Wednesday, 22 July 2009

hurumpy pump.

hurumpy pump. hmm. interesting.
today was such larks, i met up with Courtney booo and we went for a mosey into town, which involved me dropping off my CV and letter of application off at Hole in the Wall. to be frank, i doubt i'm going to get the damn job, which is a bit of a bugger seeing as i could do with the money :\ but it's hardly my fault that i'm staying on for 6th form and because i'm apparently "clever" it means i'm doing a fair few subjects, so no, i most likely won't have a free day in the week to darnwell work >.<
gah ! everything has a tendancy of getting on my nerves right now, mainly the fact, that the one rare time i decide to watch friends on E4, the signals all mushed up and retarded. urghh, speaking of friends, i need to get all the scrubs series. God love scrubs. it's just plain awesome to be frank (:


i am so jealous. Daisy has just informed me that she went to go rape a cinema to see the new appalling acting of Daniel Ratcliffs and where Bumblemore gets sent to the cleaners.. and apparently WON WON gets some action and hermioneee (her-me-owwnnnn) gets the big green monster hump. xD mm.. i think WON WON is a fitty (: well, i think Rupert Grint is anyway, better than Daniel Ratcliff in any case xD ewww, and now Daisy the turd is talking to me about poop. her poop. in fact, how her poop is lovely and cylindrical, and occassionally star shaped. but i still think it's a perfect sphere.. Daisy love her pooop.

and Rozz love.. bras.

Rozz also love Joshuaaa her lesbo xD although there's been a tad of a major belch on the plan for august which uber sucks especially as the reason behind it is utterly daft. but hey, what can you dooo ? apart from moan and scream and demand that the world becomes just and fair, and pray you don't get abducted by Daisy's poop loving aliens because they probe you with floons and sporks and the occassional bife, and apparently they love it when you spew poop at them. and i really am being rediculously and inconsiderately childish about this because i find it amusing. Daisy did in fact make me cry because of her poop, and therefore i think she should get done for Rozz abuse :D

i'm going to giggle.

i've giggled.. and now i've run out of things to say :\ darn. and i cba to continue with rattling on about my day with Courtney, as much as i love the tart, it's just been a fairly normal day for us.. walking down the road with our eyes closed pretending to be blind and so forth..

pip pip !

or more, poop poop.. xD



  1. when i first opened this i never expected a large paragraph on poop. xD

  2. the best knid of poop is of course the kind that shoots out fast, but dosent burn, you know what i mean girls, it feels goon it its way out, its a pleasure to have. The kind you wish you had more often. Now the Comments are poop based too =D

  3. Cameron meant good, not goon.
    what a noob. and surely boys must know what it feels like as well.. sexist freak xD

  4. The police are using kinky handcuffs and holding me inappropriately as I type. I have in fact been done for Roz abuse - but do not fear!! Aliens will soon be here... and they'll get you too cos i told them where you live ;)
    So HA!
    WON WON FTW!!!!!!!! :P


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