Sunday, 26 July 2009

enlightenment by music and a lone starr..

earlier i actually planned to write to this blog, but when it came to typing a post, my creative juices evaporated and got spent talking to Cameron A and Cameron McD-B. and now, at 01:53, my spirit has returned.. due to coffee, music, and looking at a majorly bright star dancing in the black sky all alone. it seems chirpy (: doesn't have any homies though, poor thing. unlike me when i got my ear pierced earlier. Claire's was full of a lovely bunch of nerds that i love dearly. but then again, mabybe the darling star is incredibly content having the sky to itself to bob about merrily in a complicated jig. ahh, the simple life of a star.. many wonders in the universe and that is one of my favourites.

yaarrrrp, yesterday was the grand day of a mosey down to good old London. i love that city so darn much to be frank. okay, so it's the best place for SWINE FLU !! and getting killed on the underground. but i love it so. it's somewhere i can be in the midst of a crowd, yet feel totally free and alone, but part of something.
confusing does thou think ?
you'd be right (: i like how my confusing little brain works. i say little, but it managed to retain alot. sometimes i feel rather proud of it. it's been put through alot in the whole 16 years it's been malfunctioning. you must admit, it's the work of genius. gosh i love tangents.. but yes, London was hit by a tardy boy, a walking turd, and a raving drama queen. and following closely behind, a hippy and her lesbian loverrrr. we started at Camden Town, an area notorious for the illegal substances and mass tattoo and piercings parlours as well as the hundreds of markets. last time i went it was HILARIOUS. basically, we fashioned a whole wedding styled on leather, corsets, lace and goth wear. we were amused ^.^ however this time, it was a hunt for the fittest outfit and basically a more accurate piss about.
so yes, Camdeners were intrigued by us methinks. especially as the walking turd (Daisy) was in a dress.. and it was raining. pillock. we also were stared at for eating these straight doughnut things filled with chocolate and caramel, as though we were deepthroating them.. and yes, i have photographic evidence (': i also am ashamed as i dithered about like an indecisive fly over a t-shirt, (SO adorable.. love never ends.. arwh) a cartilage piercing, and a mask. which granted, was gorgeous but pricey.
and eventually i went away with a voodoo keyring thing and a tribal earring (for proposed ear puncture). but that was it from Camden. the piercing was like 15quid ! so then we did go to the south bankk, and to the Hayward art gallery we did venture. in between covering for rain and i kinda stripped to change to my orgasmic hoody ^.^ then looking round the exhibitions were.. interesting. basically, the majority had some form of porn portrayed in them i mean for heavens sake. if your that desperate, GET A MAGAZINE YOU TARD.
ahem.. but seriously, KIDS look at them.. this is where the mass generation of chavs and slags come from. 'tis all a conspiracy to indoctrinate the young through art.. HA !

but the best exhibition of all, was the last. it was basically a projecter in a dark room, and a disembodied voice, which Daaais got VERY creeped out at. the projecter was changing from various disembodied organs.. an ear, a foot which twitched, a mouth with an "alluring" tongue, a breast, and best of all.. A FLOATING LONE PENIS !!
the voice was harmoniously calling such things as.. "you are a WOMAN MOUSE" at which point the lips would appear, then "you are a BUTTERFLOWERR" cue the breast, and astoundingly of all "YOU ARE A MEMBERRRRRR" haaaa, at which point the penis appeared, hairy and twitching. god we laughed.. me and my mobile turd began a discussion VERY loudly of how it compared to penis' we may have known and had mutated..
then the foot appeared and tried to kick the penis xD t'was immense i tell you !

so we left THAT as far behind as we could and dined in a very upmarket restaraunt, so god knows how i got in looking like a psychotic imbosile. it was utterly extravagent and totally marvellous. and i got wine. mmm, alcohol. yummy xD then there was the epic drag queen fest of a show :D it was a trimph darling ! magnificent my lovies.. i thoroughly encourage it to be fairrr, it provoked a good number of laughs..
and thenn there was the tube back.. clever idea playing sardines in a 2metre square space with nothing to hold onto other than Daaais.. yes. i fell over xD then me and Daisy were mesmerised by our images in the door windows.. we looked hot i tell you. my hair had frizzed enough to agree in any case.. the evidence is on my facebook :D

so yes. that was yesterday, then today i actually got the nerve to go into claire's and get my ear pierced at the top xD and i thanked God and the bunch of freaks that came to watch me, so Daaais, Scott, Stephen, Grace and Zoeee, otherwise i would have been getting stared at by freaky Hinckley pond life through the window ALONE, as the gun was placed to my ear.. they laughed afterwards as well ! how rude ):
but that's Hinckley amoeba for you ! now i have to try and sleep on my left so i don't kill my ear :\ gah. 'tis effort and pain my darlings.. in fact, i shall go and battle with the pillow right now !

i love you my adoring audience..

g'niiiight lesbos.



  1. this is when you know you've had too much coffee.


  2. ahhh see i want piercings to be done but the ones i want azre gay and they have to manually poke a needle through you rather than shoot you with a gun.

    sounded like a fun day :']


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