Sunday, 11 December 2011

essays are the end.

Strange how things pan out really. I meant every word of that last post only to discover he's become one of the worlds biggest wankers. & MacbookPro as much as I love you dearly, when you try and correct "wanker" with "wander" it makes me want to smash you a liiiittle bit. 
It's genuinely turning into more of a freaking lucky escape with the old Courtz. Since he's been at uni the idiot's jumped on the weed wagon, got his pissing nose pierced so he looks like some sort of homosexual bull and adopted the "hanging fag" look. Even my mother's disgusted. Sometimes I full on hate being right. 
Maybe in this case it was a good thing. I've not exactly turned out to be the most innocent kid on the block, won't even try and hide that. 
I've turned into an even bigger of a bitch of a brick wall to argue with lately. Seriously, give me a reason to give you an ear bashing for being a selfish, conceited, disgusting, wankerish cunt, and I'll go right ahead and burst your shit filled bubble. Harsh words, true enough. Unfortunately, there are people that actually fit that description perfectly and have to be told one day. If you're going to pick a fight with me, go ahead pal. I'll give you one. 
One wanker down. Seven billion to go.

Also, not particularly a fan of Bulgarian pedophiles right now. Not since they're vile, stalking, "felt to kiss you" ways became far too pronounced. Seriously, are women not liberated where you come from? Are they not allowed to have a mind of their own or control over anything? Genuinely sickens me that you think you can approach people like that and that you weren't told before just how fucking creepy you are! Love that you can only get the hint once you've full on been told to fuck off. Are men just becoming immune to rejection? Either that or oblivious.
Also not impressed when apparently I can't handle rejection, obviously not when I moved on LONG ago & its you that comes crawling back to me? Blatantly can't hack all that rejection I'm getting! 
Fuck off. Cheers.

Definitely should turn this into a morning debriefing of what goes on the night before. Tempted to start backdating. My entire campus already knows what goes on in my life. Why should everyone else be deprived?!

Giant love. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

my apology

This isn't to anyone on here, it's just something I need to say but I can't say it to who I need to.

I'm sorry for everything I said after, I'm sorry it ended and I'm sorry I was such a dick about it afterwards. I'm sorry I marred what we had and I'm sorry I didn't stop and think. I'm sorry that this is so late coming, I'm sorry I didn't realise how much it hurts until now, I'm sorry for not telling you all of this. I'm sorry if I've hurt you, I'm sorry if you hate me, I'm sorry I couldn't hack it.

You truly did mean the world to me and I'm pretty sure you still mean a pretty large continent. I know I've been a twat, guess it was my way of not feeling sad or hurt about it. Didn't really handle it all that well evidently. 

I'm sorry I assumed stuff, I was wrong to. 

I miss you. & I'm sorry.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Uni Bitch.

Literally am, a uni bitch.
Fuck a duck it's been ages since I came on here. For a start that last post was when I was sucking face with a horse. Eurgh. Things can only get better. In fact they did for a damn good year (: 

Managed to stick it out for a year with Courtney, the darling Billz. Now unfortunately my ex. Shit happens eh? Tbf it was largely the fault of uni that I no longer get to devour that darling bassist. Temptation's a terrible thing, especially when it looks like everything's going down the pan, might as well jump down with it, lets face it.
Just like to point out, I didn't actually cheat on him. Before anyone labels me a complete cow & cheating wanker.

Not gonna lie though, Muslim's that are strangely attractive in the right light are a killer. & also complete shitbags. That sounds bad, but it's more isolated to this particular wang as far as I'm concerned. I didn't even want anything to facking happen at uni! I was happy with the idea that me & Court would carry on, happy as larry and I'd just get to see Bristol eventually. But noooo. Allah's son just had to come on in and screw with my plan.

He's also swiftly on his way out. I can be a dick sometimes, I'll be the first to admit that. Not in an argument perhaps but right now. I'll give you that.

Basically, freshers was amaze. So much alcohol it's untrue. Tequilla's well and truly fucking my life up. Not even kidding, I've done so many dumb things since I arrived in London. I don't exactly regret any of them. If anything it just means I've actually learnt for once in my life! And seriously, that's something of a miracle. 

Deffs happier to be nearer to old friends & made some of the best new ones. 

I'm beginning to sound like an overexcited 13 year old. Not enjoying it. 
Too much has happened to write when I'm this tired, 3 day bender in the middle of term? Can do. But 9am workshops are a fucking killer.

Might actually keep you up to date. Maybes. Depends on the alcohol supply tbf.
Big love.
& a bucket full of soz for being shit in'it.