Friday, 26 February 2010

I'll be there for you..

Friends is simply amazing y'know (': it makes my life much more fun thinking that one day, I could have a life like that. Not that I'm sad or anything..
And I'd rather have it set in London rather than New York, cause although New York would be epic, the constant American accent would just pee me off eventually I think. But snow.. at christmas? That would be simply amazing (': But in London, you get everything. Such as Camden, the underground and.. stuff. YEAH :D

Urghhh, I've felt weird all day. My stomach doesn't wanna play ball )':

Today's been odd. Had a chem exam type thing first, it wasn't exactly an exam but it was the write up to the practical. Turned out my results for the anhydrous experiment was totally foooked. :'D bloody typical really. Then my graph for the hydrogenated copper sulphate was utterly messed up! I'm really not too sure what I did to be frankk. But my calculations all worked: SCORE! (:
Then utterly failed the biology test thing second but that's no loss. Had to giggle at Bromley going insane over the speakers for the projector thing, it kept having a fit and crackling (': oh her face when it wouldn't stop (: 
Ended up with a free 3rd 'cause the darling Stefaniak was watching Hitler on trial.. Sadly the badger haired lady came back for last so I had to attempt to work. Just so glad that she finished early so me and Nick could run home and talk about uni.. we're both looking forward to getting away from Hinckley (':
4th blew. English Lit with poetry just never makes me too cheery. Blahh (:

BUT! It's the weekend, I'm home, I've eaten far too much crap, I have leapord print tights on (please don't ask) and the prospectus for Kent uni has FINALLY arrived :D
PLUS! Tomorrow I'm gonna be pigging out on costa, getting a hair cutt (': and hopefully getting some stuff so I can hear out of my right ear (': getting a tad peed that I can't sleep on my right side atm 'cause if I do then I'm deaf for the rest of the day. 

Soooo, DADEEE!

Oh afternoon registration was jokes (; Our form tutor's god awful at getting to D17 on time and the doors always locked so we hang about on the BSU landing until he can be arsed to drag himself up the stairs. Before we had the paddle.. then some main schooler shoved the paddle in a toilet and the paddle got put into a home. Today we had a chair. Not just any chair, a broken chair. We only found out it was broken when we decided to carry the thing downstairs for shits and giggles, I was holding the bottom and the seat kinda fell off the metal support bit. We are pathetically childish (; burst into laughter then dropped the chair and ran when Emmet came up the stairs :'D and the BSU guy thought we were weird. He doesn't know any of it (':

Ohhh you can get utterly screwed noob. "things are finally all getting okay" fuck you! Not that I'm mean or anything.. Maybe I'm just malicious?

Forgot to mention yesterday that I've rediscovered The Cardigans (; completely forgot how good they were (': My favourite game and erase and rewind. Utterly epic songs I tell you kid :D

Riiight, I reckon I've talked enough crap already, dinosaur guy's being asked to dance (':
Drivvle later children (:

Thursday, 25 February 2010

drip drop drap?

Woke up to a really nice text (': made my day start well :'D

And so another day passes me by.. Another day closer to the weekend where I don't have to prise myself out of bed before sunrise (': that thought makes me ridiculously happy!
Grah, internet's playing up however. Nothing new there, it likes to have hissy fits on a regular occasion.. y'see it gets bad PMT and decides that it hates me, then it loves me, then it cba to work live. And for some reason my camera and my laptop are going through a rough patch in their marriage, silly thaaaangs.

Today was a good day (': a very good day actually :D. Critical first was about the only blip for once! Actually I don't think it was that bad.. ended up playing hang man and drawing crap. Apparently I'm going to be a monkey when I'm re-born? You can looksee.. 

Well you could if my internet wasn't being stroppy ;) It's not that interesting either tbh. Eiither way, I had a good morning :D finished English lit early 'cause the teacher was about as awake as the rest of us. So utterly whacked.

Costaaaaa at break/3rd period with LornaaaaGay. I have to love that retard.. for it is written among the stars..! Or not. She's an oddball just like me. It's how we roll babes (;
History wasn't too bad either. Usually Townsend's lessons consist of me being ridiculously sarcastic because the poor dear can't teach for crap and any foreign policy stuff we have to learn and is taught by her is NEVER understood. 
Lunch gave me a warm bum (; bloody love radiators at school. Critical thinking sucks peni, but the radiators in A10 are the sex. They never turn off unless you flick the switch! Larvely warm blast through the lesson.

But best.. Lunch form was just funny. Not actually sure why but it sure as hell was. THEN chemistry made my day. Utterly made it (':
Before half term we'd started fermenting glucose to make the delicious substance called ALCOHOL :'D well, technically ethanol. Anndd today we got to sniff them, drink them, and test to see if we had actually made ethanol. Which meant playing about with potassium permanganate and similar deathly crap (': we were told it stains stuff brown. Utterly suicidal to tell us. Certain cretins came out the lesson with distincly brown fingers (': Zoe was worried I was going to blow something up. Such little faith! Only because we had two different solutions of potassium and crap and I wanted to mix them.. I did and it failed. Nothing happened )': bitterly disappointed.


I felt all artistic and photographic when I got home, and seeing as you wonderful people have yet to see my €6 fake zippo from Barcelona, I took some pretty photos for you (':
Enjoy! If they load anyway..

My Starbucks baby (':

My zippo! (':
Cba to upload the other one, it's a tad crap anyway to be fraaaank. Anyway, I should go and drink coffee and watch my beloved Bad Boys 2. 

Laters my darlings (':

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I'm a tad of a prick.

I'm calling myself a dick and it's the second post in a day. Things are wrong. Or weird, or different, or basically I'm not feeling too chirpy. Sorry guysss :/

Where do I start sweet cheeks? Ahh, lets do this thing in order (;

Dearest Sebastain was online, soooo being the nosey git I am and actually wanting to figure out the whole poem fandango I risked using Facebook chat to ask him. (I really spend FAR too much of my time on Facebook these days, usually joining groups which I join.. then never look at again in my life. Unless they're effing hilarious.) But yeah, asked about the poem.. annddd he said that he still likes me. Pretty much. And misses me etc, all that I thought.. FOR ONCE I WAS RIGHT! 
Right about one thing tonight, totally misread the other.
Soooo, I was like okay then, sound as a pound. So I like hearing that guys like me! What's the issue?! Urgh. But yeah, I like knowing he still likes me.. I was infactuated with him for ages..


About the other guy, WHOA BOY was I wrong :| seriously mistaken there.. Lets move on and forget I ever thought anything like that. I'll live (: Hopefully anyway..


Was on webcam to Charlessssssss (; and decided I looked so shit this was necessary..

Or majorly retarded.. possibly the latter (;

Hope things are gonna be okay with my chum.. I hate being such a prick to screw things up all the sodding time. I NEED HELP. 
Noooo, I know what I need.. Mmmmm. That would do the job (':


I fail at chem (;

Oh my word. I think I've just witnessed a miracle :| my dog was barking at something inanimate outside the window and I cba with noise so I got him to get down from the sofa. And he stayed down... AND.. He looked at me to make sure it was okay for him to go back up (':

Mother nature's a babe.

Weeeell, I've failed organic chemistry :'D I would have done alright.. maybe. If I hadn't forgotten the tiny fact that with alkenes there's a double bloody bond between two carbons. I could'a cried :|. Having said that, it wasn't a proper test, but it's kinda disheartning when you realise you're a failure. Booooo. Got the proper end of module in two weeks, that includes Smith's stuff about Hess's law. And none of you actually care about it (;

I really lost the will to breathe and do any manner of processes required to live last period in English lit doing poetry. Poetry's just really not my thing but heyhooo. 

Whoa Joey's dance is fit (; 

Shame he has the personality of an egg :'D
I do love Facebook for the best and most retarded groups (': the group was actually called "you're fit.. but you have the personality of an egg" but one of the best has to be, "oi slag! the oompa loompa's want their face paint back" (;

Stupid things make me giggle! 

Walking my dogs in the rain was interesting.. typical the same time I decide to walk the dogs round the field it starts raining. Buttt, I did get to dance like a cool person with a brolly but not leaping in puddles cause my stupid welligogs have holes in them. Well one does.. I'm just not sure which flipping one it was. Buggeratiooonn.

Ah got'a love jammies (':

So tired from last night, stayed up texting for a bit, then they fell asleep and I wasn't sure if they had or not so I stayed up waiting.. Only for 10 minutes though, I'm too lazy to wait for longer for some text (; I like waking up to nice texts. Makes me smiiiiiiiile. 
AHA! I have a theory! Maybe Sylvia Plath was ridiculously depressed for like, ALL her life because she didn't live when they had mobiles phones, so couldn't wake up to nice texts! So she decided to hate everything that could do Mrs Nerg, write horrible poetry for poor 6th formers to analyse 40 years later.. Or whenever the daft woman died. It's just so depressing reading her stuff.

AND on the way home! Drivers hate tractors. Pedestrians hate chavs. 
Do you want to walk ANY slower?! Seriously, did you just PLAN to walk in front of me and slow me down when I'm just about unconscious and I want to go homeeeeeee? 

I got home though (': s'all good. Chem homework to finish soooooon, and history, but that's only for Townsend so it can slide. Costa tomorrow 4th in my freeee :D SI!!

Anyway, I must dash, Chandler is my babe (':
Larv' to my homiesss

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

weeeeee.. plop.

Today's been oddness. Critical thinking's such a terrible thing to have first period, it sets you in the mood to sleep for the rest of your life. It's unremisably boring, minus the fact that someone hurried out halfway through 'cause they thought they were gonna hurl.. About the only interesting bit actually. 


Be shocked guysss. 

Biology 3rd was always destined to be an epic fail (; Bromerz trying to make us take a practical seriously is just a joke! She gets ridiculously stressed over anything and everything, resulting in her pure hatred for all things living. All the enzymes are dead in any experiment we do. We've come to accept that everything she's supposed to teach us, we'll just have to teach ourselves out of the textbook that is our biology bible (':
4th.. I can't remember. Ohhh yes, english lit. Way!? Was forced to read the bloody stage directions for a stupidly long scene so I couldn't sleep :/ mean people.

And last failed. I always appear to dread chem lessons now, had a coursework practical to do which turned out to be the most tedious thing known to man, stirring a cup of crap for half an hour. SCORE! Or flipping not.

OH! I so want to go to New York at somepoint in my life! Loads'a people from my 6th form went there in half term for a media trip and the photos on Facebook are so enviable! Odd that I was actually gonna take media for A level, then changed to history. But I love history :D 

Chem test tomorrow.. Kill me please? 
Gracias (;

Reeaally rather out of it atm. Someone's been stalking my facebook a bit too much, silly boy (': blessumssssssss.

Larv' you bunch'a oddballs

Monday, 22 February 2010

i didn't expect that one..

Howdy kid. Last week has been ridiculously confusing, and I miss it.. Not the confusion, I don't tend to like confusion outside of education as well as in it.

But yeah, whole pal thing sorted.. ish. Sometimes I love my friends more than they think (': my special retards. SI?!

Lorna pointed out something fairly important actually, has a pretty good point it's just how to say anything without putting my foot in it.. Subtlety really isn't my speciality :/ blunt as a brick is more my style (':

But blah, that's old..ish news from Wednesday/Sunday.

LATER on Sunday, I fell upon something rather odd. It's nice odd, but still uber confusing again! I'm sure people go out of their way to confuse me these days (;

Oh hang on.. my gum's kinda swollen. Grr.

But yes, Facebook is the worse place to shove things sometimes, especially when bruised exs stumble upon certain things. Not that I'm still infactuated with him, that ended a long, long LONG time ago thank God, if I was still pining over him I don't think I would have bothered doing anything on Wednesday. Either way, the ex has written a poem, I think it's about me, what d'you think?


These words are so unclear, but I can't help but write them down.
I've said so many things and done so much I shouldn't.
But I can't go back on them now..
What they call reality is just like a dream and my dreams just feel so real.
These feelings I have can't and won't go, so I just live with them in fear.
This beast in my heart just wants to break loose and rampage,
But I keep it caged in my heart because I don't want it to harm my loved ones.
The thing I had that made me so happy, I said goodbye to long ago.
What is left is nothingness in my heart.
I called her my Rozyroo, my love. But these things called miles keep us apart, or is it just me being a coward, a fool that just drover her away..
I am a fool I say, and that cliff 5 minutes away seems to call louder every time.
I want to leave reality and live in my dreams but I'm still too much of a coward to even do that.
This is the truth, I can't deny it, should I go to the cliff edge and let that small breeze knock me off.
And finally fly in the sky and crash and burn like the rest of the world.
So I leave it up to you, the ones who read this poem to answer.
Should I leave or stay in this world, because I just don't know..

And yes, I'm Rozyroo.. it's what he used to call me (:

Larvv ;)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

is it too late to turn bulimic?

After last night's gorge on doritos and chocolate, which compared to last weekends food fest looks like chicken shit, I regret eating anything. Let alone stuff that will automatically mean I'll regret it for the next 15 years.

Last night was good though, Charlotteeeeebonk cheerfully abused me, alot. Evil person. I think it may be justified to say she has a foot fettish ;) watched a load of good films, talked. Yawned.. Got punched.. Yeah. She punched me. I was kinda hurt actually. I say kinda, I was. Oh I don't knowwww, I'm not sure I care either at the momentt. Rambling on about stuff which I'm trying to make sound funny isn't really working. I fancy just rattling off my own thoughts actually.

But yeah, needed last night really. 

Sorted out stuff with my chum though which is a bloody relief, not sure why I was so over the top about being bothered.. I mean I am, but now it just seems like nothing. Well not nothing, but doesn't bother me as much now. Maybe I was wrong..

I'm talking utter crap :| and I'm fairly bored. Dreading tomorrow, getting up at stupid o' clock to drag myself somewhere where I really don't fancy going voluntarily. And if it snows again I'll be trudging my way through that for a mile and half.. BRILLOPADS! 

Fuck, not revised any chemistry. 

Inspiration please (:


Saturday, 20 February 2010

good gosh I'm alive.

Alive, yes. Cheerful? Decidedly not.

Why is it such a shame I only deign to rattle away my thoughts on this blog when I'm really rather unbearable down? It's hardly fair. That and the fact that I frankly cba to keep posting pointless drivvle when it's not welcomed nor desired. 


Basically, half term last week, started off by eating my own weight in crap. That was fine until the point where you realise you've piled on 15 stone and immediately want to turn bulimic. I'd also planned to potter on down to the lovely London to see a friend on wednesday, was under the impression it was going to be fantastique and all that goes with it seeing as they'd come to mine a few times already. 
Boy was I mistaken. I mean it started off okay, minus the fact that they neglected to meet me in the right place which meant me surfing the underground on my own. Not that I minded that actually, t'was quite fun and dare I say, liberating. My word if my mother found out she'd go ballistic. Of course she knows nothing of what happened that fateful day, I lied to conceal it from her delicate state, i.e. if she knew she'd never let me go anywhere on my own. 
That's rather beside the point anyway, we got to theirs and it was fine, then started playing poker which was fine, until the point where the point accumulation started to involve less clothes and more STUFF. Blah. So yeah, things happened. To be frank I wasn't thinking of curiosity, I was more thinking that it was rather nice and I really missed having a boyfriend. Urgh, I miss having a bloke. I would make a terrible feminist. 
It was fine, finished poker.. or more finished what we were doing, and I mean rather that I DO still hold onto the shred of dignity/pride/self respect of being a virgin which is a bloody miracle considering. Then things were uber awkward. 

Thennn, blahh, we had food, talked, thought he might be hinting at something, after last night I was clearly wrong. Etc, then he packed me off on the train and I realised what an utter bloody idiot I'd been. Lovely thing about London, no one cares what you're doing on the train so I was at liberty to sniff and let the odd tear trace my cheek. I sound so pathetic.
Either way I thought things were fine, managed to get the right train home: SCORE! Slept so effing well Wednesday night, I might have to travel more often ;D. Hardly heard anything from them Thursday, realisation began to set in that I'd been a pillock. Having said that, Thursday brought pretty snow, too much costa and new clothes which I was in dire need of. Also included uber cute dress of which I LOVE dearly. Then felt completely bummed out when he DID talk to me then ditched me cause he was going out, that seems ridiculous, but after what happened we kinda needed to talk, y'know? Friday was God awful. Everthing went wrong and my word did I look like the most ugly little piggy with gorgeous red, swelling eyes. 

I hate being a teenager sometimes. 

Thank God tonight I get to see Charlotte, I need a pal right now, sick of crap going on and worrying about too much. 

Is it bad I only feel bad because I was played for a complete and utter sodding fool and not because he has a gf? Tbh, I'm not even that pretty nor effing skinny, so why the hell it happened to me I have yet to understand. 

Basically, we're not talking for a while, made me angry that I was such a twat and he didn't seem to care, well he did.. but to me.. blah, just not to the same degree. But the anger made me throw my phone a tad too hard every time I replied to a text and seeing as I don't have a spare, if I broke it I would be fooked. 

ARGH. Help me much?

Oh, and in other news, I have a beautiful new laptop of which I love very very very very very VERY much :D

Ta'taaaaaa. Help me?