Wednesday, 7 July 2010


perhaps this is a good thing, things have kinda been ragging on me a tad and frankly the whole idea makes me want to hurl a tad.
right now the very thought just makes me want to hit you with a spade round the freakin' head pal. i can't believe you think that way! okay. now i'm angry. 

i kinda pity the poor guys in town which i scared with my outburst today.
- granted, i had woken up an hour and a half late, had to run to school only to be bored to death for 4 hours by some "futures conference" which seriously made me question the point of turning up. bloody education!

violence never used to be the answer. but right now it seems kinda appropriate?

do we like?

oh gawd i'm shaking like a leaf. maybe i should eat something?
nah. i kinda like the thought of losing weight and going on a health kick. my body does not make me feel good.
and my poor legs are gonna hate me tomorrow. walking furiously, tennis and a workout will not make them happy!

love you spoooon (:


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  2. I wrote it wrong .. anyway homie eat please it's worse if you dont eat, gain more weight after a while. Eat. x

  3. i am eating, just less shit and more fruit. HEALTHY lady (': and i have to say, apples are my new love affair. xx

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  5. Hello ^-^

    What a coincidence, apples are my new love affair, too.
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    - Ellen

  6. Heyy Cute Blog :D

    Follow me and I will follow back :)


  7. im just curious what was makin you wanna hurl?!

  8. I started a new blog! and now i'm following yours again :)
    But t hats besides the point, outbursts are funny, so quit stressing.

  9. first time on ur blog..luved following u..hope so u too would return the favour..try checking out my blog and commenting on the posts..would luv it if u follow me..hope so hear from u soon!!


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