Thursday, 23 July 2009

always in the back of my mind..

ahaaaa, this is a lyric from Royworld.. i'm obsessed i tell you !! OBSESSED !! and it's all Cameron Anderson's fault. i blame it entirely on him for sending me the two songs and the sending me the links and programmes i needed in order to download the album for free, and therefore illegaly. it works for me and i only got caught ONCE. so meh :D
but yesss, the lyrics do in fact have some form of relevance in this blog i shall have you know. i don't put them there simply for the fun of it.. or have i.. ?!

you can only hope to find out the secrets i have concealed in my undergarments.
ew. imagine if you kept random things in your knickers. especially if you forgot about them and they were liable to go off or something. like food. say you had not a bag nor any pockets to keep them in, so you thought, "oh sod it" and rammed it into your bra then you forgot about it all day.. comes to going to bed or whatever. urghhh, i really shouldn't have started thinking about this. URGH get out my head ):

having said that, my mom was telling me when she was at work, there was a woman that came in and she wanted to ring someone or something, i can't remember, either way she'd thought she'd lost her mobile so my mom decided to ring it for her in case it was in her bag or anything. and the woman found that she'd put it in her bra. i mean for god's sake, surely it's not hard to remember you put your phone in your bra.. you get a text and suddenly your cleavage bursts into song. well that's a novelty...

on the subject of phones, Joshua still hasn't text me back ): i don't want to text him in case he's busy like he was on the birthday and the twit didn't tell me.. i think that may just be the nature of men though. gah. they are slightly impossible. ohh well.
also, Cameron hasn't text me back either. in fact, right now i feel a tad lonely right now :\ and due to it and the fact i don't really have anything to do, i'm thinking back to Sebastian again :| in fact, to be perfectly honest i've been thinking about him alot today. rather problematic as he probably doesn't even like me.. or remember me anymore.

hmm, feeling gloomy ):
roll on London


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