Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ho hum pugs bum.

Gah, lately everything's been really mixed. Dull, meh, immense, alright, completely climatic, plain boring or crap. I've discovered that Hinckley's not as shite as I thought it was. Granted I'm not completely ruling it out, it's just the simple observation that there are some aspects that are actually quite nice. I mean on Sunday it was amazing with Arch, then Monday I did sod to, Tuesday I was out with Dais again, then today it was just a bit blah. Alot of dithering around really but meh.
Annddd now I just feel kinda down and crappy. I get jealous really easily and I really hate it. It's over the most stupid, rediculous and insignificant things. I mean for effs sake, I get annoyed with Foofs 'cause my mom loves him so darn much. GAH ! He smells as well now. Foofy poop. Disgusting I tell you.

I have also discovered that I have an addiction to washing my hands with alot of soap.. 'Tis odd. Then again I am rather partial to the Carex hand gel stuff. It smells pretty, and makes my hands all soft. Advertising much ?
Bleh, I'm begining to feel abandoned )': sometimes I actually like it a fair bit, and in fact I just want to mope by myself for having far too many "fat days" especially yesterday. Damn you Archibold for taking my YUMYUM virginity. You could have waited until I was anorexic and therefore could afford to eat 5000 calories in one sodding food thing. Now I have to do yoga excessively and I won't be able to walk because my bottom will be aching from being roughly thrust in the air with all the energy I can muster from my bowl of coco rocks. Consumed while watching crap on BBC iplayer.
Thats addictive and all. I mean the amount of daft documentaries that BBC 3 can produce is amazing ! How do they fund it ? Tapping into "celebraties" phone lines ? Oh I think so. Perhaps they should try Gordon Brown..

Gordon Brown's phone call to a sex hotline :

Gordon: "Urm, hello, I want to talk dirty."

Woman: "I'm sorry sir, this is for people who have trouble with sex."

Gordon: "But I want to talk dirty, prostitutes won't go near me, even though I'm a politician"

Woman: "And why do you think that is ?"

Gordon: "I think they saw my attempt at smiling and have realised that there's no point in shagging me because the fat will suffocate them and I'm getting the boot anyway so the pay off will be next to nothing."

Woman: "Hang on, are you Gordon Brown ?"

Gordon: "Bollocks."

Accurate ? Oh I think so. He looks rather like a trout does Gordon. Shows what the people of Britain have turned to, a trout running the country. For God's sake, if you have any sense you would have put me and Arch in for the running at the age of 16.
Reginald and Archibold, changing Britain for the good of people kind.
I think that could work y'know.

Yoga time. Thought cleansing, and trying to get Seb out my head )':



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