Saturday, 11 July 2009

arrived back in hell.

i have landed back in the town of the disenchanted and thick.
the town being Hinckley, obviously. duh.

i have returned from the charming seaside city, sorry, i mean town of Borth (:
it may be in Wales which is notoriously wet and windy, but it has the effing sea for fxcks sake. i love the sea. i want to leap in it and float away on the back of a dolphin (saw laods xD) or on an extremely large piece of driftwood.
failing that i would tie bits of driftwood to my mother and model a raft.
i do love the old tart, but we got rather sick of eachothers company. there is no caravan big enough for Rozz and her birth canal owner.
my brother was supposed to come and see us. but did he ? did he effing sugarlumps.

although i have to say, i would in fact love to go to Aberwystwyth uni.
alot of hot guys there. and a beach. and the sea.
and yes, i got dumped on roughly the third day of my holiday.
some say it was vindictive, but tbh, i don't care anymore. my stupid mind has been stuck on the same guy ever since he dumped me about 2 sodding months ago !
and yes, i cannot justify WHY i'm so stuck on the git, it's my brain ffs. nothing makes sense.

on a happier note, i should be seeing my favourite slag tonight, well. my brothel owner.
she brings me sanity, or at least ben and jerry's when there is nothing left in my world worth enjoying.
that is of course, an exception to the wonderful fact that i get to have the stefaniak babes serving, i mean teaching, me for another two years :D:D:D
the jammy old hitler obsessed, hibernating badger fluff has got this whore for A level history :D

i love you all.


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  1. Mmmmm hibernating badger fluff :P
    I love it when you talk dirrrrrrtyy XD


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