Thursday, 2 July 2009

hot hot hot.

is it just me, or is it odd having an actual hot, sunny, bright summer.
in England ?

it's completely obscure ! yet utterly brilliant :D
usually for this type of weather we would have to spend much cash on leaping on a plane and going to Spain or somewhere similarly as sweltering.
as much as i love the heat and the sun, i look like an effing fool.
i mean seriously, my tan marks, well, burn marks make me look like a painting that's been painted by a blind person.
or someone that is a storage container opposed to a letter box..

good god i should not look in the mirror at this moment of time.
i really do look ugly.
i need a loverly hot bath and lots of shampoo for my poor hair which has been battered and bruised by the wind and rolling around in grass with Cameron (:

yesterday was a good day, but certainly not on the internet front.
tiscali.. we're paying for you NOT supplying us with internet ?! how the eff does that work you tards ?!
ohh i am sunburnt from yesterday. sunburnt and have seem to have sprouted suspicious looking marks..
bruises to my mum, lovebites to anyone else :L
but yes. yesterday was good (:
apart from the train was like two hours late..

as much as i like Cameron, i am still utterly confused.. things don't seem to make sense anymore :/
and i have somehow aquired a bruise on my ribs.. only God knows how that got there.

oh dear, shut up brain.

i am going to listen to a song about a guy that wants to shag someone
sounds obscure but the actualy song is SOOOO good.
hootbastank - inside of you
yes, the title says it all (:

right, tata my darlings
can't wait for Saturday (Y) escape this hell hole for a week :D


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  1. I love you...
    I love your writings...
    *Glomps blog*
    Haaahaa - you must look a sight!!
    Hope Cam was a respectful lover...


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