Wednesday, 5 August 2009

au natural ? yes pleaseeee.

she wants to touch me woooo ooooo
she wants to love me woooo ooooo
she'll never leave me wooo ooo woooo ooooooooo...

I think I rather like that song actually. 3OH3 - don't trust me. 'tis good stuff. the lyrics are kinda intruiging, but only if your listening to it on repeat like the sad girl I am (': that and your being philosophical and OHHMMMing loudly, deeply, and heartily. yes. I was listening to it when I was doing yoga. t'was rather fun actually ^.^ I think the people of Great Britain should try it some day.

ARGH. I really should not go back through my posts to check for spelling cock ups and grammar fails. hmm. oh I really can't be bothered at the moment. I'm feeling free and calm and I want to rock out like a tard on LSD. that seems like a plan actually..

the moon looks pretty tonight (': well, pretty and mysterious. I was gazing aimlessly out my window in between doing yoga and lighting my many candles. which, might I add, look lovely now my room's nice and tiday. and clean ! getting back to the point, the moon's part hidden behind smoky clouds.. the wonders of natureee (': never ceases to amaze me. but then again, neither does technology. my internet manages to get crapper by the minute !!

haaa, earlier right, I went downstairs to make myself a well earned cuppa coffeeeee after dragging the vacuum, duster, and MR MUSCLE around my room, so off did I trundle downstairs the the kitchen. the kettle, or blender as Joshua calls it. (utter tard. and lesbian.) had just about finished boiling, and the large bottomed buffoon I'm ashamed to call my father walks in the back door.
fantastic. just what i want when i was singing to myself.
he grunts. he doesn't actually talk to me, he merely reverts back to our dear ancestors, the cavemen. (SO sophisticated I tell you..) he now only speaks caveman to me. gah. even the dogs recieve more syllabols than me !

then again..
he does hate me :\ gah ! who caressss ?!

oooo, today I was reminded of another epic band that I'd forgotten about, mainly because I couldn't find any torrents for them on isohunt. isohunt is getting less and less useful to me lately tbh. when I was hunting for a torrent for Royworld, there was sweet sod all on it. but yeah, thanks to Cameron A, I now have an album of Go:Audio. I <3 them.

so today I've rather enjoyed cleaning (urghhh) and rocking out. although it's hardly rocking out. but BLEEEHHHH. 'tis my opproximation of it ;D works for me. no one else has to listen. apart from the wonderful neighbours of mine who listened to it, maybe slightly resentfully as I had it on full blast from my tinny little laptop. which is alot less than tinny actually.. be warned.

it's a DELL.

away from the irritation and wonders of technology.

I'm feeling the natural look. well, the natural and wear what you like look. to be frankk, I really don't see the point in piling on make up with a shovel. I don't even know what to do with foundation for christs' sake. apart from maybe cement bricks together with it.. where's S when you need her ? tard.
does make me giggle when people turn out orange when they're wearing it. i go for the powderrr (Y) bish bash bosh, your face looks.. normal ;D

oh god, I've just realised I get my GCSE results in a few weeks. crap. I don't even know what time I'm expected to turn up at friggin' JC.

where's Archibold when I need him ?!
oh. in Cornwall. that's where. GAAAHHHH. I need him )':

darn, my piercing's gone slightly crusty. ew.

LOTION !!! gimmie bitch ;D



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