Tuesday, 23 February 2010

weeeeee.. plop.

Today's been oddness. Critical thinking's such a terrible thing to have first period, it sets you in the mood to sleep for the rest of your life. It's unremisably boring, minus the fact that someone hurried out halfway through 'cause they thought they were gonna hurl.. About the only interesting bit actually. 


Be shocked guysss. 

Biology 3rd was always destined to be an epic fail (; Bromerz trying to make us take a practical seriously is just a joke! She gets ridiculously stressed over anything and everything, resulting in her pure hatred for all things living. All the enzymes are dead in any experiment we do. We've come to accept that everything she's supposed to teach us, we'll just have to teach ourselves out of the textbook that is our biology bible (':
4th.. I can't remember. Ohhh yes, english lit. Way!? Was forced to read the bloody stage directions for a stupidly long scene so I couldn't sleep :/ mean people.

And last failed. I always appear to dread chem lessons now, had a coursework practical to do which turned out to be the most tedious thing known to man, stirring a cup of crap for half an hour. SCORE! Or flipping not.

OH! I so want to go to New York at somepoint in my life! Loads'a people from my 6th form went there in half term for a media trip and the photos on Facebook are so enviable! Odd that I was actually gonna take media for A level, then changed to history. But I love history :D 

Chem test tomorrow.. Kill me please? 
Gracias (;

Reeaally rather out of it atm. Someone's been stalking my facebook a bit too much, silly boy (': blessumssssssss.

Larv' you bunch'a oddballs

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  1. New York is amazing! And I'm not just saying that because I live there. There's so much crap to do. I recommend Madame Teussad's wax museum and the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (a restaurant based on the movie Forrest Gump, one of the best movies of all time) both of which are in Times Square.


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