Saturday, 1 August 2009

lord of the raindrops.

hahahahaaaaa ! as you can see, i have been very clever and changed the title of a well known book.. ish. into a more appropriate and accurate description of the Birtish weather. lord of the flies applies to Africa. and Scotland. whereas here in England.. we get rain :D lovely, lovely rain. well it's lovely until it gets rediculous and starts to blind you like i just have.

i wouldn't have minded to be frank, i have discovered i don't look too bad with wet hair plastered to my head. however my arms are currently refusing to work, and it's not good. basically, after many years of loyal and devoted service to our carpets, our beloved miele vacuum cleaner, has finally popped it's clogs and ambled off to OZ. nope, i mean the big hoover bin of life. meaning that my bedroom floor remains covered in fluff and whatever else might be found on it and my mom has finally decided to invest in a new dust sucker.
dirty sod.

as happy as i am that we have a pretty new hoover (cat & dog, autumn red.. VERY this season (': ..) it meant i had to carry it from the bloody shop, which is down the very bottom of the main street, up the main street which is uphill, across the mead, and to the car park which is supposed to be for people going to the clinic thing, but because we're poor we go there because it's free xD
and i assure you. the hoover, is NOT light. my biceps, triceps and quadceps are absolutely killing me. when i fell into the car, i couldn't move my arms. and it's almost worse now. i look like i'm a severe alcoholic the amount i'm shaking, i don't advise making a cup of coffee and trying to drink it.. i've just made that mistake.

i bloody hope my mom appreciates the cup of tea i've just made her. it took a heck of alot of self control to guide the milk into the cups without it going anywhere. and i'm utterly soaked through. even my knickers are wet. and for you dirty minded people. shut up.


i think i've deserved a well earned day doing nothing now. i love my jimjams. they are so darn comfy (': i should try wearing them to 6th form. i might get some odd looks and it might mean i nod off during class, but at least i'll be cosy (:

urgghhhh, i feel sick. and i feel like a fatty. first time i've had chocolate for ages. i know i said on my DIY diet, that i wasn't allowing myself any, but what i didn't mention is that i was actually going to allow myself some once every month or something. so basically i've had my dosage of chocolate for July AND August. bugger.

haaa, i showed my mommy the llama song ^.^ i have also downloaded it, and i sent both Courtney and Daisy a text with the WHOLE lyrics on it (':

aaannnnndddd, although you may have noted in my previous post, i was rather down, Joshua my lesbiaannnnn rang me last night and we had a very healthy chat of about 3 hours :D t'was good.. i missed the frigging tart (': i can't wait to see him in augustttt.. hopefully xD failing that, febuary. thats if my mom allows it, i'll have to soften the old bird up (: i do love her. i'm feeling a tad hyper. might be the hazelnuts.. hmm.

i'm going to carry on shaking like an addict of something. probably caffine, that seems most realistic for me tbh. and i need to drink coffee. and oasis. and eat coco rocks. and watch hot fuzz. mmmmm, hot fuzz *salivates* i can't believe i'm salivating over a film :| i want to salivate over coffee and coco rocks.. mmmm. i was salivating over them anyway :D



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  1. i haven't seen that film for ages D': i miss it dearly.

    new hoovers are fun (Y)


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