Saturday, 22 August 2009

what is this thing I call a blog ?

By jove Boris, for it has been some time ;D

'Tis true mein fuhrer, I has been away to LANDON town for a few days... And I didn't write much before then anyway xD anyway, when I bumbled on down to London, I didn't get to steal my moms friend's internet and I was knackered enough anyway tbh.
The train down was an effing abomination to be frank.

Okay, about 23 quid to get to London and back isn't bad, but the bloody train down there was terrible. Booked seats, oui. Room for bags/legs/body.. ZILCH. Plus there was a snoozing Chinese guy splayed across the "table" meaning absolutely sod all room to put any bags. Yeah. Thanks Richard Branson -.-

Then it was a mission to get through the gate things with a wheely bag and a packed laptop bag while trying to get the maching to love my loyal Oyster card. But discovered that the South Bank is a lovely place just to amble and enjoy the sun (': although I think an iced latte is not going to be entering my mothers system EVER again. Thats if I don't want her to act like a 3 year old. EAT. does an incredibly strong iced latte, but we did get a normal latte for free.. I love disoranised places ^.^
T'was fun stuff sitting on the South Bank.. Then ambling along one end, I discovered Michael Jackson is in fact alive and performing in the streets of London, and has reverted to his natural skin colour AND hair ;D
On the other end there was a rather cool skate park thing, among the graffitti, the wall was bearing the words of "NEO SUCKS COCK." How lovely. xD
Oh yeah, then guess who got blamed for making us late, because I'm an "alcoholic" I can still handle my drink a hell of alot better than my mom. Tsk. Light weight. (':

Thennn, Wednesday was Southend, a day of coffee consumption, shopping, walking along the pier, struggling with prawns, sunburn, and sweating like a pig on a spit. The train was utterly packed and it takes us half an hour to get to Upminster to get on the Underground then two stops to Hornchurch. T'was fun. Although admittedly COMPLETELY disgusting. I felt as though I should have melted with my eyes staring reproachfully up at everyone from a pool of Rozz.. URGH. It really was essence of human on the train.

Umm, Camden and St James's Park on Thursday, VERY vain squirrels and giggling at foreign persons...

Friday was pretty much a disaster, I think the British Museum is only really good enough for exercise. That and scarring a child for life if you take them into the Egyptian section. Only really enthralling area at all for meee. Then Oxford Street.. Bleh.

Overal, I consumed fuck loads of coffee.. No wonder my head's spinning -.-
And Joshua's probably not talking to me. Sucks a tad. Really is my own fault but y'know, I'm sure it'll work out. Bloody hope it does actually..

But yeah, back from London, train back was confusing but t'was better than the one there :D hopefully going to see Daisy ROOOOO/ ARCHIBOLD at 8 ;D

Tats tardsss <3


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