Tuesday, 21 July 2009

stalkers: a menace to society.

my word i have had an interesting night ! well, interesting and bloody annoying actually. slightly amusing as well as a heck of alot of caffine sent me slightly high and i had a sudden urge to be rediculously childish, and so poor Cameron Anderson got alot of childish insults hurled at him :D in a nice kinda sense.. i'm not totally evil of course.
anyway. the really annoying and just plain irritating part of my evening was thanks to J. my EX stalker, then the lord of all wordly creation.
basically, he demanded i text him, so with a feeling of dread i began to text him, then he digned to come on msn, i'd kinda told him that i was hung up on Seb to basically put him off coming to see me. it seemed to work. unfortuntely it worked incredibly well. he started on a lecture on that i was too good for him i should get over him.. find some decent guy who cares me etc. the same thing i've heard many times. and i respect it from people such as Joshua, but from someone who barely knows me it's a bit rediculous to be fair.i mean i appreciate it, but sometimes there's just NO need for it. so i politely asked about 3 times if he could "please stop" going on with the speech, yet he didn't take the hint, as i don't go for being rude when i've not given them a chance. and then eventually it got too much so i simply told him to SHUT UP. and he ploughed on. i mean what was he ?!?! deaf to obvious plees ?! arghh.
so yeah, then he went on to tell me that i was an immature, naive self absorbed bitch, which granted, was after i told him he found himself far to self important and self rightchous, but in my opinion it was in fact called for. he just would not stop !!!
so yeah. argh. means i don't have to worry about meeting with him or forcing cheery messaages when really i want to delete his number and claim i broke the sim card, or block and delete him on msn claiming that my msn totally screwed up and so did hotmail, and that my facebook was deleted because they though i'd written something abusive.
oh dear lord. i have also got a message from him on facebook. oooo goodeee, this will be fun to reply to seeing as he twists everything so he's the victim. holy lord. ARGH !!

one day he shall see. i recognise many of my faults, hence why i'm aware i'm completely imperfect :D it works for meeeee..
anyway, this has been ranty and i dislike it. so shall later update it with a much more lighthearted and funn one (:


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