Saturday, 22 August 2009

what is this thing I call a blog ?

By jove Boris, for it has been some time ;D

'Tis true mein fuhrer, I has been away to LANDON town for a few days... And I didn't write much before then anyway xD anyway, when I bumbled on down to London, I didn't get to steal my moms friend's internet and I was knackered enough anyway tbh.
The train down was an effing abomination to be frank.

Okay, about 23 quid to get to London and back isn't bad, but the bloody train down there was terrible. Booked seats, oui. Room for bags/legs/body.. ZILCH. Plus there was a snoozing Chinese guy splayed across the "table" meaning absolutely sod all room to put any bags. Yeah. Thanks Richard Branson -.-

Then it was a mission to get through the gate things with a wheely bag and a packed laptop bag while trying to get the maching to love my loyal Oyster card. But discovered that the South Bank is a lovely place just to amble and enjoy the sun (': although I think an iced latte is not going to be entering my mothers system EVER again. Thats if I don't want her to act like a 3 year old. EAT. does an incredibly strong iced latte, but we did get a normal latte for free.. I love disoranised places ^.^
T'was fun stuff sitting on the South Bank.. Then ambling along one end, I discovered Michael Jackson is in fact alive and performing in the streets of London, and has reverted to his natural skin colour AND hair ;D
On the other end there was a rather cool skate park thing, among the graffitti, the wall was bearing the words of "NEO SUCKS COCK." How lovely. xD
Oh yeah, then guess who got blamed for making us late, because I'm an "alcoholic" I can still handle my drink a hell of alot better than my mom. Tsk. Light weight. (':

Thennn, Wednesday was Southend, a day of coffee consumption, shopping, walking along the pier, struggling with prawns, sunburn, and sweating like a pig on a spit. The train was utterly packed and it takes us half an hour to get to Upminster to get on the Underground then two stops to Hornchurch. T'was fun. Although admittedly COMPLETELY disgusting. I felt as though I should have melted with my eyes staring reproachfully up at everyone from a pool of Rozz.. URGH. It really was essence of human on the train.

Umm, Camden and St James's Park on Thursday, VERY vain squirrels and giggling at foreign persons...

Friday was pretty much a disaster, I think the British Museum is only really good enough for exercise. That and scarring a child for life if you take them into the Egyptian section. Only really enthralling area at all for meee. Then Oxford Street.. Bleh.

Overal, I consumed fuck loads of coffee.. No wonder my head's spinning -.-
And Joshua's probably not talking to me. Sucks a tad. Really is my own fault but y'know, I'm sure it'll work out. Bloody hope it does actually..

But yeah, back from London, train back was confusing but t'was better than the one there :D hopefully going to see Daisy ROOOOO/ ARCHIBOLD at 8 ;D

Tats tardsss <3


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ho hum pugs bum.

Gah, lately everything's been really mixed. Dull, meh, immense, alright, completely climatic, plain boring or crap. I've discovered that Hinckley's not as shite as I thought it was. Granted I'm not completely ruling it out, it's just the simple observation that there are some aspects that are actually quite nice. I mean on Sunday it was amazing with Arch, then Monday I did sod to, Tuesday I was out with Dais again, then today it was just a bit blah. Alot of dithering around really but meh.
Annddd now I just feel kinda down and crappy. I get jealous really easily and I really hate it. It's over the most stupid, rediculous and insignificant things. I mean for effs sake, I get annoyed with Foofs 'cause my mom loves him so darn much. GAH ! He smells as well now. Foofy poop. Disgusting I tell you.

I have also discovered that I have an addiction to washing my hands with alot of soap.. 'Tis odd. Then again I am rather partial to the Carex hand gel stuff. It smells pretty, and makes my hands all soft. Advertising much ?
Bleh, I'm begining to feel abandoned )': sometimes I actually like it a fair bit, and in fact I just want to mope by myself for having far too many "fat days" especially yesterday. Damn you Archibold for taking my YUMYUM virginity. You could have waited until I was anorexic and therefore could afford to eat 5000 calories in one sodding food thing. Now I have to do yoga excessively and I won't be able to walk because my bottom will be aching from being roughly thrust in the air with all the energy I can muster from my bowl of coco rocks. Consumed while watching crap on BBC iplayer.
Thats addictive and all. I mean the amount of daft documentaries that BBC 3 can produce is amazing ! How do they fund it ? Tapping into "celebraties" phone lines ? Oh I think so. Perhaps they should try Gordon Brown..

Gordon Brown's phone call to a sex hotline :

Gordon: "Urm, hello, I want to talk dirty."

Woman: "I'm sorry sir, this is for people who have trouble with sex."

Gordon: "But I want to talk dirty, prostitutes won't go near me, even though I'm a politician"

Woman: "And why do you think that is ?"

Gordon: "I think they saw my attempt at smiling and have realised that there's no point in shagging me because the fat will suffocate them and I'm getting the boot anyway so the pay off will be next to nothing."

Woman: "Hang on, are you Gordon Brown ?"

Gordon: "Bollocks."

Accurate ? Oh I think so. He looks rather like a trout does Gordon. Shows what the people of Britain have turned to, a trout running the country. For God's sake, if you have any sense you would have put me and Arch in for the running at the age of 16.
Reginald and Archibold, changing Britain for the good of people kind.
I think that could work y'know.

Yoga time. Thought cleansing, and trying to get Seb out my head )':



Monday, 10 August 2009

the appalling tart returns !!


Yarp, Rozz is now happy. Her darling Archibold has returned to her arms and thrust her nose roughly into her bosom. I've missed her (': but she's back ^.^ andd today she came to save me from my bed of pain, although I did only get to sleep at 4 becauseee Joshua decided to phone and we had a lovely long chat (:
Last night and today were immenseeee.

Tears came to my eyes when I opened the door to Archi this morning, even though the door proved a bit of a problem when it came to trying to escape the house, GAH ! I'd almost forgotten how tall she is.. Is that bad ?
Bleh, I was, naturally, not ready. Like that's anything new ?!

After 10 minutes of dithering though, and much amusement on Arch's half when I was brushing my teeth. Bloody tart. I was ready to flee my house (': and then the door refused to be locked. I mean for god's sake. That door has a grudge against me because I don't like the pattern of the glass. It's nothing personal, I just think it looks, well, ew. Hmm, so both of us wrestled with the lock, us being Archibold and me, not me and the door. Dear lord, have some sense you rediculous people !

Long trundle into town.. Walked into the road by accident, showed her the indecisive sign, urm, scared a few drivers with our girlish larks, and regressed to the time of GCSE's and JCC. Can't believe she's going to Lutterworth.. )':
Then we got to ASDA. We like melon (': photographic evidence to follow.. It was also an epic adventure of witnessing the obscure fashion that ASDA hoardes. Seiously, it fits right in with the ameoba of Hinckley ;D 'tis fit stuff I tell you. In fact ASDA was the only point at which we were anywhere near healthy on our reunited mission.

Town brought larrrffsssss with the melon (; and abusive calls at the chavs. Good God they're getting shorter and younger. Urghhh. Hahahaaaa, we got weird looks for eating melon ^.^ I love it how people in Hinckley are so stupidly unhealthy, I don't think they know what a melon IS. Perhaps they reckon we're from somewhere sophisticated like Burbage.. They'd be right ;D
We also discovered that there was a family fair fandango thang going on. We moseyed on down and found it utterly crap. There were no screaming kids, no stall owner things yelling stuff like "SELL YOUR CHILD FOR 50p." it was dire. They should try our approach of dancing like prats to no music. We're too cool for them to understand. We've established that much (':
AND helium balloons were 3 quid. THREE QUID. You could whore yourself out for that much and get more pleasure from it. Coffee was only a quid !! The economy's all screwed up.. HA xD

Then, the pure sophisticated teenage awesomeness intelligent things that we are, we ambled over to Hollycroft park. An area neither of us had much ventured in our years, not really sure why actually. Bleh. T'was rather amusing (': the walk there was fun as it was, clambering on walls and advertising property for EBAY and so forth..
In Hollycroft they have a bandstand thing, but with LIVE BANDS !! Opposed to the crappy radio junk they have in the Mead. "Hinckley FM." Dear lord. The world has come down to that !? ARGH !! Anyway, it was the whole show tunes scene, t'was amusing grooving to "no business like show business" then almost falling in a stream. I say stream, it was a trickle. And there was a bridge to get over it. Haaaa.
We ended up on this gold course thing, it's the kinda course bored parents take unwilling kids to get them away from the TV. I was dragged there once actually, I think I tried to escape through a hedge.. I got caught though. Darn. I was about as sneaky as a brick in a glass of water. We also found that some trees get special attention with tree suspenders. Again, photographic evidence, but it's on facebook. Just find me on there, so much simpler 'cause I'm being lazy :D The suspenders came in uber handy actually, it was a decent tripod for my phone. We have hot videos. They make me giggle ALOT. Such larks we had leaping into eachothers arms and fighting with twigs (': More to come, I swear..

Then we walked all the way home singing stuff from Sweeny Todd. <3
T'was immense I tell you (': You may think us retarded, only the intelligent and fellow uber cool awesome people will understand that we really are freakishly amazing.
I'm glad Daisss is back. I love her (': And Archibold for that matter. And David.
(And they're all the same person..)
I hate technology sometimes though. I can't rotate the effing video clips )': GAH ! That will be done tomorrow.. hopefully !



Sunday, 9 August 2009

blah blahhh, hit me with music ;D

Dum di dum dooby da dayyy.

Feeling happy ? I reckon so (': it has been a while. Hang on, no. That sounds relatively depressing which I'm not particuarly liking to be frank. But oui, I am rather happy right noww, it works for me is all I can say. Yoga outside and screaming at random bugs and flies that pounce on me while my buttocks is suspended in mid air as I'm struggling to breathe. Haaaa, no one can say yoga is useless. It might prove a very effective method for suicide.

Ha, talking of suicide, myself and Sam were debating August 27th. The day national rail will remember as the mass slaughter of teenagers on the Hinckley and Bosworth country rail tracks. Yarp, the 27th being the inevitable results day for GCSE. Granted it's not the end of the world if the majority fail epicly, most of them are dropping out and either turning to on going drug addiction or prostitution ;D failing that, college, or are returning to the hideous JC for 6th form. The smart ones like Daaiissss are going to Lutterworth 6th form. Appalling tart. Anyway, I think it was fate that decided to place the train tracks along side a place of "education" where most will be utterly depressed or be facing slaughter when they return home from recieving results. Instead of being killed at home, they commit suicide ! Sound like a plan much ?

Mmm, Nickelback - Never gonna be alone. 'Tis good stuff I tells you. In fact I'm really getting into the whole indie scene lately, I guess it hopes that most of my friends listen to stuff like that. But it's partly due to the fear that I'm going to turn into my brother who, after my haircut, now has longer hair than me :| yes, he looks like Jesus. Anyway, I just don't want to turn into an Iron Maiden type person. He's put me off.

And I've just realised I can't, for the life of me, remember where I put my phone.. Bugger.

Hmm, I'm not sure about Kasabian actually. It seems really mainstream and confused.. Maybe that's just me. HA ! Oh, and I was wrong. I just found my phone underneath my leg. Shows how observant I am at 12:32am. Then again I have been on a treck round Burbage woods with Sam and done alot of yoga, and done manic jumping when Daisy told me she was bringing her tarty self round mine tomorrow 'cause she's BAAAACCKKKKKK xD

Yep. I'm happy alright ^.^

Annnddd things with Joshua are alot better, thank God (': and on the 17th Cameron McD-B should be coming to seee meeeeeee (': AND I go to London on the 18th. Hopefully it's going to be good, I'm going to give being more cooprative a whirl. I mean I try, but being the more calm(ish) and urm.. healthy ? Rozz, I think I should try, for my mom's sake if nothing else. It IS her best friends and I should be more grateful :\

I feel so diplomatic ! Maybe MP's should take up yoga.. and belief in Karma (':

I'm also being more sensible with my money, AND I might be able to get a darn job soon ! I really hope I can get it actually. I don't particuarly care what I have to do, apart from whore myself out or do something completely disgusting, but I neeed money ! I have too much to get for 6th form, for my own good, and simply because I want things. Hello selfishnesss (':

Having said that, my dogs now love me (': possibly because I walked them round the field like 5 times the other day, and when it was wet I lobbed towels on them and took amusing photos, (see right.) and because I brushed and played with them. Actually, I found out that Fergus Foo Foo, or Foofs as I now call him, refuses to walk through water. What a girl ^.^

Oh but I do love the fools (':

Btw, you may have noticed I've asked a homie of mine to put a photo of a pedestrians sign up. That would be because it's incredibly indecisive, I found it amusing, I walked past it about 15 times before I actually took a photo of it, and I felt a total pillock stopping in the middle of the road with cars all around to take it. Gah, who cares ?!

Sleeeep wants me. Or rather Joshua and Cameron McD-B want to talk to me (':



Saturday, 8 August 2009

swiss cheese. gah ?

to be frank I feel at a bit of a loss.

I've discovered I'm near petrified of wasps for one. that's mainly because I got stung by one a few weeks ago and my food looked like an elephants proud backside. t'was nasty actually. I still have the sting or something like it floating around my body somewhere. I don't liiiike it. and I had one in my room this morning :| I felt like a friggin' idiot running round my room screaming blue murder at it. GAH !

and oh my holy lordy loo, a 24 year old Scottish prat is trying to chat me up. for the love of daylight, this is painful. PAINFUL I tell you. he looks like a drug addict. I'm slightly concerned. bleh. talking of chatting up, kinda, CR was supposed to come round yesterday morning to give me a darn hug. Thursday was not a good day, I felt a tad low. so yeah. he never turned up though. how pleasant ehh ?

on a positive note, my darling DAISYYY, or Archibold is coming homeeee to butt rape me (': my lord I can't wait to see the tart. I haven't seen her for like a week. I need to see my tart (': saw Sam actually today, only decent weather we've had all week, but I kinda like the rain tbh. anyway, had a nice amble round Burbage woods and town, then sat on the golf course for a bit ^.^ t'was good.

darn, I've started eating peanuts again. VERY bad. I need to go and do more yoga outside for a bit. I prefer it to doing it in my room, more freeeee and calming I like to think (': and I thought I'd lost my cuppa teaa then. but no, heart attack over, was on my table all alongg *giggles stupidly*

unfortunately things with Joshua aren't that great at all :\ I mean we tried talking properly last night, but to me it still seemed stupidly forced. I mean I know I'm not exactly helping, it's stupid really. but meh. I guess we can only try and work on it. Gah !

and Cameron McD-B hasn't been too well lately )': just wanna go and hug him to be frank. would be nice to see him again, I don't like my friends being ill, especially not my nerd. s'not good.

riiight, I'm going to go and do some yoga, well, once my stomachs near empty. if I do it not long after eating, it's liable to provoke vomiting. urgh. disgusting huh ? in fact yoga kinda kills the majority of my appetite. xD I liiike it actually. my lord I'm shallow :L ahh well.

back sooooon for a decent post


Thursday, 6 August 2009

feeling like a fruit salad..

I really do feel like a fruit salad. well, if not a fruit one, perhaps just a normal one. basically my feelings are bumbling about all over the shop. 'cause earlier I was fairly cheery before I got home, or halfway home anyway, despite the fact that it had decided to rain and I was wearing a thin top which is about 2 sizes too big for me as I got it years ago, and a skirt. hmm. not a smart idea.

so yeah, got home and was feeling crappy. then changed into comfy jimjams which could have answered all my problems, but inevitably a headache that could wrestle with a metal chastitiy belt invaded my head. I could have screamed. plus nurofen failed epicly to work as well as it usually does. darn it.

gah, but then I decided to be a nice daughter and all, so took my demented puppies, well, teenage shelties, down to the field for a manic walk. bless them, they really are so adorable. I was reminded why I loved them so much when, completely soaked, they proceeded to knock me over and leap on me in the long grass (': then they were begging to be dried once we'd swam back up to the house. this provided an excellent chance to get some photos of Roly Poly Rosie and Fergus Foo Foo. also discovered Rosie is surprisingly camera shy. tad odd really..

so if I can beg one of my darling friends to upload a picture of the pair of them in their towels, you'll see how sweet they can be... on occassion anyway (':

I'm growing attatched to walking in the rain, it seems addictive. almost hope it rains tomorrow.. ha. I feel bad actually, I was supposed to meet Jodi in town at 11 today, I slept in, typically, and actually woke up at 11. well, 10:59 if you want to be precise. first words of waking up were.. "SHIT I'M LATE :|" and then a manic scramble to find clothes, straightners, and coffee.
did finally get there for about 12 though, I don't think I did too badly actually.. ah well. t'was a good day (': abusing the many chavs that litter the main street of Hinckley. fun stuff I tells you.

I also found this hair putty stuff, I think it was originally meant for my mom's hair actually. hers is a really short cut and when she had it styled it was done with some styling junk. anyway, I decided to experiment with it and have achieved a kinda messy, just woke up sort of look.. I like it (':

I have also started to do some of the transission work for 6th form. not exactly willingly, I shall admit, but I do need to do it. especially the whole reading of Jane Eyre. GAH !! I will do it ! I will.. but the only stuff I'm actually willing to do is the history. maybe it's the fact that Stefaniak's my teacher and I know she'll break both my legs if I don't, but I respect her in an odd way. ha. ah well..

Yoga beckons in any case, mm, candles ^.^



Wednesday, 5 August 2009

au natural ? yes pleaseeee.

she wants to touch me woooo ooooo
she wants to love me woooo ooooo
she'll never leave me wooo ooo woooo ooooooooo...

I think I rather like that song actually. 3OH3 - don't trust me. 'tis good stuff. the lyrics are kinda intruiging, but only if your listening to it on repeat like the sad girl I am (': that and your being philosophical and OHHMMMing loudly, deeply, and heartily. yes. I was listening to it when I was doing yoga. t'was rather fun actually ^.^ I think the people of Great Britain should try it some day.

ARGH. I really should not go back through my posts to check for spelling cock ups and grammar fails. hmm. oh I really can't be bothered at the moment. I'm feeling free and calm and I want to rock out like a tard on LSD. that seems like a plan actually..

the moon looks pretty tonight (': well, pretty and mysterious. I was gazing aimlessly out my window in between doing yoga and lighting my many candles. which, might I add, look lovely now my room's nice and tiday. and clean ! getting back to the point, the moon's part hidden behind smoky clouds.. the wonders of natureee (': never ceases to amaze me. but then again, neither does technology. my internet manages to get crapper by the minute !!

haaa, earlier right, I went downstairs to make myself a well earned cuppa coffeeeee after dragging the vacuum, duster, and MR MUSCLE around my room, so off did I trundle downstairs the the kitchen. the kettle, or blender as Joshua calls it. (utter tard. and lesbian.) had just about finished boiling, and the large bottomed buffoon I'm ashamed to call my father walks in the back door.
fantastic. just what i want when i was singing to myself.
he grunts. he doesn't actually talk to me, he merely reverts back to our dear ancestors, the cavemen. (SO sophisticated I tell you..) he now only speaks caveman to me. gah. even the dogs recieve more syllabols than me !

then again..
he does hate me :\ gah ! who caressss ?!

oooo, today I was reminded of another epic band that I'd forgotten about, mainly because I couldn't find any torrents for them on isohunt. isohunt is getting less and less useful to me lately tbh. when I was hunting for a torrent for Royworld, there was sweet sod all on it. but yeah, thanks to Cameron A, I now have an album of Go:Audio. I <3 them.

so today I've rather enjoyed cleaning (urghhh) and rocking out. although it's hardly rocking out. but BLEEEHHHH. 'tis my opproximation of it ;D works for me. no one else has to listen. apart from the wonderful neighbours of mine who listened to it, maybe slightly resentfully as I had it on full blast from my tinny little laptop. which is alot less than tinny actually.. be warned.

it's a DELL.

away from the irritation and wonders of technology.

I'm feeling the natural look. well, the natural and wear what you like look. to be frankk, I really don't see the point in piling on make up with a shovel. I don't even know what to do with foundation for christs' sake. apart from maybe cement bricks together with it.. where's S when you need her ? tard.
does make me giggle when people turn out orange when they're wearing it. i go for the powderrr (Y) bish bash bosh, your face looks.. normal ;D

oh god, I've just realised I get my GCSE results in a few weeks. crap. I don't even know what time I'm expected to turn up at friggin' JC.

where's Archibold when I need him ?!
oh. in Cornwall. that's where. GAAAHHHH. I need him )':

darn, my piercing's gone slightly crusty. ew.

LOTION !!! gimmie bitch ;D



haaa i have a sore bum..

don't ask me why i decided to enlighten you all to the fact that i have bottom strain, but i thought you may enjoy it (': i'm also having another Die Hard fest, 'tis good stuff.. anddd i'm going to ask one of my homies to upload a photo of me and my new haiirrrr onto here (: cause it seems alot shorter to me but y'knowww.

my head feels lighter ! i might grow now because i don't have loads of hair pulling me down. oh i feel so freee (': hmm, my legs are feeling hairy though :\ i think this means time to blitz them. gah. 'tis effort looking this appalling my darlings, i really don't advise you try it ;D

arwww, in Die Hard there's this german bloke who's dressed like a ballerina and has a manbag ^.^ 'tis so sweet. he's like Hitler's ideal man candy though. blonde hair, MANLY (barr the handbag) and tall. i think he even has blue eyes ! Hitler's left bollock is probably stalking him as we speak.. what a lovely image that provokes..

urghhh, it's probably leaving a trail of sperm

i feel slightly ill )': but then again, it is actually my own fault for thinking of Hitler and his disembodied testicle.. reminds me of the exhibition at the Hayward gallery.. that and something i saw on Rhian's blog.. about kitty Hitlers ^.^ i thought they were quite adorable.. and i wonder if they continue the trend of having on testicle.. the boy ones anyway. haaaaaa..

mm, i have lovely curly hair atm.. it actually looks quite pretty (':

and i want to go and have a lovely long walk in the raaaiiiin.. i'm feeling the kinda moochy moody kinda thing atm (: especially as my msn's pretty much broken, my internet's being a tard, and i'm tiring of watching the Die Hard quartet. the language gets daft after a while. bit like Lee Evans really.

i need to get fit. and slightly skinnier. podge isn't too attractive :\ not on me anyway. i'm too short for it. haaaa. but yeah, s'not good being big. gahh, one day, i will be hot ;D

haaaa, a man just got shot through a table and into his balls (': how darn pleasant ehh ? and my mom wonders why i may have a fairly twisted sense of humour. yet i still manage to be incredibly witty and wonderfully sarcastic :D i had an immense upbringing y'knowww (':

hmm, i think i'm going to make some coffeeee..



Tuesday, 4 August 2009

OHHHHMMMMMM.. am i feeling calm ?

well actually yes, i AM feeling calm. as much as i giggle at the prospect of yago and sticking my arse in the air while trying to think of lotus flowers and being nice to tramps, it is actually rather good. although in all honesty, i'm not really doing it for the calmness and health reasons. i'm doing it purely out of selfishness to help with my image.


gah. i don't careee.. i still get a giggle when doing the "full breath". mainly because i go off balance and catapult myself into my wardrobe (': fun times i tell you. the "full twist" is also rather amusing, it hurts. alot. but the way you do it is class. or the position called "leg over" haaaaa. ohh and i don't actually have enough room to do that, but basically i watch my leg rise up, it's like something out of Men In Black.. then collide into my radiator, or my bed. i need a bigger room damn it.

i must apologise for neglecting my blog, the issue with Joshua's misses kinda clouded my creative side and i could not write for frigging ben & jerry's. however now, fueled with thoughts of manipulating my body into VERY compromising positions and coco rocks. as well as oasis (drink, not band) and my newly cropped locks. I FEEL EXPRESSIVE.. and artistic mannnnn (':

the Rozz you all know and.. well, hardly love, but read her pointless blogs.. has returned !! :D i think this is an emotional time for us all (':

i also have a new addition to the Freak household. (me and my darling mom have established that we are the house of freaks. for the sole reason that she's mother freak, yours truly is offspring freak, fergus thinks he's a girl meaning HE's a freak. and rosie acts like a man. so she's a freak xD got it ?) but yeahhh, our new family member, is Gerald the vacuum.
i don't know why he's called Gerald, but it's what i called it when i was manically thrusting the head thing over the carpet in the conservatory. i was also laughing uncontrollably and i'm not sure why. hmm, maybe i need a psychiatrist..
but yes, since the demise of our old and beloved hoover which has gone the the dust bag of life in the sky, i had to lug our sparkly new one home and me and mom took great joy in ripping open the box. it was like christmas all over again (': only good ^.^

so yeah, i gave the dear thing a whirl today, and i have to say, for a guy, he sucks rather well. and no, i'm not talking about Cameron McD-B, nor Cameron A for that matter. but he does the job good and proper so it was well worth however much my mom spent on the bloody thing ;D

good times ehhh ?

oh, and i did kinda go in a major strop with Joshua over the whole thing with his girlfriend. i stand by the fact that it's utterly rediculous. but bleh. some people just won't be told -.-
riiiight, i need to do some more yoga (OOOHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM) urmm, make a healthy nutricious dinner (beans on toast) to stop me dying (HA.) annndd then do a whole lot of other crap before i can finally collapse onto my bed and sleep happily.

i also need to write to my other blogs. darnnn it. 'tis such a hard life being a blog addict and a rather witty and amusing teenager in this day and age..



Saturday, 1 August 2009

am i going completely mad !?

"maybe.. you are."
ohh dear. i have watched hot fuzz.


SHUT UP ROZZ. the only reason i feel i'm going completely insaneee, is because there is this fly in my room. it's not any dim witted, spacially unaware, pathetic, annoying, disease carrying, (SWINE FLUUU) pain in the arse fly. it knows things. i mean it. it's been lurking in my room all day, and as soon as i plonk my buttocks onto my bed, it decides to come and dance over the screen of my laptop, oblivious to my screams of abuse and wildly flailing arms, it continues to hover and buzz over my face.

grr. annoyance.

oh dear lord.. i think it's gone *dances like a fool in jimjams* well i hope it has anyway. 'tis annoying when it tries to feast on my hair. rather disturbing as well to be frank.. my god i'm feeling chirpy :D i'm like a fly on LSD.. haaaa i'm buzzing.. d'you get it ?!?! fly.. buzzing.. LSD.. ahh i'm so funny. i love Russel Howard..

hahahaaaaaaaaa, i'm starting yoga. i'm going to be all bendy and flexible and calm. OHHHMMMM. and my arms still hurt.. and i'm catching up on new tricks on bbc iplayer, and texting Cameron and Luke and just been talking to Sebastin on bebo email. it's actually nice to talk to him. i think i'm finally getting over him and it's really nice to talk to him as a friend. it's a relief really. would be nice to see him, but we'll see how things go really. it does cost a bomb to meet up.

and i'm going to London in 17 days ! but more recently, i have a meal to go to for my dear grandypops birthday tomorrow. i look a shambles and i need to wash my hair. and figure out what to wear actually.. i might just turn up in my skinnies and vegesaurus top (': i love that top, although it provokes attacks by over eager veggies. in fact i'm not actually a veggie, i just like the top. however, if it wasn't for chicken and fish, i would be a vegeatarian. the rest of the meat thats available i can't eat. i'm just too picky. hopefully tomorrow will be fun though.

and i'm talking to my lesbian Joshua !!!!!!!!!!!! oh i love that freak (': i feel so happy for no reason. i love coffee and coco rocks, they give you these ultimate highs ! I MUST FETCH COCO ROCKS HOMIES !!! come join me if you dare.. i downloaded the llama song specially ^.^

i'm so happy !!!

latersss babessss


lord of the raindrops.

hahahahaaaaa ! as you can see, i have been very clever and changed the title of a well known book.. ish. into a more appropriate and accurate description of the Birtish weather. lord of the flies applies to Africa. and Scotland. whereas here in England.. we get rain :D lovely, lovely rain. well it's lovely until it gets rediculous and starts to blind you like i just have.

i wouldn't have minded to be frank, i have discovered i don't look too bad with wet hair plastered to my head. however my arms are currently refusing to work, and it's not good. basically, after many years of loyal and devoted service to our carpets, our beloved miele vacuum cleaner, has finally popped it's clogs and ambled off to OZ. nope, i mean the big hoover bin of life. meaning that my bedroom floor remains covered in fluff and whatever else might be found on it and my mom has finally decided to invest in a new dust sucker.
dirty sod.

as happy as i am that we have a pretty new hoover (cat & dog, autumn red.. VERY this season (': ..) it meant i had to carry it from the bloody shop, which is down the very bottom of the main street, up the main street which is uphill, across the mead, and to the car park which is supposed to be for people going to the clinic thing, but because we're poor we go there because it's free xD
and i assure you. the hoover, is NOT light. my biceps, triceps and quadceps are absolutely killing me. when i fell into the car, i couldn't move my arms. and it's almost worse now. i look like i'm a severe alcoholic the amount i'm shaking, i don't advise making a cup of coffee and trying to drink it.. i've just made that mistake.

i bloody hope my mom appreciates the cup of tea i've just made her. it took a heck of alot of self control to guide the milk into the cups without it going anywhere. and i'm utterly soaked through. even my knickers are wet. and for you dirty minded people. shut up.


i think i've deserved a well earned day doing nothing now. i love my jimjams. they are so darn comfy (': i should try wearing them to 6th form. i might get some odd looks and it might mean i nod off during class, but at least i'll be cosy (:

urgghhhh, i feel sick. and i feel like a fatty. first time i've had chocolate for ages. i know i said on my DIY diet, that i wasn't allowing myself any, but what i didn't mention is that i was actually going to allow myself some once every month or something. so basically i've had my dosage of chocolate for July AND August. bugger.

haaa, i showed my mommy the llama song ^.^ i have also downloaded it, and i sent both Courtney and Daisy a text with the WHOLE lyrics on it (':

aaannnnndddd, although you may have noted in my previous post, i was rather down, Joshua my lesbiaannnnn rang me last night and we had a very healthy chat of about 3 hours :D t'was good.. i missed the frigging tart (': i can't wait to see him in augustttt.. hopefully xD failing that, febuary. thats if my mom allows it, i'll have to soften the old bird up (: i do love her. i'm feeling a tad hyper. might be the hazelnuts.. hmm.

i'm going to carry on shaking like an addict of something. probably caffine, that seems most realistic for me tbh. and i need to drink coffee. and oasis. and eat coco rocks. and watch hot fuzz. mmmmm, hot fuzz *salivates* i can't believe i'm salivating over a film :| i want to salivate over coffee and coco rocks.. mmmm. i was salivating over them anyway :D