Sunday, 21 February 2010

is it too late to turn bulimic?

After last night's gorge on doritos and chocolate, which compared to last weekends food fest looks like chicken shit, I regret eating anything. Let alone stuff that will automatically mean I'll regret it for the next 15 years.

Last night was good though, Charlotteeeeebonk cheerfully abused me, alot. Evil person. I think it may be justified to say she has a foot fettish ;) watched a load of good films, talked. Yawned.. Got punched.. Yeah. She punched me. I was kinda hurt actually. I say kinda, I was. Oh I don't knowwww, I'm not sure I care either at the momentt. Rambling on about stuff which I'm trying to make sound funny isn't really working. I fancy just rattling off my own thoughts actually.

But yeah, needed last night really. 

Sorted out stuff with my chum though which is a bloody relief, not sure why I was so over the top about being bothered.. I mean I am, but now it just seems like nothing. Well not nothing, but doesn't bother me as much now. Maybe I was wrong..

I'm talking utter crap :| and I'm fairly bored. Dreading tomorrow, getting up at stupid o' clock to drag myself somewhere where I really don't fancy going voluntarily. And if it snows again I'll be trudging my way through that for a mile and half.. BRILLOPADS! 

Fuck, not revised any chemistry. 

Inspiration please (:


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