Saturday, 1 August 2009

am i going completely mad !?

"maybe.. you are."
ohh dear. i have watched hot fuzz.


SHUT UP ROZZ. the only reason i feel i'm going completely insaneee, is because there is this fly in my room. it's not any dim witted, spacially unaware, pathetic, annoying, disease carrying, (SWINE FLUUU) pain in the arse fly. it knows things. i mean it. it's been lurking in my room all day, and as soon as i plonk my buttocks onto my bed, it decides to come and dance over the screen of my laptop, oblivious to my screams of abuse and wildly flailing arms, it continues to hover and buzz over my face.

grr. annoyance.

oh dear lord.. i think it's gone *dances like a fool in jimjams* well i hope it has anyway. 'tis annoying when it tries to feast on my hair. rather disturbing as well to be frank.. my god i'm feeling chirpy :D i'm like a fly on LSD.. haaaa i'm buzzing.. d'you get it ?!?! fly.. buzzing.. LSD.. ahh i'm so funny. i love Russel Howard..

hahahaaaaaaaaa, i'm starting yoga. i'm going to be all bendy and flexible and calm. OHHHMMMM. and my arms still hurt.. and i'm catching up on new tricks on bbc iplayer, and texting Cameron and Luke and just been talking to Sebastin on bebo email. it's actually nice to talk to him. i think i'm finally getting over him and it's really nice to talk to him as a friend. it's a relief really. would be nice to see him, but we'll see how things go really. it does cost a bomb to meet up.

and i'm going to London in 17 days ! but more recently, i have a meal to go to for my dear grandypops birthday tomorrow. i look a shambles and i need to wash my hair. and figure out what to wear actually.. i might just turn up in my skinnies and vegesaurus top (': i love that top, although it provokes attacks by over eager veggies. in fact i'm not actually a veggie, i just like the top. however, if it wasn't for chicken and fish, i would be a vegeatarian. the rest of the meat thats available i can't eat. i'm just too picky. hopefully tomorrow will be fun though.

and i'm talking to my lesbian Joshua !!!!!!!!!!!! oh i love that freak (': i feel so happy for no reason. i love coffee and coco rocks, they give you these ultimate highs ! I MUST FETCH COCO ROCKS HOMIES !!! come join me if you dare.. i downloaded the llama song specially ^.^

i'm so happy !!!

latersss babessss


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