Tuesday, 4 August 2009

OHHHHMMMMMM.. am i feeling calm ?

well actually yes, i AM feeling calm. as much as i giggle at the prospect of yago and sticking my arse in the air while trying to think of lotus flowers and being nice to tramps, it is actually rather good. although in all honesty, i'm not really doing it for the calmness and health reasons. i'm doing it purely out of selfishness to help with my image.


gah. i don't careee.. i still get a giggle when doing the "full breath". mainly because i go off balance and catapult myself into my wardrobe (': fun times i tell you. the "full twist" is also rather amusing, it hurts. alot. but the way you do it is class. or the position called "leg over" haaaaa. ohh and i don't actually have enough room to do that, but basically i watch my leg rise up, it's like something out of Men In Black.. then collide into my radiator, or my bed. i need a bigger room damn it.

i must apologise for neglecting my blog, the issue with Joshua's misses kinda clouded my creative side and i could not write for frigging ben & jerry's. however now, fueled with thoughts of manipulating my body into VERY compromising positions and coco rocks. as well as oasis (drink, not band) and my newly cropped locks. I FEEL EXPRESSIVE.. and artistic mannnnn (':

the Rozz you all know and.. well, hardly love, but read her pointless blogs.. has returned !! :D i think this is an emotional time for us all (':

i also have a new addition to the Freak household. (me and my darling mom have established that we are the house of freaks. for the sole reason that she's mother freak, yours truly is offspring freak, fergus thinks he's a girl meaning HE's a freak. and rosie acts like a man. so she's a freak xD got it ?) but yeahhh, our new family member, is Gerald the vacuum.
i don't know why he's called Gerald, but it's what i called it when i was manically thrusting the head thing over the carpet in the conservatory. i was also laughing uncontrollably and i'm not sure why. hmm, maybe i need a psychiatrist..
but yes, since the demise of our old and beloved hoover which has gone the the dust bag of life in the sky, i had to lug our sparkly new one home and me and mom took great joy in ripping open the box. it was like christmas all over again (': only good ^.^

so yeah, i gave the dear thing a whirl today, and i have to say, for a guy, he sucks rather well. and no, i'm not talking about Cameron McD-B, nor Cameron A for that matter. but he does the job good and proper so it was well worth however much my mom spent on the bloody thing ;D

good times ehhh ?

oh, and i did kinda go in a major strop with Joshua over the whole thing with his girlfriend. i stand by the fact that it's utterly rediculous. but bleh. some people just won't be told -.-
riiiight, i need to do some more yoga (OOOHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM) urmm, make a healthy nutricious dinner (beans on toast) to stop me dying (HA.) annndd then do a whole lot of other crap before i can finally collapse onto my bed and sleep happily.

i also need to write to my other blogs. darnnn it. 'tis such a hard life being a blog addict and a rather witty and amusing teenager in this day and age..



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  1. :'] ahaha i love you rozz. and your blogs :'D
    they provide me with my daily lulz.


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