Saturday, 8 August 2009

swiss cheese. gah ?

to be frank I feel at a bit of a loss.

I've discovered I'm near petrified of wasps for one. that's mainly because I got stung by one a few weeks ago and my food looked like an elephants proud backside. t'was nasty actually. I still have the sting or something like it floating around my body somewhere. I don't liiiike it. and I had one in my room this morning :| I felt like a friggin' idiot running round my room screaming blue murder at it. GAH !

and oh my holy lordy loo, a 24 year old Scottish prat is trying to chat me up. for the love of daylight, this is painful. PAINFUL I tell you. he looks like a drug addict. I'm slightly concerned. bleh. talking of chatting up, kinda, CR was supposed to come round yesterday morning to give me a darn hug. Thursday was not a good day, I felt a tad low. so yeah. he never turned up though. how pleasant ehh ?

on a positive note, my darling DAISYYY, or Archibold is coming homeeee to butt rape me (': my lord I can't wait to see the tart. I haven't seen her for like a week. I need to see my tart (': saw Sam actually today, only decent weather we've had all week, but I kinda like the rain tbh. anyway, had a nice amble round Burbage woods and town, then sat on the golf course for a bit ^.^ t'was good.

darn, I've started eating peanuts again. VERY bad. I need to go and do more yoga outside for a bit. I prefer it to doing it in my room, more freeeee and calming I like to think (': and I thought I'd lost my cuppa teaa then. but no, heart attack over, was on my table all alongg *giggles stupidly*

unfortunately things with Joshua aren't that great at all :\ I mean we tried talking properly last night, but to me it still seemed stupidly forced. I mean I know I'm not exactly helping, it's stupid really. but meh. I guess we can only try and work on it. Gah !

and Cameron McD-B hasn't been too well lately )': just wanna go and hug him to be frank. would be nice to see him again, I don't like my friends being ill, especially not my nerd. s'not good.

riiight, I'm going to go and do some yoga, well, once my stomachs near empty. if I do it not long after eating, it's liable to provoke vomiting. urgh. disgusting huh ? in fact yoga kinda kills the majority of my appetite. xD I liiike it actually. my lord I'm shallow :L ahh well.

back sooooon for a decent post


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