Wednesday, 5 August 2009

haaa i have a sore bum..

don't ask me why i decided to enlighten you all to the fact that i have bottom strain, but i thought you may enjoy it (': i'm also having another Die Hard fest, 'tis good stuff.. anddd i'm going to ask one of my homies to upload a photo of me and my new haiirrrr onto here (: cause it seems alot shorter to me but y'knowww.

my head feels lighter ! i might grow now because i don't have loads of hair pulling me down. oh i feel so freee (': hmm, my legs are feeling hairy though :\ i think this means time to blitz them. gah. 'tis effort looking this appalling my darlings, i really don't advise you try it ;D

arwww, in Die Hard there's this german bloke who's dressed like a ballerina and has a manbag ^.^ 'tis so sweet. he's like Hitler's ideal man candy though. blonde hair, MANLY (barr the handbag) and tall. i think he even has blue eyes ! Hitler's left bollock is probably stalking him as we speak.. what a lovely image that provokes..

urghhh, it's probably leaving a trail of sperm

i feel slightly ill )': but then again, it is actually my own fault for thinking of Hitler and his disembodied testicle.. reminds me of the exhibition at the Hayward gallery.. that and something i saw on Rhian's blog.. about kitty Hitlers ^.^ i thought they were quite adorable.. and i wonder if they continue the trend of having on testicle.. the boy ones anyway. haaaaaa..

mm, i have lovely curly hair atm.. it actually looks quite pretty (':

and i want to go and have a lovely long walk in the raaaiiiin.. i'm feeling the kinda moochy moody kinda thing atm (: especially as my msn's pretty much broken, my internet's being a tard, and i'm tiring of watching the Die Hard quartet. the language gets daft after a while. bit like Lee Evans really.

i need to get fit. and slightly skinnier. podge isn't too attractive :\ not on me anyway. i'm too short for it. haaaa. but yeah, s'not good being big. gahh, one day, i will be hot ;D

haaaa, a man just got shot through a table and into his balls (': how darn pleasant ehh ? and my mom wonders why i may have a fairly twisted sense of humour. yet i still manage to be incredibly witty and wonderfully sarcastic :D i had an immense upbringing y'knowww (':

hmm, i think i'm going to make some coffeeee..



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