Thursday, 24 November 2011

my apology

This isn't to anyone on here, it's just something I need to say but I can't say it to who I need to.

I'm sorry for everything I said after, I'm sorry it ended and I'm sorry I was such a dick about it afterwards. I'm sorry I marred what we had and I'm sorry I didn't stop and think. I'm sorry that this is so late coming, I'm sorry I didn't realise how much it hurts until now, I'm sorry for not telling you all of this. I'm sorry if I've hurt you, I'm sorry if you hate me, I'm sorry I couldn't hack it.

You truly did mean the world to me and I'm pretty sure you still mean a pretty large continent. I know I've been a twat, guess it was my way of not feeling sad or hurt about it. Didn't really handle it all that well evidently. 

I'm sorry I assumed stuff, I was wrong to. 

I miss you. & I'm sorry.



  1. I KNOW! Sorry I haven't done, I've been going crazy with uni & my blog slipped from my mind somewhat.
    HOW'RE YOU?!


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