while, so i shoved on my hippy dress and red converse. odd mix? i thought it worked actually. i could be wrong! (':

like or naaaaay?

"you're the mop to my bucket"
- i've said it earlier, but i don't half love it (':

 my god i never realised how full i was. i'm not eating for another 5 months. can't wait for summer! brraaaaaaaapp..
na'niiight loserss (:

Thursday, 15 April 2010


urgh, as much as i hate to admit it, this week has turned me into several things i hate. a complete stress head, a crappy friend, and a dramatic hoebag. bad bad times! not to mention my converse have shredded my ankle. booooo.. they didn't rub when i first got them, but for some reason they have lately D: utterly unimpressed! 


they are still uber gorgeous. you can forgive their discrepencies for that (;

can't actually wait for this week to be over frankly, it's just been a field of landmines of coursework, essays, work, issues, being a twat towards friends.. only good thing's been the fact that i've got my ass into gear and done a fair bit of work and i've done a fair bit of photography! i'm a little obsessed. you might have gathered..

went to costa 4th today, kinda walked off from my friends. just was in the mood to be alone y'know? after putting stupidly big foot in my mouth last night i just needed to think. ended up sitting by myself in costa doing history like the nerd i am (': good times!

some people can't live without water, i can't live without coffee. it's my lifeline!
i really should have gone for a nap earlier, i'm trying to stay up so i can talk to tom. damn him for getting in late :| ah well. i can kill time by writing this right?

i promise i'll do a better photo for tomorrow, i don't have to worry about work as soon as i get home. it's freakin' friday tomorrow :'D. you'll never know how happy that makes me. (:

lordy, 3rd huge cup'a coffee today and it manages to make me feel more tired..

"who knows what could happen, do what you do, just keep on laughing." 
- i like that idea. alot (:

they hurt like a hoe but i love them (L).

na'niiight (:

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


oh the overwhelming urge to do evil things. like if someone's bending over and their ass is sticking out, you just want to kick it or push them.. well my mom was washing her hair and i was so tempted to dunk her head (': 
she has to love me alriiight? (; she's a wonderwoman..

not a wonderfuck daisy you jackasssss!

urgh, chemistry coursework's pretty much an epic, inevitable fail. i think i managed to cock the practical up again, but everyone in our class and all the other classes got stupidly varied results. someone's managed to break chemistry by turning chlorine with ammonia, silver nitrate and nitric acid grey. just how?! maybe it's in the beardiness?
this week's horrific for coursework and deadlines. two days for chem, biology coursework, english essays, history essays.. bleurgh! leave me alone you horrible things. really i should be revising for the write up for chem tomorrow, but frankly i cba. 

i never can be arsed can i?! motivation please? graziee.

had a photo mash earlier, damn it was fun :'D. i'm just a tad obsessed with it (:

i love love love this! mainly cause you can't see my faaace (':
my hair's refusing to obey atm actually, on monday it was uber pretty and curly, since then it's failed on every level :/ buggeration. ahh well. no one to impress really. i just look at my face too much (':

big ass cameras ftw (L).

my current passion: photography. (:

off to do chemistry.. bite me please? i don't care about bromine anymore. 
"i hope i plague your mind"
- in the nicest way possible perhaps. 

s'laters losers 

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

hopeless romantic

well, occasionally i am anyway. i like the whole romantic cliches like the encounter at a train station, long lingering looks.. what the eff am i on about? ploddypop.

today's not been too terrible, got another lie in but as always i was productive as a typical procrastinating teen. urgh, just lately i have no motivation at all, barely any tollerance with people and 6th form's making me realise that i'm going to fail in life. bleh, fun times please? 
tomorrow and thursday are not going to be gooood daysss. chem coursework on both of them, me and chem practicals are having issues, especially when i do them with cameron.. coincidence? ah i love hiiiim :'D and i'm still stumped as to what the eff half equations are. buggerbuggerbugger.

finally got some more of the jane eyre essay edited (': charlotte bronte: just why?! silly woman should have been more witty! more like pam ayres.. or me. that's a freakin' joke.

j'aime parle en francais. j'y n'aime pas pour quoi!
it makes me sound pretty! shame my hair's misbehaving like a hoeeeebag. booness.

damn i'm miffed!

"i'm annoyed at you because i miss you." 
- charming? (':

na'night losers.

Monday, 12 April 2010


no need to panic, i'm back and alive and slightly more cheery than before campers. i have been one busy lady! well.. kinda. over the weekend i was swamped with crappy work that i've pretty much failed to do and i basically couldn't be arsed with at the start of easter. nom.

soo. friday, not the best day in my life. i don't know why but i was just really down and/or arsey, i pretty much had the face of a kid that's crapped in its knickers then was refused a lolly. that's a nasty image but y'get the idea right? anyway, friday. si. daisy's netbook got an STD thanks to a faulty condom. tesco's appalling.. so she woke me up at 10 freakin' am :| to shove the thing at my brother and demand he put it on a drip. turned out it completely fucked up (': good times? bleh, we watched friends and talked about summer.. ah summer! Eeeee, not really that far away either seeing as exams are gonna glomp on most my free time between now and June. then friday night charles was coming round, and i'm so sorry for being a stroppy git then babesssss )': i feel bad about that still. :/ not the best friend in the world am i?
then saturday i was supposed to be volunteering at hinckley museum.. most people don't know it actually exists (': it's because if i'm planning to do history at uni (debateable that it is) then i have to show some sort of interest and initiative. tbh it was actually pretty good, yesss there wasn't anyone working there under 70, but still! i actually learnt something.. that jc was a strict school.. in the 1970s (;

then i had an english essay waiting for me when i got home. boo. but my converse didn't rub! :D

that essay helped me into depression on saturday though. Death & Co. Sylvia Plath. Ted Hughes. Death. bite me please? having said that, i couldn't be arsed to go downstairs and make coffee so i opened a bottle of pear cider and fell off my bed when i got steadily more tipsy. and walked into something... pear cider does something weird to me. and it's not good.
sunday was pretty bad too.. i finished series 10 of friends, the last episode always makes me feel moochy. they can't leave!

then i had a multi vitamin which i swear has drugs in it and i went high? :'D

wasn't all doom and gloom, on saturday i was nice to my estranged father and managed to borrow the pocket watch from him, and i got a bonus of two gorgeous vintage cameras! being nice pays off! 'cause i was talking to him about doing photography at uni considering that realisticly i'm not doing that well at a level :/

i took some photos and these were someee of the results (:

boo, you can't see it that well.. ah well. i'll lob it on facebook (:

that's one of them anyway (: i'll do some decent, nicer ones soon though. if you're getting bored of my babble with vintage and photography then toughh (: i larv' it. capiche?

i'm not sure if i put that one up before.. i should go check. but i cba. :'D 
there's another photo of me but bleh. i don't look that pretty anyway (: and it's kinda dull seeing my mug all the time.

i'm going to gooo now seeing as i'm being distracted (happily) from chemistry revision.. oh god i just gave myself a mini heart attack :| cameron's seriously gonna have to tutor me otherwise i'm well and truly fucked. *sigh*

summerrrrr! roller blading down the prom in cardiff daaaiiiissss :'D

laterss nooobies (:

Thursday, 8 April 2010


one way of saying nungas anyway (': russel howard's a baaaabe! and charles has got too used to saying boobies. she got a tad scared when i did the gesture when i was dancing like a pillock though bless her. damn she's gonna need therapy after being friends with me..
then again, i think the majority of my friends might need that. 
good luck to you guys (:

and a particular wish of luck to whichever poor git i end up with. i make that sound so negative :/. nah. i really do want a nice, decent guy tbh. ahh, wish me luck?! i might need it boris.

oh god damnn, i tried to finish that history today. most boring few hours of this holiday of which i've done nothing but spent money, lolled around in bed and got fat. now that's the kinda holiday that i like. people might disagree and say that i should be doing work and trying to pass A levels. now that would be a fantastic idea, if only i cared for my sanity. my sanity was lost many years ago to a lady called my mother. thank you babes, you've worked wonders on this red headed idiot (: your finest piece of work.. my brother's too hairy and too much of a pillock to be considered a success story. instead you've got a lovely, vain..ish, photo hoe of a daughter (':

yes, another one of my face. tough titties if you don't like it. cause i do. y'know? i occasionally look nice. let me take advantage of those moments ehh? (:

andd, finally i discovered macro on my camera! i was overjoyed and got a a tad carried away taking photos earlier as a sweet diversion from history. jeeez p to the g, i love you sweet cheeks but an essay about you being superficial is god dull. but yeah, i got to take lots'a photos of my mini pocket watch (L). i rather love it (: 

and yes, it's sitting on top of my god awful history essay which i'm predicting a big fat fail in :'D. trust me, nothing new with that atm. anyway. what d'you think of my photography?!
and yes, i can take all the credit for the actual photos and the editing (':

it's a proud day for me. si?
damn boy, do you have no wit about you whatsoever?!
- me and charles. come on! urgh. 

i love you guys (:

"oh my heart is like a speeding train" damn i love these songs (:

good post tomorrow, i promise (: story time charles.. (;
na'niiight (L).

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

ball pool..

yes charles, i'll wee in your ball pool. i love you missessss (': ben and jerrys, mini twister, smirnoff and some film friday siiiii? and coffee. how the eff could i forget coffee?! argh i should be hurt for forgetting that one.

today was gooood, well, technically yesterday but bleh. who cares for technicalities? minus the stupid government. guess you'll get that anywhere..
leicester with charlesssssss :'D just one phrase sweet cheeks. and the dance, you can't forget the dance.. hiphip, hair shake and trip over..

"i'm horny, horny horny horny" ..ooohh, "nice asss!" 
damn we're too cool (; minus the fact that you seemed ashamed of me. how's that even possible huh?! sorry i stole your style with the pocket watch.. it was so cute though! bladdy expensive though.. pschuh. nothing comes cheap anymore, apart from the emotional stuff.. what am i on about? i really have no idea anymore.

love to youu giiiiirl! (L)
yaaaaaaaaaaay.. i finished series 6 of friends. i think i need help? and i'm becoming too much like chandler :/ having said that, in leicester and a visit to greggs made me look alot like joey. i was hungry alriiiight?! nom that baguet was good.. so was starbucksss (':
my knee's broken. poop.

i got home and i took photos of a lily my mums friend got for her. it was pretty in colour but the background bits looked nasty. then i couldn't choose between black and white or sepia.. so yeah. (:

pretty huh? (:
oh fuck off italics :| i pressed you once, no need to do it every time i start a new freakin' sentance you blithering cretin!

ahaa, i seem to have good connections with coffee addicts, part italian people, oddballs and the frightningly insane (: i like these people alot. my friends = my world.
i blame too much on my hair. and my hair colour. (;

damn i want that star tattoo now.. )': 

is it just me or is that guy flirting? 
- i'm not sure if i should be flattered or slightly worried. halp?!

i'm too much of a camera hoe for my own good.. i know this. sorry if you're getting bored of seeing my face on my blog. but it's my blog and i'll put what the hell i want on it thank you very much o'reilly (:

please don't ask what i'm doing in the bottom right.. i think i went for a pattern of going from perfectly sane. well, ish. through to cheerfully odd, to i think i look hawt, to.. fuck knows really. good luck (:

miracles happen.. i damn well hope so otherwise i have no hope!
i'm not allowed to sigh in public (;
Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me. this song reminds me of Helen. 5 months sweet cheeks, miss you shed loads :/

sweet dreams (:

Monday, 5 April 2010

my bubble

my bubbleeeeeeee, my bubbly bubbly boobleeee. ahaaa that looks like boob! or boobie.. crap i need help. well, i'm in my happy bubble right now. my happy happy bubble. kinda my drunken bubble as well. minus the alcohol aspect of the bloody thing. just another form of stress relief made me enter this bubble. and fyi my darling brother, i was not fucking drunk on saturday! Charles, Lorna and Archh vouch for the fact that i was merely mildly tipsy. there's a difference you bearded cretin!

damn i haven't watched bad boys two for a while.. lately all i've watched has been friends. thats because i love it alot. but my god does Ross get annoying so very quickly. oh gawd, i've managed to get to series 6.. just, since wednesday :/ my mum hates it. :'D and i've since worked out i'm now cross between Joey and Chandler. 
Joey for the fact that if someone steals my food i get very upset, and Chandler because i try and be witty alot. (;

 i made a story about chandler and joey for charles last night, cause she asked me for a story. so i made one. clever huh? but joey was a girl and chandler was a boy. it was a tad.. wrong? it was disturbing alright?! but it was effing funny (; i'm gonna have to make another one up for her and see her reaction on webcam next time :/. leicester with that jackasss tomorrow (; thats gonna be fun. ahaa :'D

i get bored so i take photos of myself (': i also took photos of my legs, but thats kinda odd. buttt i found the ankle bracelet that i got from spain like three years ago so i took photos because i wanted to. alright?! urgh, so judgemental (;

damnnn my legs are so soft from my moisturiser (': vaselineeee :'D
my bubble's still going. i want it to pop now. i feel weak :/

love to yo homedawwggssss.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

just because (:

Because it was my birthday on monday and i didn't really do anything for it apart from visit costa with Daisy and be in a bad mood.. wasn't the best idea (; and because i love my tards.. alot. Soo i did something for it last night (: hence the absence of a post.

Organised last minute (as usual) Dais, Charles and Lorna jollied on round mine last night, after i managed to get my brother to get some alcohol for me. I really can't pass for 18 until i might actually get to 18 but even then i'll need a freakin' ID because i look about 15. Fab. Bleh. Anyway! I bought my own cake too.. I always wanted a me to you one :'D

It looked prettier in better lighting but y'know (:

It tasted damn good actuallyyy :'D especially the flower.. I felt like a girl for once (': i was dressed like a girl too actually. I got a dress ages ago from dorothy perkins but hadn't worn it. So decided to dress up for no reason AT ALL :'D. 

We all look half smashed.. I say half because frankly i was only mildly tipsy (': contrary to my brother's opinion. Him and Gareth (yes Charles, 23.) were kinda worried at the fact we got excited that the pizza from dominos finally arrived. The bloke got lost.. I live on a straight road. :| the pizzaa was fiiiiiiiine (;

So we're sexehh mofos alriiight? (':

I rather love these photos :'D i look half nice in them.. only Daisy's teeth tend to try and steal the limelight in the majority of the photos that were taken last night. She has huuuuugee teeth. And i love her (;

We drank a fair bit last night.. I opened my curtains this morning afternoon, (woke up at 12:55) :'D and all the bottles fell over. Wine, smirnoff, bucksfizz.. Damn good night! Ohh it was goood (': 

"tonight's gonna be a gooood niiight." Well yes thank you (': it was. Thank you homedawgsssss (:

Love 'till later (;

Saturday, 3 April 2010

funkeh monkey (;

Urgh, it's late, Charles is being demanding. I love my friends. I'm regressing in maturity in the sense that i'm 17 but instead of going to bars, trying to fake being 18 and picking up guys with the intellectual capacity of a teaspoon.. bloody cretins, i'm dressing up a cuddly monkey and making it hump things with my favourite retard.

Damn i love my friends. They really do make my life fun. :'D special people.

Right, seeing as it's stupid o clock.. JESUS :| it's 01:12. AM. AM. Why am i awake? WHY?! Yeah, photos, then bed? Si? Grazie.

We turned the monkeh into our pimp.

Love love loved tonight (': i love you tardy boy. Archibold you babe. (':
Tomorrow niiight! :'D Eeeeeeeeeeee.

Good times. Life is good right now. I liiiiaaakkeeee it. I like long conversations with nice people (: 

Oh, and i took a new photo with my beautiful phone and i like it (: and i was editing it. So.. here (:

G'niiight (:

Friday, 2 April 2010

jews on a tube

Since Charles went to London yesterday and i haven't bothered to write much this week.. that holds absolutely no relevance. Either way, last time i was in London with my mom on the underground, there was this huuuge family of jews. And they all had curly hair, hats and big noses.. 

It was odd to actually see jews. My brother calls people jews :/ but that's because he's a cruel git. Meh, you win some, you lose some. It's not hard to be hotter than my brother. But his uni friends worry me slightly.. They're all rather retarded frankly.

Anywayy, i was a tad of a spoilt brat in wednesday (': not that i'm complaining! It doesn't happen on a regular basis or anything, in fact i'm pretty sure me and mom will be living off mouldy cheese and stale bread for the next 2 years but neh. From yesterday it means that i have gorgeous converse, a hawt brolly from paperchase which is plain lush, Friends BOX SET! eeeeeee, andandand i have a new phone!!!!!! I mean don't get me wrong, my vintage sony ericsson has served me very well but it's time to move on. To my gorgeous nokia n900 (;

It's absolutely beautiful. (:

Yesterday i saw Charles for costa.. and i was bored and had nothing better to do (; i'm actually completely broke now. Ah, i'm poor but i have some damn good stuff. Charles abuses me. Alot. Urgh, i decided to actually do something for my birthday, so last minute. Urm, yeah. So hopefully might have a few tards round tonight or tomorrow (': pizza, alcohol and friends. I'm feeling this.

I love my converse. 

Hmm, not amazing but not too terrible either. I just cba to edit?
Charles, i love you dearly, but your pocket watch thing inspired me. Vintage stuff is bien. And i was fairly bored last night. I think i'm over watching friends :|.

Nom. Don't hate me Charles? I love you remember.

Ever wonder why you bother? Man i feel that right now. Urgh! However.. new phone, converse and friends. WHOOSAA.

Latersss (;