Thursday, 30 July 2009

poooooof. i look like an afro..

gah. i feel slightly ugly today. in fact i feel like a fatty, when realisticly i haven't actually eaten that much, well. i haven't now i've thought about it. but spending the day lolling on my bed with Daisy then later joined by Scott (and no, it wasn't some kind of absurd threesome) eating coco rocks and watching psychoville on bbc iplayer makes me feel like i've properly pigged out. i mean, realisticly, i've only really eaten about a bowl of coco rocks, 3 cups of coffee, beans on toast, and 4 jaffa cakes.

so i'm hoping that doesn't constitute me being a fatty. although it could do. i should really stop stressing about my weight and looks to be honessst. 'tis not healthy. i mean looking in the mirror i look kinda shabby, only having been bothered to get half dressed so i still have jammie bottoms on, and my hairs a mess.. but bleh :D i'm allowed to be a slob when it's summer and i'm a tad bored.
hmm, my hair's manically curly but frizzy atm, so it looks more like a failed afro. kinda like Cameron A really.. bless him. although it does actually look pretty good when it's been straightened..

ohh i hate technology >.< not what it actually brings, like internet and stupidly long phone calls etc, but more when it goes wrong. makes me want to scream and punch it repeatedly then call it a tard and go off in a huff and over eat on coco rocks (':

for some reason this evening, i have finally accepted that i don't look like an utter arse or twit or raving ugly manic type thing. so yeah, i feel kinda pretty. this is oddddd. gah. and darn, my nails are all soft -.- bugger it. i must cover them in nail varnish that might make them grow strongerer :D

brings back memories of the petit filous advert (': the wonderful memories of being young and innocent.. so many years ago.. as soon as year 6 came along, failing that year 3, i was no longer a happily ignorant child that didn't care about the majority of things in the world.. i turned into a twit that didn't find boys dirty and smelly. although i didn't think that anyway.. i just thought they were a tad odd and rather intriguing. haaaa, i was a tomboy when i was about 7 until abouuttttt 11. fun times were they (':

but now i'm far more image conscious and everything else that goes with being a 16 year old girl really. well, generally anyway. in fact the other day, i was watching several programmes on BBC 3, one was about boob jobs and the other was about being pregnant and underage. i thought it was barbarick to be honest. i mean seriously, i was trying to get RID of my boobs when i was 13. the pains of developing young -.- and getting pregnant when your 14 ! what is going on with the world.. 'tis bad. and fairly disturbing really. i didn't have any kind of relationship until i was 15 for christ's sake !
but now i'm beating men off with a metophorical stick.. HA !

i'm actually not.

bleh, my mom's begged me to wait until i'm at uni before i get a proper boyfriend. in all honesty, she has a point though. out of all the boyfriends i've had that she's known of, she's liked one. well, she thought one was okay because she knew his mom, and she liked Seb.. not exactly sure why but meh, made me happy then.

i want to write a happy post ! a properly happy post ! earlier i was happy for about a minute, but mainly because a photo uploaded to a blog, and Joshua was talking to me, for the first time in aggers it seems. that and Cameron McD-B was on webcam to me and it was nice to see the nerd again (': would be nice if Cameron A would go on actually, means he remembers that he has a conversation going with me.. that and his afro's always slightly giggle worthy ^.^

argh, itchy back.


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