Thursday, 16 July 2009


today has in fact been rather enlightening, as i dared to venture into the world of interior design, or in my case, bedroom revamp.
as those who know me and have deigned to set foot inside my boudouir, they will know that the decoration is an utter abomination. that and the furniture, apart from my draws, that's pretty much all that's any good in my room.
i have finally persuaded my darling mother to let me redecorate my room this summer, hence the delve into homebase and a frantic search on google for "oriental wallpaper"

why oriental wallpaper i hear you ask.
well i simply have a slight attraction to the idea of having wallpaper that has oriental blossom splayed across it in a rather sophicticated and plain pretty attire (:
after endless searching on specific sights, i find the thing i want on HOMEBASE !!
of all buggering places.

but anyway, not only did i find the wallpaper that i so desired, i also found a rather nice pattern that's kinda william morris ish, but modern and rater sheek.
see, now i have a dilema of which wallpaper to go for !
although i have managed to find a gorgeous light shade, so at least that's sorted :D

good God, my life must be extremely dull, or i'm just incredibly bored to actually be writing about
for effs sake.

haaa, did make me laugh actually, my brother has somehow managed to spill petrol all over the conservatory and that means all over the computers, all 8 of them. over plug sockets, internet routers, literally, everything.
it stinks.
at first it was actually kinda nice, now it's just vomit provoking.
and as my brother has a tendancy to fiddle with lighters when he's round there, i can see the house blowing up in one spectacular fire ball :D
so if i never write another blog again, i've been catapulted 700 metres into the sky on a bed of fire (:

on a positive note, i finally managed to get Joshua's card yesterday, and have written it and sent it off to the butch lesbian in time for his birthday on the 20th (:
unfortunately for him, i have written an absolute essay in the card, which is a miracle in itself as the card was relatively small, due to the fact i was broke and still have to give my brother his fiver back.
good god i need a job !!


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