Monday, 27 July 2009

catch my daydream..

and so here i sit in my bed of pain, the rain sheeting down outside my window. what a moody atmosphere. i like it ! i love the rain to be frankk, 'tis so comforting and although it's the middle of summer, i kinda like it. i'm stuck inside anyway so if it was sunny it would only depress me. although in fairness, i am already pretty annoyed and generally irritated with myself.
that would not be because i have failed to read any of the books on my english lit reading list, or that i just can't be bothered to even start any of the work i've been given for chem or history. it's the fact that i really want to be able to write a book. a proper book. the problem i'm having is that it turns into a variation of a blog entry, and therefore i might as well just write more blogs. i already have 3 on the go ! basically i just end up writing anything and going off on tangents as i always seem to. 'tis troubling work lovies.

it would be awesome if i could write a successful book or series at my ripe age of 16, people would actually think i was worth the time of day. whereas i'm not sure they think i'm worth looking at, let alone listening to at the moment. gah.
my bed of pain is actually rather comfy, although the books sticking in my bottom are less than welcome, it hurts. i really do need to tidy my room :\ i keep saying that yet when it comes to it, i tidy a few bits then claim i'm tired and fall back onto my bed to open up a blog and type like a manic on red bull. having said that, whenever i have red bull, nothing significant happens. i've been drugged up on caffine since the age of about 5 for god's sake. i doubt about 30mg more in a can is gonna do much to me. in fact my mom went a bit odd when she found out i had drank some.

i did of course tell her that the amount of caffine i consume on a regular occassion, amounts to probably more than 5 cans of red bull. surprisingly, she said she wasn't worried about the caffine content, more that it was full of chemicals and junk. and in fairness, it does taste like crap. give me a starbucks any day. failing that, a nice cup of coffee from somewhere where it doesn't taste terrible.

hmm, as much as i love my new piercing, i keep forgetting to clean the damn thing. it may have something to do with the fact that i get up fairly late nowadays and my brain doesn't usually rouse until at least an hour after my eyes have began to focus properly. it's odd to think i'm going to have to keep cleaning it for 3 months.. such larks ! ahh well (: it'd better be worth it..

haaaa, Cameron McD-B just rang me for like the 5th time today, blessss, he keeps having to go though ): and he had a metal box thing drop on his head.. i did find it amusing, as mean as that sounds.. but it's the whole cartoon image of watching someone have something heavy dropped on them. although in fairness, i really wouldn't want that to happen to me.. darn. woahh, hello light headedness, oh my body is so utterly fxcked up tbh. i feel i'm a miracle of modern science by still having the ability to function relatively normally.

hmm, my inspiration has run dry once again and i fear this is a fairly shocking post, so i'm again tempted just to update it later tonight with something much better. hopefully then i'll have inspiration at the very least..



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