Friday, 31 July 2009

llama llama duck..

"here's a llama, there's a llama, and another little llama, fuzzy llama, funny llama, llama llama duck"
this is what me and Courtney took great pride in shouting down the road. well, from asda all the way back home, shouting particuarly loudly on the "DUCK !" we did get some odd looks, not that we can blame them to be frank. the appalling tart was ambling along with a pizza and trying to push me into bollards.
t'was a fun day (': we have fit photos of us in new look.. i'm wearing a dress xD. i might dine to put up a few of them. we did giggle when we were in town and on the way home (':

ohh dear, my mom is now home and has seen the catastrophe that is now my face :\

the only real reason it's a catastrophe, is because i went on bebo, now such a rarity for me. i enjoy the fact that i barely touch it :D but basically Seb seent me an email and it's made me all sad and i want him back, blah blah blah, i refuse to moan on because the poor people that i count as my friends have heard it a million times over and 'tis now incredibly dull.
one thing i HAVE learnt from it is, that i look incredibly ugly when i cry. that and my dogs don't bark when my mom comes in as much when i'm all moochy and cuddling them for comfort. sadly it doesn't always work, because they wriggle and run off )':

several things have appeared inevitable to me today. the majority fairly negative. but my inspiration has come to this so you can read it or stop now and go munch on coco rocks you selfish people.

1.) after having an epicly funny day with friends or a single tart, once i get home, things will GENERALLY go down the pan and i will end up moochy, stroppy, or just pathetically sad.
2.) for some god forsaken reason, i will end up hung up on the one lad that managed to dump me twice, and so my first experience of "love" is utterly heartbreaking.
3.) the people i majorly want to talk to when bored hanging out some washing or a similarly pointless task, will be busy, or with their other half, and therefore uber busy.
4.) my internet will refuse point blank to upload photos to my blog, and photos that i can't really bribe Cameron into uploading for me, which sucks.
5.) when i need a hug when i'm sad, it will make me cry more.
6.) coffee miraculously manages to make me feel a tiny bit happier when i'm down. that and blasting out decent music, which is either depressing or rocking or about not giving a shit.
7.) this isn't actually a realisation, it's just kinda creepy how itunes played the song i wanted to listen to when it's on uber random, and that now i'm sad it plays all the music i want to listen to :|

this world is so obscure.

damn. now i need to try and work out how to tell my mom why my face looked like a wave battered cliff face when she came in. this is going to be interesting tbh. surely she would know that it's going to have something to do with Sebastian !!! ARGHHH !!!

i hate emotions !! they kinda suck sometimes.

heheeeeeeee. potter puppet pals in wizard swears ^.^ neville the potato. he's a hotty. it's kinda cheered me up actually (': i love my daisy. i'm going to miss the terrible slag. right. you HAVE to watch this. watch it and giggle otherwise i will cry more. you don't want that. believe me.


cheer me up ?



    Coffee, music and cocorocks
    Flapdoodle and Dobby's sock...

    The elder swear...

    Ahh you'll be fine darling! I promise, it'll all be better when you go back to school. Sounds bad, but you need stuff to take your mind off him. Sex is also good :P


  2. the longest wizard swear :'] i typed it all up and printed it off and stuck it on my homework diary once :D

    ahh things will be ok rozz :) just drink lots of coffee, or take up some sort of drug habit to take your mind off things in the mean time ;)

  3. thanks guysss (':
    well your actually girls, but y'know what i mean. pair of lesbians :D

    i love you (': but i can't move my arms. ):



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