Monday, 10 August 2009

the appalling tart returns !!


Yarp, Rozz is now happy. Her darling Archibold has returned to her arms and thrust her nose roughly into her bosom. I've missed her (': but she's back ^.^ andd today she came to save me from my bed of pain, although I did only get to sleep at 4 becauseee Joshua decided to phone and we had a lovely long chat (:
Last night and today were immenseeee.

Tears came to my eyes when I opened the door to Archi this morning, even though the door proved a bit of a problem when it came to trying to escape the house, GAH ! I'd almost forgotten how tall she is.. Is that bad ?
Bleh, I was, naturally, not ready. Like that's anything new ?!

After 10 minutes of dithering though, and much amusement on Arch's half when I was brushing my teeth. Bloody tart. I was ready to flee my house (': and then the door refused to be locked. I mean for god's sake. That door has a grudge against me because I don't like the pattern of the glass. It's nothing personal, I just think it looks, well, ew. Hmm, so both of us wrestled with the lock, us being Archibold and me, not me and the door. Dear lord, have some sense you rediculous people !

Long trundle into town.. Walked into the road by accident, showed her the indecisive sign, urm, scared a few drivers with our girlish larks, and regressed to the time of GCSE's and JCC. Can't believe she's going to Lutterworth.. )':
Then we got to ASDA. We like melon (': photographic evidence to follow.. It was also an epic adventure of witnessing the obscure fashion that ASDA hoardes. Seiously, it fits right in with the ameoba of Hinckley ;D 'tis fit stuff I tell you. In fact ASDA was the only point at which we were anywhere near healthy on our reunited mission.

Town brought larrrffsssss with the melon (; and abusive calls at the chavs. Good God they're getting shorter and younger. Urghhh. Hahahaaaa, we got weird looks for eating melon ^.^ I love it how people in Hinckley are so stupidly unhealthy, I don't think they know what a melon IS. Perhaps they reckon we're from somewhere sophisticated like Burbage.. They'd be right ;D
We also discovered that there was a family fair fandango thang going on. We moseyed on down and found it utterly crap. There were no screaming kids, no stall owner things yelling stuff like "SELL YOUR CHILD FOR 50p." it was dire. They should try our approach of dancing like prats to no music. We're too cool for them to understand. We've established that much (':
AND helium balloons were 3 quid. THREE QUID. You could whore yourself out for that much and get more pleasure from it. Coffee was only a quid !! The economy's all screwed up.. HA xD

Then, the pure sophisticated teenage awesomeness intelligent things that we are, we ambled over to Hollycroft park. An area neither of us had much ventured in our years, not really sure why actually. Bleh. T'was rather amusing (': the walk there was fun as it was, clambering on walls and advertising property for EBAY and so forth..
In Hollycroft they have a bandstand thing, but with LIVE BANDS !! Opposed to the crappy radio junk they have in the Mead. "Hinckley FM." Dear lord. The world has come down to that !? ARGH !! Anyway, it was the whole show tunes scene, t'was amusing grooving to "no business like show business" then almost falling in a stream. I say stream, it was a trickle. And there was a bridge to get over it. Haaaa.
We ended up on this gold course thing, it's the kinda course bored parents take unwilling kids to get them away from the TV. I was dragged there once actually, I think I tried to escape through a hedge.. I got caught though. Darn. I was about as sneaky as a brick in a glass of water. We also found that some trees get special attention with tree suspenders. Again, photographic evidence, but it's on facebook. Just find me on there, so much simpler 'cause I'm being lazy :D The suspenders came in uber handy actually, it was a decent tripod for my phone. We have hot videos. They make me giggle ALOT. Such larks we had leaping into eachothers arms and fighting with twigs (': More to come, I swear..

Then we walked all the way home singing stuff from Sweeny Todd. <3
T'was immense I tell you (': You may think us retarded, only the intelligent and fellow uber cool awesome people will understand that we really are freakishly amazing.
I'm glad Daisss is back. I love her (': And Archibold for that matter. And David.
(And they're all the same person..)
I hate technology sometimes though. I can't rotate the effing video clips )': GAH ! That will be done tomorrow.. hopefully !



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