Sunday, 25 July 2010


well thank you so much for that. you've told me not to be so sensitive.
put yourself in my shoes and see how you fucking feel! i cannot believe that you think i can switch so easily. i'm not a fucking yoyo.

despite the fact that you're fine with doing whatever, i'm actually incredibly picky and careful with what i do so do not think that that was just a fucking breeze for me.

you're the biggest twat i know if you seriously think that i'm suddenly going to be cheery if you want forgiveness. you can have forgiveness in exchange for you getting some sense and a castration.

congratulations pal. i'm angry, upset and incredibly hurt. 
good work.

p.s. sorry for the rant. just needed to vent. (:

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  1. Rants are great to read - i feel your emotion (:
    Oh and, yoyos can also be fun (:


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