Sunday, 25 July 2010


well thank you so much for that. you've told me not to be so sensitive.
put yourself in my shoes and see how you fucking feel! i cannot believe that you think i can switch so easily. i'm not a fucking yoyo.

despite the fact that you're fine with doing whatever, i'm actually incredibly picky and careful with what i do so do not think that that was just a fucking breeze for me.

you're the biggest twat i know if you seriously think that i'm suddenly going to be cheery if you want forgiveness. you can have forgiveness in exchange for you getting some sense and a castration.

congratulations pal. i'm angry, upset and incredibly hurt. 
good work.

p.s. sorry for the rant. just needed to vent. (:

Thursday, 22 July 2010


SO! sorry i haven't written anything for an absolute age i've discovered that dA requires less effort and i don't have to think about what to write. i have an absolutely FAB work ethic, can you tell?
thank you to all the new followers (: i'll have a look at yours soon, i do promise! 
and.. i can't remember what was making me feel ill in the last post to who asked, possibly the thought of food or exercise? i reckon the latter though, i do rather love food as my appearance shows. 

anyway.. FINALLY on my summer break. i have seriously been waiting for this since exam leave. i hate education for forcing us to go back for 5 sodding weeks. in total i think i turned up for 3 of them? general feeling ew and the lack of energy i had didn't really flow with the work we were *supposed* to do? i see no issue with that. i did the same quiz in two different lessons one day. 
c'est le point?

just sent a friends presents off (: hope they like them otherwise that was a crying waste of money. well, one of them it was. the other two were cheap and cheery (':
hope they don't read this now..

i really do feel rather sleepy. i've watched sherlock holmes 3 times without paying attention at all. it seems quite futile. 
OH i went to borth for 2 days (: rained. alot. buuttt i got some gorgeous photos, in my opinion they're gorgeous anyway. please, please please check my dA? they're all up there and probably better presented.

pretty? (:
it's a bloody shame that the breakers in these photos which are actually gorgeous. i mean they're kinda rotting and falling apart but they have character! they're being torn down to be replaced by some crappy concrete thing. i'm so much less that impressed.
had to take as many photos as i could.
need to go back though when they're still there and take more (:

OH and i have a fat rib but that's a whole other story (:

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


perhaps this is a good thing, things have kinda been ragging on me a tad and frankly the whole idea makes me want to hurl a tad.
right now the very thought just makes me want to hit you with a spade round the freakin' head pal. i can't believe you think that way! okay. now i'm angry. 

i kinda pity the poor guys in town which i scared with my outburst today.
- granted, i had woken up an hour and a half late, had to run to school only to be bored to death for 4 hours by some "futures conference" which seriously made me question the point of turning up. bloody education!

violence never used to be the answer. but right now it seems kinda appropriate?

do we like?

oh gawd i'm shaking like a leaf. maybe i should eat something?
nah. i kinda like the thought of losing weight and going on a health kick. my body does not make me feel good.
and my poor legs are gonna hate me tomorrow. walking furiously, tennis and a workout will not make them happy!

love you spoooon (:

Saturday, 3 July 2010

crack a smile

i don't have an excuse as to why i haven't written to this for ages. i think it boils down to the fact that i'm in love with photography and i simply cba.
despite the fact that i've finished AS education's still trying to plague me by keeping me there another week or two. realisticly i'm skipping the majority of these last two weeks, they're pretty pointless frankly. but anyway. how have you all been?! not that i ever get any replies, but i'm being social.

thanks to the few new followers actually (: 

managed to get out of going to a party tonight. granted it's not really an achievement seeing as i should take as many opportunities as i can, but lorna had a point about a guy being all over me and kinda leaving her on her own. she's my spooner for god's sake. i can hardly leave her (:

in fact the guy bought me flowers the other day 'cause he was a bit of a twat for leaving me when he was supposed to meet me. i think i earnt the "right" to be annoyed about that though. tilton isn't the nicest place in the world.
i actually have so much music that i don't listen to :|
i've finally decided on a course i really want to do at uni! don't want to jinx it though, so y'know. we'll wait and see. 

for christ's sake girl, stop whinging. and stop being a shithead! i'm a pleasant child?
tbh i should get off this and take the opportunity to have an early night seeing as your busy. and i was right about the other night (': why is it when i'm right it's just when i don't want it to be?! urgh.

i cut my hair a tad too short yesterday. it doesn't look terrible or anything, but it's just.. shorter than i've had it for a while. granted with my hair it grows back to the length it was in a few weeks: score!


not actually too sure about this one. opinions?

i should go anyway. on a health kick yeahhhhh. 
i'm determined to lose some of my flab, it's making me feel ridiculously shit lately.

oh hello moth. i should close the windows..
t'ra (: